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Guest blogger: Melanie Galioto Founder of Your Smile Yoga


Guess what today is???  Yep, EXERCISE!

Love it or hate it, exercise has so many positive health benefits.  579 more words

birthdays birthdays

April and June are our birthday steroid months. I think theres 5 or 6 in April and the same for June.

Cool Story … lol, 117 more words


Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig - A Review

Story time.

As an unwritten rule, once it gets above 22 degrees Celsius in Britain, we freak out. If it gets above 25, the old ‘Hot, isn’t it?’ ‘Yeah, might be too hot’ conversation starts emerging. 1,253 more words


Single & Ready to Mingle?

Writer’s block is 100% a real thing. Even for people who enjoy writing, sometimes the words just don’t come. For the last two months I haven’t really had much of a desire to write, 1,135 more words

Saying "Goodbyes" again...

I wrote a post a couple months ago about saying, “goodbye,” I would like to say that since then I have learned how to deal with change and goodbyes but I haven’t. 1,056 more words


Colder Temperatures and Facebook Groups..

Heyy… it’s Louu!!

So! I just want to start off by saying sorry! Sorry for not writing a blog post yesterday, I just don’t know what happened.. 328 more words

20 before 20

I slept with 20 men before the age of 20. Before you assign me degrading names, listen to this chapter of my life. I say chapter because it is not my whole story. 826 more words