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[Clipart 009] Aok Hand

World renown archaeologist/grave robber Mississippi Franks crept through the musty catacombs. The passage ahead was as black as the depths but the torch in his hand illuminated its ornately carved walls. 630 more words



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Supermarket Superhero

Imagine you had a superpower that could alter how someone perceived life.  This superpower could be used for good, you could make someone see the world as a more positive place than they had previously seen it.   359 more words

Rosie the Litter Picker

Rosie the litter picker commits acts of kindness everyday. She doesn’t care if anyone knows about it or if anyone is watching. She does it because she is compelled to do it. 288 more words

Acts of Kindness

I have been thinking a lot, recently, about being happy, why are people not happy and how do people become happy.  After a minimal amount of research, on my behalf, I realised that it is quite a simple affair to become happy.   179 more words

#Aok Neue Feuchtigkeitspflege für normale und Mischhaut, mein Test mit #trnd

Hello my lovelys, heute möchte ich euch über ein Feuchtigkeitspflegeprodukt der Firma Aok berichten, die ich seit einigen Wochen durch das Unternehmen #trnd als Marktforscherin testen darf. 833 more words