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There are as many varieties of emotional, mental health issues as there are people experiencing them. We at Counseling on Demand have delineated a great many of them previously. 249 more words


"You're Not Really Sick"

Well, it finally happened.

It’s impossible to be as public with my journey as I have been and not make contact with the outside world and all the triggers it contains from time to time. 1,014 more words


when the fear of being left behind overrides the fear of being with people, i see the courage to change

upon meeting my man, you would never know that he struggles with anxiety and depression.  he seems so good at conversation, jokes and listening.

but it’s a lot of work, he says.   314 more words

I am Depression


You may not notice

that I exist,

Deep deep down

where the pain persists


I can be covered up

in many ways,

For seconds, minutes… 87 more words

Mental Illness in the work world.

I have lived with mental illness for eleven years of my life, and it is something that still impacts my life today.  A Neuro-typical,or someone who does not suffer from mental illness, does not realize how much people who suffer with mental illness struggle from day to day.   231 more words


A New Day

A new day comes with a new sun, new dream, new hope, new passion, new experience, and a brand new YOU!

Don’t forget to preview my new inspirational book, “Everyday Isn’t Perfect, Volume I: Change Begins With You First!” It’s available on Amazon. 22 more words



The last year I have HAD the ability to come up with 162.93 excuses.

The last couple years my life has been drowned with numbers. 304 more words