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Protecting Alaskan Wilderness At What Cost?

by Abigail Wang

As President Obama finishes his last term, he’s rolling full steam ahead with his environmental and energy policies. In a move that left environmentalists, oil companies, and politicians upset, the president announced the Interior Department’s plans to prevent future oil and gas production in major parts of Alaska, but support development along the East Coast.  586 more words


Why protect ANWR?

by Heather Kallevig

For more than 30 years, the state of Alaska has been a high priority on environmental organizations watch list. Known as “the Last Frontier,” anyone who has visited the state of Alaska knows it deserves the name. 1,121 more words


Obama seeks to shut down Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling permanently

Despite allowing for fracking and other forms of drilling that have resulted in the oil supply glut, President Obama is (according to Reuters) asking Congress… 127 more words

John Stossel reports on fuel myths

This is show is from a 2012 episode of John Stossel’s Fox News Channel program. In it he tackles myths related to fuels such as fuel speculators, top oil producers, ethanol, scarcity (i.e. 6 more words

See Alaska: Arctic Village in iPhone snaps

Read the story I wrote while I was here and see more (WAY BETTER) photos here.

See Alaska

For Al Jazeera America: Listen to the Gwich'in

ARCTIC VILLAGE, Alaska — To understand the relationship between the indigenous Gwich’in who live in this village near the edge of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the massive caribou herd that migrates through their land, you might start in February with a ride on the back of Charlie Swaney’s old snowmobile. 203 more words

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From Hyperbole to Democratic Energy

The future of energy in the United States is a testy topic these days. Politicians, industry officials and special interests are fighting over partisan policy proposals. 588 more words