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AOL's Top 5 Blunders of 2008

Asking why AOL screws up nearly everything they touch is like asking why the sun shines on a clear day, but I’m a sucker for tradition, and for two years running I’ve done so, so why not a third? 1,256 more words

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An Answer to Yahoo! Answers

I’ve been highly dissatisfied with Yahoo! Answers as a knowledge base since the day they rolled it out. My blog is suggested to people trying to cancel or uninstall AOL an average of once a month on Yahoo! 550 more words

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Shame On CNN

11-22-2006: CNN did a bad thing in the “eyes” of search engine spiders, Google Pidgeon Rank™ and other indices of web page spamiliciousness: they duped their own content about Yahoo! 1,418 more words

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Yahoo! to buy AOL?

Fortune Magazine says Time Warner, their parent company, is in talks with Yahoo! to buy AOL. A source at TW denies it, but Yahoo! sources say it’s true. 536 more words

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