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Another Try Rewrite

This is a rewrite of Another Try by Josh Turner. This one is a bit darker and shows just how bad anxiety can make a person feel. 195 more words


Evermore Rewrite

Here I rewrote Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast live action movie. Originally written by Alan Menken and Tim Rice and performed on the movie by Dan Stevens. 229 more words


She Used to Be Mine Rewrite

This is the first song I ever wrote to deal with my anxiety. This is based off She Used to be mine from the Broadway Musical Waitress. 376 more words


Why do I put so much on myself?

That’s what my husband asked me whilst on holiday and it got me thinking. I want everything to be perfect and don’t like it when it’s not. 295 more words



Birthday week.

Friends, family, food, fun.




Too much.

Be sick.


Stay better.

Ups and downs, spins, whirlwinds of the mind.

Stay up. 122 more words


So I made the predictable mistake of stepping on the scale this morning. Hoping to see Something…ANYTHING different than 330 lbs. after nearly a month.                                        Naturally, I hadn’t shed an ounce. 815 more words


Reading (and How it Can Help With Anxiety)


And how it can help with anxiety.

I have experienced Anxiety for a few years now, and even before I knew that I had anxiety, I had begun to develop some coping mechanisms that worked for me. 777 more words