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Being 23 isn’t the easiest age…

  • You aren’t quite a functioning adult, but you aren’t a child either
  • You have probably gone through a breakup with someone you thought would be a part of your life forever…
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Starting A YouTube Self-Help "Book Club"?

I had this idea pop into my head yesterday. I have several self-help books that I’ve read but honestly haven’t fully processed and haven’t put to good use. 283 more words


Anticipation for baby's first holiday ⛱

On Friday, we will be taking Charlie away for a long weekend to the seaside in a static caravan.

We’ve been looking forward to this all year as it’s our only holiday this year. 426 more words

9/20: 1st post #crowdfunding 

#crowdfunding Today is the last full day before #auction and losing all my things, many of which cannot be replaced. That which can, will still cost a figure somewhere in the 5-figure range. 71 more words


Shrinky Shrink

I go and see Psyc today. Yep… I go and see the Shrink. I have been waiting for a little over a month to see this guy? 267 more words

Recipe for Brains

You decimate my impulse control
with a glance in my direction,
causing me not to feel a swoon,
but the need to punch you in the face. 179 more words


Pirate Day...Or Not

I didn’t get to Pirate Day in-game yesterday like I wanted to. This is mostly due to the fact that I work until four (and had a sort of frustrating day, as work can be sometimes), there was an invasion that an alt needed to be run through, there was a run I desperately wanted to take to blow off some steam, eating dinner was also a good idea, and there were also people who needed and wanted to chill out and talk through their days or lives with me. 487 more words