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Kenyan reverend arrested after "sucking demons out of the anus of female parishioner

Kenyan Reverend Arrested after “sucking demons out of the anus of female parishioner

A Kenyan Reverend was arrested last week after a female parishioner told authorities that she was violated during a private prayer service. 142 more words




  • Hunching
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Sore looking anus
  • Not pooping
  • May in future cause rectal prolapse

Cause: An inadequate water supply can cause constipation, along with obese hamsters or those not fed enough fresh vegetables. 152 more words

A litteul bite of my French flair

“Et pendant que ce qui reste de l’Union Européenne se focalise sur la question écologique, il semble que les étranges troupes stagnant le long des côtes de l’Atlantique se soient mises en mouvement et …” 1,005 more words

Non Classé

Ergernis van de dag: natte anus

Dat je op de wc wit en dat het een oneindigheid duurt voor die keutel eindelijk de sluitspier doorkomt, en dat die in het water plonst, zodat water tegen je anus spettert, en dat je dan wilt afvegen en het toiletpapier nat wordt en je vingers er door heen gaan en in je anus drukken.

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Regenerating Butt holes

My friend Michelle is a world class girl talk champion. She once hung out in the corner of my room offering supportive facial expressions as I Skype broke up with my long term boyfriend. 585 more words

Bus Driver Stories

Full Disclosure

And so, i come crawling back to the well of Charlie and the Ghost comic strips.

I can’t help it.  After drawing these stupid things for over five years: 117 more words