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A hole that allows the body to excrete fecal matter.


Once You Go Cucumber (Under Construction)

Now that I’ve inserted objects of all different sizes into my anus, I have an unequivocal view on whether bigger is better:  Yes, it is!  And it’s not incrementally better, but exponentially better.  195 more words


Gardez L'eau

Hope that pipe isn’t rusty…think about it.


Simple Remedies for Pruritus Ani [Pruritus Ani Treatment, Itchy Bottom]

Pruritus Ani (itchy bottom) is a relatively common condition; in which you would experience an itchy anus. This can be an embarrassing and rather uncomfortable condition, with many different causes. 468 more words


Farting..! an embarrassing act?

I remember a few years ago, me and my friend visited my friend girlfriend’s parents to meet and discuss the marriage proposal. while we were eating, my friend accidentally farted. 852 more words

Hadd Hai Yaar