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Quote of the Week

We are looking after a neighbour’s new puppy while she is at work.

Son: “She likes it on the lounge!”

Me: “She’s not allowed on the lounge, put her on the floor please. 95 more words


I digress

Sometimes I wake up wanting to do nothing but cry.

& I can’t even find the energy to play a video game, not to mention sweep the kitchen floor. 75 more words


Two for Tuesday

Today’s Two for Tuesday is songs from Tom Petty. His music is classic to me. A lot of his songs have a calming effect on me. 172 more words

Surprise! You’ve Got an Audition in Less Than 24 Hours–Part 2!

*Read Part 1 over here*

Ahem, where were we? Oh, yes. I began my walk down the corridor towards the casting offices. On my way there, I saw a bathroom and quickly ducked into it. 779 more words

In The Name Of Cinema: 24 Hours Of Anxiety

While I spend my days tagging trousers and continuously repeating “would you like the receipt in the bag?”, my time off revolves around my passion project and freelance gig of Film & Television journalism. 1,625 more words


What's It's Like Living With an Anxiety Disorder?

For three months, I would constantly worry about a mistake I made in my past or a problem I need to take care of in the present. 840 more words


Day 01

My thumb hurts.

It’s strange what anxiety disorder can really do to you, I have been suffering from it for nearly a year now and it’s been so debilitating for me. 91 more words