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Belated Messages from Places

Sent before the Wayfarers entered Moria, via Atan’s raven.


This is a secret letter! And if you’re reading it, then I imagine it got to you safely. 551 more words

Hallem Kemp

Something Good, Gone

Just as a warning, there is some rude language in this one.

• • •

Over the last few days, Hal had been careful to avoid anyone he knew. 821 more words

Hallem Kemp

A Hurried Message from Dunland


I’m alright, if you were wondering. I figured you’d be wondering. I ate all of the cookies you sent with me. I lost Crab, but he was never a very good horse anyway. 362 more words

Hallem Kemp

Thragan's Journal Exerpts: The Fate You Make

((It’s been a loooong time since I’ve done one of these.  It’s time! And waaay past time he spilled out thoughts on certain matter.))

“Writing by faint lantern light squished up on a pillow is a fine skill to have.  1,421 more words

The Ratcatcher's Son

Nightmares: That Fool of a Kemp

I loved reading all of your dream logs, so I’m putting mine up. All of Amimain’s stuff is in italics.  :D

• • •

Hallem is perched in a large silvery sycamore overlooking the town of Trestlebridge. 2,012 more words

Hallem Kemp


“Just so you know, G-Gaelyn, Nidhil’s gonna k-k-kill you when she finds out you almost died twice,” whispered Hallem to his resting friend. The sun never broke through the clouds overhead, but anyone could tell it was night in Angmar. 451 more words

Hallem Kemp

Thragan's Journal Exerpts: A Shoe on the Door

“…put things in words I never have before.  I’m not even sure I knew I was thinking them.  It was a talk that had to happen after what I asked her.  815 more words

The Ratcatcher's Son