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My world is falling apart. It’s all inside me; the outside is the same as ever. Outside my head, life goes on: Work, chores, cats, sleep, meals, family, writing. 309 more words


Blog times two

I have this amazing idea. I want to start a new blog, I will still be using this blog (OBVIOUSLY) because it’s filled with personal thoughts and rants I have each day. 104 more words

Anxiety Disorder


I don’t know what to write about today, mainly because I feel anxious about every little thing that’s coming my way.

Anxiety Disorder

Anixety Disorder- A managment approach

So you the first step is to accept the fact that it is here to stay.

Second step is gathering your awareness around this acceptance; accept it fully. 238 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder- A blessing in disguise?

I am in my great two weeks period of the cycle. Nevertheless, I am certain that my anxiety is still with me!

As I type down, I can see how my mind and memory are acting differently than last two weeks; sharp! 73 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Me and anxiety

It may sound totally absurd but balloons scare me, they always have. I remember how I always avoided the situations where balloons were and few days back, it was worse. 556 more words


What's it Like to Not Feel Anxious?

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to not feel anxious. What do people without anxiety feel on a daily basis? Would I like it? Or is feeling anxious better? 268 more words