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I sometimes close my eyes just to forget. It never works but somehow I hope and wish that it would. There is so much suffering in the world today and it makes me sad. 140 more words


ADHD Awareness

As ADHD Awareness month arrives in October, there are some things I have been thinking about. If I could tell anyone anything about ADHD what would it be? 1,147 more words

A Shit Time 

I feel exactly like Bruce Willis does right now as he shoots the paper target angrily screaming, “God dammit! God dammit!” In a Good Day to Did Hard- which is playing as I write. 312 more words


TW 23/9

I feel so alone. My family are great but they love me because they are related to me. I have a couple of friends but no one who I see often or who lives near enough to see on a whim. 71 more words

Anxiety free outing

Holy. WOW. Today my husband took me out shopping for a few new books. I had absolutely NO anxiety before leaving the house, nor any on the drive to the store, nor did it set in at the store, as we casually walked around, browsing.   373 more words

Battling Mental Illness: It's Okay to Be Sad Sometimes.

Inside Out is a movie that sticks with you, especially as someone with a mental illness.

It’s both oddly chilling and reassuring watching Riley’s depressive episode, and finally having a way to explain it to people who didn’t understand what, exactly, depression could be. 294 more words


Sick Day #2

Well… I called in sick today. I woke up at 11 last night with croup and as the night went on, I felt more and more like I was drowning. 233 more words