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Are You Listening?

  • How many times have you felt your gut may be trying to tell you something?
  • How many times have you tried to make a move but suddenly your legs refuse to take a step?
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Another Outlook

Water Fountain

Quiet water is definitely my element (I’m like that in a lot of ways – more like a cat than like a dog, for example), so this relaxing little fountain is my newest purchase to go in my bedroom. 28 more words

How I Traded One Trigger for Another

I’ve rarely ever went out on a limb. Spontaneity isn’t my calling card. Making decisions about my life has always been like a tailspin; I go deep into the rabbit hole of possibilities that may make a new decision the worst thing that I’ve ever done. 591 more words

The Volunteer Coordinator Didn't Show Up For Our Meeting

I had plans to meet with the volunteer coordinator for the mental health hotline at 3:00 today. I waited for him for him for an hour before I gave up and went home. 224 more words

Mental Health

Just Do It

Nike coined the phrase “just do it” around the time I was in high school. It was all over t-shirts, hats, and the athletic kids who scored more than touchdowns on Friday nights. 630 more words


Second day. Am I really doing this?

It’s Monday, January 22, 2018. I wake up. Eyes heavy. I snooze the alarm, tell myself I’ll get up on the next. Snooze. Snooze again. I am so tired. 532 more words



Look, I don’t talk about this often, definitely never have I spoken about this publicly. However, I promised myself this year that I would focus on my mental health. 780 more words