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Podcast Announcement

I’m starting a podcast. For a couple of reasons.

1. I have the Galaxy S6 (pretty much the only fancy phone is ever had), and it has a ridiculously decent mic.  49 more words


I'm not going to hear you correctly.

I have auditory processing disorder (along with other shit) I don’t have selective hearing. I don’t ask “did you just say …” to be funny, I guarantee my hearing pisses me off more than it does the person talking to me. 819 more words


post twenty five

So much has been going on I kind of stopped using this blog as maybe what you would consider “a coping skill,” you know writing down all your feelings and getting them out of you, blah blahblah. 817 more words


Progress Update - as of November 29, 2015

Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 301.2 lbs
Loss: 7.0 lbs
Current BMI: 47.2
Loss: 1.1

So, we’re down again! However, this wasn’t really my doing. I got very, very sick this week (tonsillitis!) and I didn’t eat anything but chicken noodle soup for almost 5 days. 425 more words

Health And Fitness

Hitting the Panic Button


I remember the very first time I had a panic attack, and I remember the “help” that came with it.

I was 16 years old, getting ready for an end of the year production. 840 more words

Mental Health

Tidbits from today: Skippable post 11/30/15

Well what a weekend, apologies for no post sunday. I umm…well I didn’t actually get out of bed. I didn’t go to sleep until about 4 am Sunday, I just haven’t been able to go to sleep. 733 more words

About Me

This coiling monster

Anxiety and fear are potent fodder for this coiling monster gripping my neck and strangling my wind pipe in its vise.

I’m a fairly rational and mellow person, but at times a swell of circumstances beyond my control suffocate me into a submissive kowtow position. 120 more words