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Why I am "Fine" - something personal

I went to a talk about mental health awareness today, and how it is stigmatised and 40% of Australians think that depressed people are dangerous, when in fact, they are the most targeted. 397 more words

Proven Tips That Always Work to Overcome Panic Attacks

We as a whole experience on edge minutes throughout our life. However for a few people the level of uneasiness surpasses a specific farthest point and the individual begins getting manifestations like quickened heartbeat, shivering sensation in the fingers, torment in the stomach, discombobulating, sentiment losing control, trembling and shaking and so forth. 282 more words

Chinese Herbs

The Mask We Wear

I sat across from my girlfriend last night telling her about my problems. She and I were friends in high school. We reconnected at our 20 year class reunion three years ago. 780 more words


Not that simple: Dating someone like me

So, I know it’s been ages since I wrote a post but life’s been… busy… to say the least. First I went on holiday, then, long story short but I’m now in a long distance relationship, and then I got the flue. 441 more words

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Experience does not make it easier

I have met military wives in Japan who have been affiliated with the military ranging from 10-28 years but, I specifically have been a military spouse for over 15 years just about. 506 more words


Episode 2-Isabelle Evans

I’m sure that everyone knows someone who suffers from anxiety. It’s not a new condition by any means. It’s defined as a type of fear that’s usually associated with the thought of a threat or something being wrong, but it can also arise from something that is happening right now. 165 more words


Today I was told I looked the happiest someone had ever seen me. I immediately thought what the fuck?? I am not happy… the only thing I am happy was 1 being able to get out of my bed with out having a break down and 2 that I made my appointment on time… would a normal person feel this way? 342 more words