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Who am I?

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Sunday evening is trickling down to nothing soon it will be Monday morning before we know it. 408 more words


Donuts & Depression


It has been a hell of a long time since I last wrote.

There have been a number of attempts since New Year to put fingers to keyboard for this site, but these drafts have all managed to be overly long and complicated, as well as being bloated for what needs to be said today. 847 more words



Sometimes, words are hard to find.
Lately, is has been so for me.
They flowed effortlessly for a long while.
Then something stopped.
Even so, everything changes… 40 more words


My English Exam

Hey guys!

I have great news!
I did my English Exam last Thursday and everything went very well! I didn’t expect that!

I went to Vila Real at 6 am and I barely had slept that night. 239 more words

Day By Day


I read once
That the first step
To faking confidence
To spend time alone
And as someone
Who hates their body
I laughed at the thought… 107 more words


I used to hate the taste of coffee

But I drank it

To replace the bitter taste

Of you


On Being a Big Ol' Ball of Anxiety - and a Huge Announcement

I always loved art, but never felt I was any good at it. The household I grew up in used any vulnerability I had against me, against anyone, really. 1,163 more words