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A case of a narcissistic mother and her golden egg child

I have not been out of the house now for at least two weeks (maybe it’s more i don’t know). I have mainly kept myself quiet because I do not want to start anything with anyone in the house. 2,072 more words


Dealing with Destructive Self-Defeating Thoughts

 Prayer as Rational Self-Talk

Self-talk is what we tell ourselves in our thoughts. In fact, it is the words we tell ourselves about people, self, experiences, life, in general, God, the future, the past, the present. 3,079 more words

Christian Living

From Depression to Light: Life Lessons

For those who are new readers or don’t really know, I have been journalling for a long time- maybe since the age of 14 on and off. 374 more words


Get Well Soon

Anything can happen to a man who seems unreachable within his deep thoughts. Nothing is impossible 79 more words


Struggling ♥

Exhale in….. Exhale out…..
These past few weeks i have found it really hard to talk openly about my anxiety and panic attacks due to a recent run in with someone i thought understood. 638 more words


Bunny Bee Birthday

So my birthday was yesterday (the 24th) and I’ve decided to make a post talking about resolutions. Basically a similar idea to a new years resolution, but based more around birthdays and growing older and progressing in life. 597 more words

About Me


Well… I had an interesting day today. I was unloading a drying rack of some cedar soffit, and the rack tipped and dumped three boards right on my head. 348 more words