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Losing Myself in Treatment

Most of us know an athlete whose sport makes up a majority of who they are. Maybe it’s basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, track, or gymnastics, but no matter what the sport is, this person… 528 more words


Holy Trust

O Lord, why have you done evil to this people? Why did you ever send me? These are the words from Moses in Exodus 5. Perhaps you have spoken or thought similar phrases. 1,860 more words

Escaping the Anxious Prison.

As we have seen previously, the brain is constantly working to keep you safe from danger and harm; this is great up until the point when the anxiety is so bad that the brain goes into safety overdrive and your feel paralysed; it is as if your brain has built a prison to keep you locked away in. 1,419 more words


Maybe He’s a Spoon...

Growing up, I really valued being smart. My parents are smart, my sisters are smart, my friends are smart, and I was expected to be smart. 522 more words


What Does Addiction Feel Like...? 🍷

A year ago I didn’t know my years of enjoying wine here and there recreationally would turn into PRISON.

Those close to me and have known me growing up will remember in my teen years when I wouldn’t ever touch any cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. 1,306 more words

Never Give Up

Rituals of Sadness

There are days, in which I feel like I’m drowning in the world’s sadness.

Like there’s this silent, heavy, invisible force of it slowly passing through the city, and only I, along with very few people, get to feel that. 467 more words


The Impossible want to be Perfect, and the Humanity in not Being So

Everybody want’s to be perfect. Be it at a specific thing, or just striving to be perfect at everything.

Everybody has had at least on thing that they have wanted to be perfect at. 284 more words

Depression & Anxiety