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My Depression Comes Out as Anger and Frustration

I hate this about myself. People always wonder why I don’t always express myself and my feelings and frustration the second I feel it. They always ask why I wait so long to address it. 490 more words


An Excerpt From A Quarter-Life Crisis (Part 4)

How do you stop going through life like a sleep walking zombie? Never truly present. You’re not immersed in the future either. Neither here nor there. 143 more words


How CBD can impact mood and sleep

CBD for Mood

There are many people out there suffering from mood disorders. Some are severe and others mild, but they all need to have something to help stabilize their mood. 364 more words



Iyaaa – it’s me, posting on a bloody Wednesday. Who’d have thought it.

I’ve wanted to put pen to paper (metaphorically) for a while now about my feelings. 706 more words


What to say, When to say it

Speaking to someone with a mental illness can be difficult sometimes.

Difficult in the sense that you are litterally walking on eggshells. In my case with my Pschizo-effective, I can literally snap at any point in time from any random comment. 294 more words


Plants and Anxiety

It took me a very long time to figure out that I have anxiety. That my anxious, worried behavior was not how everyone felt all the time. 429 more words


What anxiety feels like

This is the best way I can describe how my anxiety makes me feel on a daily basis:

You wake up in the morning, or afternoon if you’re anything like me and can’t sleep all night. 356 more words