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Mental Health

Yesterday the news that Chester Bennington the lead singer of the band Linkin Park, committed suicide – shocking many fans. And as tragic as his death was it’s sparked a rush of awareness for mental health across social media. 293 more words


When Babies Fly

The plane vibrated, shook, rattled, and lost altitude. Passengers gasped. The seatbelt light illuminated.

Our pilot had said, “We’ll be having a few bumps.” But when I look out the window, I don’t see bumps. 379 more words


Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps

Why does CBT help people? Lets start by talking about what CBT is. Receiving counseling is when you see a trained professional to talk about problems you may be facing in order to receive the required help and advice to overcome these problems. 171 more words

Mental Health

Put on your rubber boots, we’re wading through bureaucratic crap.

Puck starts a new school in September, because administrators at the school he’s attended since Primary have stated they can’t support him to the level he needs. 1,763 more words


Friday Favorites: Summer Edition

Today, it’s my first Friday Favorites of all July month! I’m back of my Family Vacation on saturday and this week I made myself already few favorites. 297 more words



Finally routine is back. There’s no one around, and we have no obligations for the foreseeable future. Now if the heat would just cool down a bit and we could get some rain, everything would be great.

Everything Inbetween

Getting Started

Now that I decided to give financial services a try, I needed to get started. At every place I interviewed, the starting point was getting an insurance license. 224 more words