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Beef Pares for the Loveless: Tips and Quotes for the Hopeless Romantic(ish)

On Break-ups
  • “Kapag maiksi ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot; kung ‘di makuha si girlie sa kalabit, ‘wag ipilit.”
  • ‘Wag mo nang isipin yung mga hindi n’ya pagpansin sa mga…
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Horror in the Skies at Night!

Dear lovely, I only have 10 minutes today…….. 5 minutes to type this letter quickly… another 3 minutes for correcting spelling and grammar errors, then the last 2 minutes will be dedicated towards sending it. 748 more words

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Dear Lovely,

Do you always solicit others to help you read letters I send by, so they can know how much I care, and how much effort I put forth in polishing my spelling and grammar? 768 more words

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Facebook Money Lover

I used to write 4, 5, 6 or 7 paragraphs of words to you when we first began. But these days, I don’t have much time like I used to. 375 more words

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The Sugar Mummy Girl Child & Strange Boy

Somebody asked me about the easiest way to become rich.

Well, no millionaire is foolish enough to tell you all their secrets to how they made it. 919 more words

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The Broken-hearted Bouncer!

There are two things I am doing as I type this message to you. First, Butu Na Moyi, by Makoma is playing in mid-volume. Secondly, I am trying to peep into a very interesting text message conversation I shall tell you about. 1,043 more words

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Underwear Records

Now listen….

I appeared on TV because I had made news. I want you to relax and see it as it is going!

First, when this happened, I was very excited because it was a golden chance I would never get in my lifetime. 608 more words

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