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Everyday anxiety attack before work 

I know I’m being stupid because it’s the same routine every morning before I have to go out, especially for work. Wake up, anxiety starts, getting ready, trying not to gag (one of my bad anxiety symptoms it’s a form of a nervous cough) eating breakfast, appetite goes (means I’ll be extra hungry later which will make my anxiety worse cause of no energy), sorting bag out, anxiety gets worse, half an hour to wait till I leave, try to distract myself which doesn’t work, leaving the house and getting in the car, breathing starts to go quick, walking into work, nervous wreck, jittery first five minutes and then I’m absolutely fine. 43 more words

Anxiety Disorder


My memory gaps are getting worse. Much longer. Sometimes it is me just dissociating. Staring off into space. Sometimes..well..I don’t know for how long. Other times, I don’t know. 170 more words


To med or not to med...

Recently someone I care about a great deal asked for advice for a female friend of his who was struggling with depression. Just last evening he reported back to me that she did finally find some help; her GP prescribed medication and they were hoping for the best. 279 more words

Clinical Depression


I’ve never been good at approaching a person by myself. I will never have enough confidence to walk up to a stranger let alone anyone I know and start talking to them. 253 more words

Anxiety Disorder


Definition: feeling no fear. Very bold or brave.

Such an estranged word for me, yet I feel so close to it.

I live my life safe, never going beyond the shore. 174 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Mental Illness: Out Of The Closet And Into The Fire


Yes, I’m talking about mental health issues, because…well, at last we can.

Like cancer, mental illness has finally been let out of the closet and is halfway to being accepted as a bonafide condition. 1,051 more words

Midlife Observations

Gratitude Journals

I am writing to you as I feel I might be starting to feel better soon. I had an appetite for the first time in a few days. 502 more words