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Those simple, three words that I’ve never said out loud: ‘I have anxiety’. I have heard and read them so many times. Unfortunately, quite a few of my friends suffer from anxiety disorders, and most are quite open about their struggles. 1,971 more words


I Love to Work, But Sometimes I Just Want to go on Vacation

I’m the type of person that can only enjoy vacation for a certain length of time before I start itching to go back to work. When I am left with large amounts of time to “relax,” I get even more anxious sometimes. 388 more words

5 Positive Results of Having a Mental Illness

Struggling with mental illness is no walk in the park. It can be easy to focus on all the negative things it has brought in my life, especially for the first few years when I didn’t know how to deal with it. 1,601 more words

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Unwanted Road Trip

Check one,
Head thump and eyes blur,
because my walls
stayed sleepless.
Perhaps, because
they weren’t mine.

Check two,
A purr, a groan, 79 more words


Transisi Hidup di Umur 23: Stress – Anxiety Disorder – Depression – and Spasmophilia (Bagian 2)

Flashback sedikit, mulai dari Maret 2016 itu, gua ngerasa pikiran gua engga jernih banget di rumah (karena gua baru balik ke rumah setelah 4,5 tahun kuliah di Semarang). 3,479 more words


Tranax 1mg to curb anxiety and get back to normalcy

We find things strange, what we can not understand and in turn behave strangely towards them. similar is the case with anxiety, we can not always understand what a person is going through or how or why he/she is behaving that way. 301 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Traveling through anxiety (and Prague)

Since I’ve joined the bloggers hemisphere I have come across a few traveling blogs. My reaction is pretty much consistent. I click, I read a few words, and I close it and move on super quickly. 1,058 more words