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Don’t rush me!

Time is always a factor and in life, time moves us forward. There are cues and things I can do as a writer to emphasize urgency of a time restraint or deadline.  697 more words



I have a cold.

In the state of looniness in which I exist, this is tantamount to being hogtied and tickled in front of a runaway circus train. 18 more words


I said the Word. (Thinking Aloud on Domestic Abuse)

It has taken me, the man that is the Mouse over 3 years to say the words “I was in an abusive relationship” to anyone. Until then, like a Mouse I scurried off the subject quickly, avoided the word, ducked it. 291 more words


Day 11: Kay

One of the funny things about disability is that as soon as you get hit with conditions that lead to it, people with power tell you all the things that you can’t do. 628 more words

Mental Health

I love cribbing

               Today began as a very confusing day. I woke up at the same time as usual and as soon as my head left the pillow, my body filled with dread. 242 more words

Donald Miller's advice for those of us who "tend to put the spotlight on the scary stuff"

“If your mind tends to put the spotlight on the scary stuff, turn the house lights on. You’re likely surrounded by goodness” – Donald Miller… 514 more words

Who cares? #2 

I’m; aloof, unapproachable,withdrawn, inhibitive, shy, defensive and snobbish. Am I supposed to care?