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@SamHarrisOrg Anxiety is not simply just psychosomatic. An anxiety sufferer could be just sitting doing nothing not even thinking whilst continuously feeling the adrenaline. I believe that it's a genetic hereditary trait for some.

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Sleep Over anxiety: How can we help our children?

Some kids love to sleepover at their friend’s house and it can be of absolute delight to them but certain kids do not like staying away from home, even if it’s for one night. 809 more words


Living with mental illness

There is one key voice missing from the current conversation around mental health. That is if those who are living with mental illness. Our voices have been silenced by others who wish to speak on our behalf and invalidate our lived experience. 1,007 more words

Three Days

Give it three days. He told us all. Give it three days and I’ll be back. Then time went by and three days later he was back. 27 more words


Fitting In

So for a long time I wanted to fit in somewhere. I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere and I was desperate to. I wanted to belong and feel like I was part of something but I always felt left out. 399 more words

The Acne Entries #2: No Pain, No Gain


It is phase 2 here in Singapore where non-essential services are finally allowed to re-open their doors! That includes aesthetic clinics.

But on most part, my psyche freaked about the sudden re-opening way back in June. 595 more words