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Trapped and Tired

I feel so weak today. After last night’s panic attack it’s like my body is fighting back. I don’t have the strength to get out of bed, yet I did it anyway. 142 more words

Mental Health

Investing myself

I often think, well, worry about how much I invest in others or situations. I then want it back but it’s gone. .

I feel like a moth to a flame, I go into a situation knowing that I’m more than likely going to get burned, but I still want to give myself both mentally and physically. 253 more words


Panic Attack 

Every time I feel a single second of happiness or nothingness, it just disappears. Life is like ‘oh wait, let me ruin it for you quickly’. 213 more words

Mental Health


A little spark sets off the flame,
And like a nuclear burst, I burst.
Warpy thinking throwing blame
Around inside my head.

I am the reason for this terror, 69 more words

Sertraline and it's effects.

Sertraline (also known as Zoloft) has many side affects, mainly that I spend at least 23 hours a day either sleeping or thinking of sleeping. The other hour is from when I wake up, to when I take my tablets! 139 more words


The best weekend, so far.

This weekend I finally got a good’s night sleep. I was able to sleep, and even woke up early! On Saturday, I was able to go to Handmade Arcade with my mom, and check out all the local handmade stuff, and got a plush pierogi! 153 more words