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Bit rich of Tun to say this about Trump

.“I have no plans to go and see him,” Dr Mahathir said of Mr Trump, whom he called volatile. “I don’t know how I can deal with a person who is so much like a chameleon.”

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M'sia: Bit rich coming from Daim?

The following remarks, by Tun’s right-hand man, had Tun’s anti-PAP fans here wetting their pants and comparing our GLCs and govt unfavourably with that of M’sia… 222 more words


Anwar off to make a fortune

Anwar has said he’ll spend the next two yrs going round the world, giving lectures on freedom and reform. What he hasn’t added, is that he’ll make a fortune doing so, especially if as expected he gets the Washington Speakers Bureau to represent him. 105 more words


Anti-PAP S'poreans sucking up to Tun

From my coffee shop chat group: I feel the silence on d part of our govt on d cancellation HSR proj is shocking in diplomatic terms.

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Now that the euphoria of Pakatan Harapan’s historic win is gradually waning, Malaysians must find the strength to question the undemocratic, and ultimately unconstitutional, agreement for Dr. 1,073 more words


Anwar: Beyond the sound bite of "Malaysia to scrap race policies"

Behind the soundbite “Malaysia to scrap race policies”, this is what Anwar is saying publicly:

“I have said that the NEP should be dismantled but the affirmative action must be more effective.

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M'sia: Two doctors' routine

Dr M

My instruction is very clear. I am not going to torture people . . . I want people to be treated decently.

Err Najib shouldn’t be reassured.

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