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neither do I

“I feel like you’re making up reasons to feel bad,” a dear friend suggested late one night. “Nobody is upset with you. You’re forgiven.” Seeing on my face that I didn’t feel convinced, he patted my shoulder and smiled. 405 more words



Whenever I saw bullies causing someone pain in school, I did something about it. Sometimes I got them to back off. Other times I made enemies. 375 more words



Once upon a time, I woke up on an old friend’s couch with a throbbing head and guilty heart. I blinked through eyes bloodshot from dry contacts, my confusion slowly fading as I remembered where and who I was. 398 more words

Anxious Heart

oh you imperfect little someone

“People will always let you down,” my friend concluded, looking away from me and out the window. A pit started growing in my stomach as I confusedly asked, “Is that your way of letting me down easy? 401 more words

Anxious Heart

My first post~

Hello, everyone! 

Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this blog as a place to vent my emotions and give advice to fellow readers! I will also ask for advice so please leave comments to let me know you’re interested in my blog and want me to post more! 109 more words

Anxious Heart