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The 90’s Way of Finding Love

A couple weeks ago I claimed residence on the living room couch as the flu claimed residence in my immune system. Two of my favorite… 672 more words

And Culture

Amazing Instant Novelist . . .Does anyone remember this?

I stumbled across an old memory today on Pinterest, check out these archived screenshots of my old haunt – The former AOL site was the brainchild of… 257 more words


Explain Yourself, Glorified Mixtape. Said No One Ever.

Just in case I do happen to amass any fans of internet radio and inept attempts at comedy, I figured that perhaps a fun little introduction would be fitting. 898 more words

General Updates


First off, here’s the frigging article. Read it your god damned self if you don’t want to take my word for it…

“Defying the Republican-run Congress…” —LOfuckingL, because that’s right, they are in… 341 more words


Makeup of a Millennial

As a Millennial, I experienced a lot of things during my childhood and teen years that I notice kids today taking for granted, including but not limited to the following categories.  1,666 more words



In grammar school everyone used to tell fibs about their lives. From stories you’d share with friends during class/lunch to why you didn’t do your homework when confronted by a teacher. 698 more words


Glorified Mixtape Radio Update

This is also currently posted in the ‘Radio’ tab, though that portion of the site will be updated in the near future. I just wanted to post it on here and bring it to the forefront in case anyone does happen to stumble upon this project while it’s still in ‘Beta’ mode, if you will. 491 more words

General Updates