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How to help an anxious heart

I have an anxiety disorder. It feels strange to declare it in that way. I’d like to imagine at least one person reading this is mentally replying with, “yeah? 1,205 more words

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Imagination Overtakes the Nap

Exhaustion was nearing as Gracie and Emery (two of my granddaughters) headed upstairs for their naps. They were sharing a room for their rest time—since as cousins and best friends they desired to be together every possible moment during Gracie’s two- day visit. 771 more words

10 Things I Believe.

I believe today will be a good day. Something I think we all need to start our day saying. Here are some others things I believe: 806 more words

Who I Am

Anxious Heart or Blessed Life?

“I’m so stressed.”  “I’m so blessed.”

Ironically the two most popular phrases of my summer thus far.

So on the stressed, anxious heart side of things, between my job, school work, cheerleading, and just trying to enjoy summer, itself, life has been crazy busy.   1,028 more words

Zacharias' Monologue

Good morning, friends,

So the Bible study began two nights ago, it was a beautiful thing to see all the women come out discuss, discover and uncover truths in the word. 1,239 more words

Bible Teaching

Deeper Waters

This week is going to be hectic.

I don’t think I’ve had a period this stressful and busy in a long time. This year I was careful to not get back into the terrible habits of my freshman year: sleeping a few hours a night, procrastinating on everything, alternating between eating nothing and eating terribly, and occasionally having a minor mental breakdown. 695 more words

An Anxious Heart

Ever since I was a small child, as far back as I can remember, I have been an anxious person.  I have struggled with anxiety at every stage of my life…and I continue to struggle with it sometimes on a daily basis. 708 more words