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19th October, 2013. 5:06pm

Saturdays are so boring. Without The Voice PH for me to watch, Saturdays became extremely boring.

I started reading Through the Looking Glass this afternoon. 308 more words

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04th October, 2013. 1:50am

My throat is acting up… AGAIN.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with my throat but recently it seems like it always gets hurt almost every week. 109 more words

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03rd October, 2013. 2:03am

Finally done with Brain on Fire. It was a great, quick read. It reminded me too much of House, but there’s also something very unique about it. 225 more words


02nd October, 2013. 2:10am

Almost done with Brain on Fire. To be honest, it made me worry if it will happen to me someday. What happened to Susannah Cahalan was downright scary. 92 more words

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01st October, 2013. 2:09am

I just stopped reading brain on fire. I’m already on the part where Dr. Najjar took over Susannah’s case. They haven’t done much yet except give her a few experimental drugs and IVIG, but it reminded me too much of House MD. 43 more words

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