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Anval WIP 5

Closing in on done. Had a blast painting with Thrym and friends at a paint day in Seneca Falls, but it was a bit tough to get deep enough into the zone for nmm :) After taking pics, lots of spots could use some attention. 23 more words


Anval WIP 4

First three color pass of the armor and axe, just roughing things in and trying to get a feel for how it will look.


Anval WIP 3

Second pass on the skin. I don’t like the last couple highlights. My first instinct is to re-do them from the mid-tone but maybe I’ll wait until I’ve done the armor to see how it all looks as a whole.


Anval WIP 2

First highlight and shading pass for the skin.

Back shot is a bit wonky, camera is almost comically not focusing on the mini at this point. 91 more words