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Caffeine And Your Health

Caffeine is in a lot of things that we drink. Some people cannot start the day without having a cup of coffee first and coffee drinkers often have quite a few cups a day. 396 more words

Jenetta Haim

Night Guy

Greetings Blog, this is the time of Night Guy. This underdeveloped operation is being taken over for good, effective immediately. So, here’s the thing: Night Guy abides by a different expectation set than the previous administration. 120 more words


.. /\ ..

some days i’m just scared.

no reason.

just scared.

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Dead weight

Well. I did it. I made the cut! I was so nervous, but I love it! It’s bouncy and fresh and beautiful (in a different sort of way). 349 more words

Tired of Crying

I don’t require men telling me

How nice my blue dress looks

It’s still blue

I’m still blue.

I’m so fucking over it all.

She hates me. 12 more words


Nervous breakdown: Signs, symptoms, and treatment

Nervous breakdown: Signs, symptoms, and treatment:

Nervous breakdown and mental breakdown are dated terms describing emotional or physical stress that temporarily makes someone unable to function in day-to-day life.