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Verizon Intends to Get Out of FiOS/Landline Business

A comment I received yesterday said, in part: “The lucky ones that could afford fast dsl & then fios a long time ago don’t care about all this misery and that’s my hard luck”. 277 more words

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I'll keep the change, thanks.

What follows is pure editorial and I don’t mean to sound like sour grapes but I’ve gotta say it. There would be no Verizon buying AOL today… 741 more words

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Verizon AOL Portal up since Aug. 2013

In perhaps a small presage to the Verizon/AOL deal, Verizon has been running an AOL web portal for smartphone users since May 2013 (the first archive.org record of it was made on Aug.26th 2013… 551 more words

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Wow, Internet: hi. Yes indeed: AOL's Classic home page is gone again.

If you know where the damn page is this time, let us know – leave a comment!

It’s perfectly bizarre to check your stats maybe once a month like I do and expect to see the normal 100-200 visitors a day but instead see there’s been almost 1600 – in under 36 hours. 346 more words

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The AOL Classic Look page is back.

Try this link for the Old AOL Classic look:


I’m not sure exactly when AOL brought the Classic Look back (yes, they really did). I’m only sure that it wasn’t before early December. 25 more words

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Hi AOL, Primcapital.com seems to be hijacking/mirroring the entire AOL.com site!

Oh, boy, how one thing always leads to another, especially with AOL.

Tonight a reader asked how to access the AOL Classic home page ( 281 more words

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