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Thor Ragnarok Trailer Song

Sooo…this is a thing I found. :-)

It’s fun.


Day 59: Acts of Kindness Sundays - Carry Cash

Day 59 Actions:

I don’t know about you, but I hardly have cash on me anymore. From credit cards to Venmo- there’s not much call to do so these days. 574 more words

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Day 52: Acts of Kindness Sundays - The Music of a Movement

Day 52 Action:

Music lifts the soul and inspires millions. In times of extreme hardship music is sometimes the only joy that is left to a person. 444 more words

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Day 38: Acts of Kindness Sundays- Make it RAINNNNN (with positivity) Guest Post

Day 38 Action:

By Rebecca S., Eugene, Oregon

On this Sunday, we encourage you to post a positive review of something you love.

Write a friendly note to a blog you read (hint. 310 more words

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Day 17: Acts of Kindness Sundays

Day 17 Action:

If you have something nice to say… say it.

The past two weeks have made it only too easy to spew a string of frustrated, angry, bitter, indignant and horrible nastiness (maybe that’s just us?). 201 more words

Phone Calls

Day 10: Acts of Kindness Sundays

This world, we’re living in, is certainly seeing some interesting times. And if yours is anything like the families of WKTB, your own home may not even be exempt from the the stress of it all.   202 more words

Acts Of Kindness Sunday