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Grouping Students By Abilities

The following was prepared as a speech for a debate contest semi-final. As such, it may or may not read well as an article. Also, keep in mind that the views in this piece are not necessarily mine, as we were assigned sides to take. 1,617 more words


Untitled-All The Good Post Titles Were Taken

Sadly, I have noted that a catchy title gets a post more views. I thought maybe I was imagining it, but I went back and retitled a past post and it went from two measly views to 13…No added content. 970 more words


What to do with Anger!

I have spent the
majority of my time since my last post either staring at the
underside of my duvet or out the window of my study. 568 more words



If you had asked me even ten years ago what Neurodiversity meant I would not have been able to tell you. Which is surprising really because for my entire life I have not been neuro typical – I just didn’t know it. 895 more words


The truth about life is...

It’s not always easy. And, it’s not always fun. That’s just the way that it works. Some days you can feel as though you’re walking on sunshine, like fairies help get you dressed each morning and life couldn’t possibly get any better. 102 more words


Lesson learned is another tear shed

Why are lessons so
painful? Why is it when we come across something our soul has to learn, that we
have to walk a path that makes us feel broken?
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Working Full Time

Good morning / afternoon to all of you wonderful people.

I have been living under a rock and taking some me time away from blogging, but I feel like I am ready to get back in the game and start blogging  again! 550 more words