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When to use the Oxford comma (gasp!)

Ah, the Oxford comma. It’s at the center of one of the most contentious copy-editing debates of all time. Today, I’ll clear up a long-held misconception about this famous grammar dispute and provide guidance on when to use this infamous punctuation, to ensure your writing conveys the intended meaning. 430 more words


They is wrong

Because nothing is sacred and there are no longer any rules whatsoever, the Associated Press has announced that the new stylebook will allow use of the word… 322 more words


It's official: I (& you!) can use 'they' as singular

Hi, my name is Jaclyn, and I’m addicted to proper grammar. It started in the third grade, when Mrs. Murphy first introduced me to sentence structure, to subject/verb agreement, to the importance of commas. 809 more words


A Comma's Job Security?

The comma stood on the corner, bleating, “Please, can someone help me? I know I belong somewhere, but I can’t quite remember where.”

Devon Taylor, copy editor, sat at the counter of the diner across the street and watched as passers-by skittered around the pitiful punctuation mark. 333 more words

Writing Process

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Too cute not to share. Who would ever think of writing a short story about a comma's woes? Answer: this blogger.

Let's Drink to That!

In need of refreshments?  Refresh your writing thirst with these AP guidelines.  An amaretto sour, please!


Student guest post: How to build a better in-house style guide

Students in MEJO 457, Advanced Editing, are writing guest posts for this blog this semester. This is the sixth of those posts. Alison Krug is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill. 928 more words

Journalism Education

The stuff, Day 11

Here is an Associated Press style book from around 2000-2002.

It’s seen a lot.

Maybe it will see more. Donating to thrift…