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How it Went...

I had my interview Wednesday. I think it went pretty well. We decided to give a week trial to make sure everything will work out. Their worries were that Keen would get up and cause someone to trip, that the noise would be too much for him, and the fumes would bother him. 300 more words

Fighting Together

July is the least favorite month of the year for my husband and me – the double whammy of it being an extra busy time of year for both of us at work, combined with balancing kids on Summer break means we rarely see each other during daylight hours, and sometimes don’t have conversations that go deeper than “Can you pick up milk on your way home?” In a “normal” year, the month of July is stressful and exhausting. 1,051 more words



Agoraphobia is undoubtedly one of the most misunderstood anxiety disorders; with many people assuming it simply means ‘being afraid to leave the house’. However, agoraphobia can be better defined as an intense fear of being in a situation where an escape is not easy. 244 more words

Mental Health

6 things to realize about anxiety.

1.) your anxiety is NOT your fault.
whether it’s social anxiety,  panic attacks, or OCD. your anxiety is never your fault.

2.) it is not just being “shy” 108 more words


I wish the world was sterile
individually wrapped in plastic
scented bleach-like
why must it be
such a messy place?
I recoil from others in horror. 156 more words

Friendship Changes You

Friendship Changes You

I am an INFJ.  My two best friends are J (an INTJ), and B (an ENFJ).  They represent quite accurately the two aspects of who I am.  997 more words