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Depression is an Anchor

Depression is an anchor, tied around your chest as you struggle to stay above water.

People can see you struggle but can’t see why your struggles are so much harder than theirs. 158 more words


Attracted to Him

Earlier this year I dated with a guy overwhelmed with anxiety and ultimately I was blamed for a lot of things that incidental just didn’t work in his favour. 370 more words


At the end of a tunnel there is always light

A few days back I was walking in my local market engrossed, looking out for some typical seasonal vegetables when I felt a hand very gently tapping my shoulder and I curiously turned around hoping to see a familiar face….  533 more words

Smita Deo

What Not to Do

Well, there is an endless list of what not to do. But here is one that I learned this evening. I have chronic headaches, and had had one for two or three days. 506 more words


Back to the gym, like it or not. The drill sergeant in me just won’t let it go. Get up, get moving, harder, faster, more! Fine. 1,024 more words

oh well

No matter how good I’ve been. No matter how happy I seen or how much I laugh and make stupid jokes and leave my room and go outside and just do normal people things. 222 more words


Food Diary - 19/09/18

I woke up feeling horrible today. I wanted to restrict because of the alcohol I’ve drunk this week and I just feel down about the state I was in last night. 246 more words