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Keep it to yourself.

I readily admit to being pretty opinionated.

But there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to provoke a visceral reaction in me, which I can’t promise won’t end up in my punching someone in the gut.¬† 283 more words

Clinical Depression

Doctors appointment!

I finally gathered my guts and asked my mom to schedule an appointment with my GP. The only thing is that it is Wednesday at 2:15 and I’m freaking out! 338 more words

Focus on Me

Yesterday night I was on my laptop writing an essay. My phone went off and i looked down to read “Incoming call from Devil.” I laughed. 819 more words


Holiday Seasons: Anxiety Edition

Just by reading this title you know what I’m talking about. Holidays can be tough because there’s people (specifically family) asking you questions, and then random people some of your family members bring that you don’t even know but you have to engage in wretched small talk with to welcome them into your home. 404 more words


(Personal) A Rabbit Thinks About Fear

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and I’m still wrapping my brain around it. I never thought of myself as a particularly anxious person; sure, there were a lot of things that I had an outsized reaction against, but I always thought that was tied up with self-esteem issues or concentration trouble. 1,104 more words


Today is a New Day.

I pulled the duvet tighter around my body, enveloping myself in its cool waves. My hands gripped the edges so tightly my knuckles tinged with white, my cheek resting heavily against the surface. 948 more words

Finding Happiness

Anxiety Doesn't Care About Stories

Grasping at straws
broken plastic
the divinating creases
of my palm.

Tell me
live long
and may your future
be devoid
of vomit.

Crack open… 58 more words