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Change is a funny thing

Change… It’s basically what this blog is about. I know I need to change my life. I know I need to stop thinking about past relationships and past friendships. 129 more words

Time thieves & Anxiety... Planning can help!

Hi all, hope you’ve had a good few weeks.
So, as many of you will know I returned to work last week after a wonderful eight months off writing and then enjoying a bucket list holiday to New Zealand. 973 more words

I felt like I was going to die.

I had a panic attack 2 days ago.

The WORST PANIC ATTACK I’ve ever experienced.

It all started with the “what if’s?” after work.

It was a rough day at work that day. 563 more words

Delusions, I

It will all work out, right?
It has to,
it has to,
it has to,
it has to

Am I capable of following through?
I must be, 105 more words


Unfortunate Impass

So, due to being at a bit of a block with Veyrra’s development (I’m seriously ready to just rip out the battle system and work on it separately at this point, though even doing that I’m not sure I’d fix all the problems with it) I’ve hit a bit of a more major snag. 638 more words


Here We Go Again...

I feel like I write this post every few months. Last time it was called “Life’s Little Updates” and now it’s just…a repeat I guess! Life is changing so much and so quickly lately that sometimes I don’t feel like I can even keep up. 237 more words


Someone Is Always Listening: Tell Your Story

Tell your story. Say it the way you want it. The way your heart wants it told. Not the way people expect you to.

Don’t configure your expressions based on the rules man create. 195 more words