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Book Review: The Year We Became Invincible by Mae Coyiuto

The Year We Became Invincible

Author: Mae Coyiuto

Published on: August 8th 2015

Rate: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary


Dear Future Reader, 212 more words


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Eileen Tabios, on Anvil Publishing's response to "I Am No Longer An Anvil Poet"

“Literature and art will be judged by the ages.  Future readers will not necessarily be reading Adam David’s (and mine and others’) works and contextualizing it based on our personal biographies.   111 more words

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Plural's "On Discourse and Conversation and Intimidation"

“By threatening Adam David with a demand letter citing copyright infringement, going so far as to invoke the Cybercrime Law—set in motion for the same reasons (as Anvil’s invoking it) of protecting one’s self from criticism that is necessary for improvement—and further threatening him with fines and imprisonment, they have revealed the narrowness of their vision, and do injustice not only to a fellow writer and critic, but to all of Art itself.” 10 more words

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Eileen Tabios's "I Am No Longer An Anvil Poet"

“As a result of Anvil’s actions, threatening an artist for only doing his job, until Anvil apologizes to Adam David and the cause of Filipino literature, I hereby disavow my support of and sever any recognized ties I have with Anvil.” 141 more words

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Gina Apostol's "In all conscience, I thought I'd comment"

“There may be valid legal reasons behind Anvil’s action. But just because one can sue does not mean one should. This is an ethical issue of which art is the hinge. 248 more words

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