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In debate over Alaska drilling, two indigenous representatives clash

Last Thursday, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a five-hour hearing on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Established in 1960 by President Eisenhower, ANWR has witnessed decades of clashes between environmentalists and industry supporters, Alaskans and non-Alaskans, and Juneau and Washington, D.C over proposals to open the refuge to drilling.  1,996 more words


Senate Budget Resolution Creates Pathway to Opening ANWR to Drilling!!!

Guest cheer-leading by David Middleton

U.S. Senate passes bill that offers a chance to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling

Author: Erica Martinson clock Updated: 3 days ago calendar Published 3 days ago…

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Shazheh ahshii

Home sweet home, August 19

Home sweet home this morning, August 30th.

I think the title of this post means “It’s snowing at my house” in Gwich’in, but I make no promises. 88 more words


River Trip Journal 12


So, so lovely. The confluence spread wide and glittering blue under a north-facing bluff as we left a rainstorm and entered a valley full of sun. 316 more words


River Trip Journal 10

Sunday Evening

Back on the river, finally. We had a good two weeks down on the Kenai and in Fairbanks, but it is good – really good – to have all of our really important possessions contained in the hull of this boat again. 1,051 more words


Days 29-30 - Deadhorse to Denali National Park

After staying the night at The Arctic Oilfield Hotel, which has got to be the northernmost hotel accessible by car in America (the other two hotels in Deadhorse are slightly farther south), I got up in just enough time to take a shower and get to Camp Deadhorse, which, while sounding like a Halloween store, is actually the outfit that runs the tour buses through the oilfield to Prudhoe Bay, on the Arctic Ocean. 1,480 more words

Long Trips

ANWR could be opened for drilling

Environmentalists and House Democrats are up in arms over a line item in the 2018 House budget bill that could result in the opening the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for drilling for fossil fuels. 95 more words