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Bipolar day.

Today I had a rapid cycle bipolar day which went from high to worse.

For once I’ll try to focus on the positive side of things instead of my usual negative bias. 556 more words


What Anxiety Means To Me

Anxiety is a destroyer of one’s day, even one’s entire life, if gone untreated, because it’s the evil twin of depression. Sometimes, I feel so anxious, overjoyed and bursting with glee; other times I would shutdown completely, where I would just lose myself, than to get over it and move on. 772 more words

Mental Health

8 Myths about Anxiety I want to Break

Mental health has been and is still taken very lightly in our country. Any ailment related to the brain is considered to be incurable and inexplicable. 1,605 more words


Daemons Featured Topic: My Wife and I both have DID

Where to start…

I’m always curious how people are going to respond when I say my wife and I both have DID. Is it believable? DID in general seems to be a huge controversial topic on whether or not it’s even real, luckily the awareness is improving and psychology is more open to accepting it as a real condition. 1,384 more words


11. Am I That Fragile?

Since mental illness is considered a chronic condition, there is no cure. Treatment is all about managing the symptoms and creating a sense of balance. It is different for everyone but treatment could include exercise, medication, talk therapy and even blogging. 383 more words

Sliding further.

Despite all my efforts, I cannot help it but slide deeper into the darkness of depression, and the pains are starting to become physical as well. 495 more words


3 Year Anniversary of Therapy

April 22nd 2018 marked my third anniversary for starting therapy.

It’s been 3 years since I decided to take life by the rein, and actively work on my mental health. 369 more words