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Key Manship School points on AP style and grammar

Here are key AP style points stressed by the Manship School. Students in my MC2010 Media Writing course will be expected to master all of these points: 47 more words

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Improve Your Writing: 10 Frequent AP Style Mistakes

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with AP Style, the guidelines for news writing (aka the journalist’s bible). While I think they are incredibly helpful for ensuring consistency across platforms and publications, the AP Style rules have a complexity and particularity that can make it feel like learning a foreign language. 873 more words

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This & That Thursday: Capitalization in Titles

Capitalization of a title, or headline, can be quite complicated. If you’re not confined to a particular style guide (e.g. Chicago, AP, etc.), you can pretty much do it however you want – within certain limits. 556 more words


3 things public Relations pros should be doing everyday

No one will ever understand what it takes to be apart of the public relations world. The long hours, endless surprises and digging deeper and deeper into our creative mind each day to find a better way to react to a situation than we did yesterday. 414 more words

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Days after announcing a new update promising the addition of 130 new characters, including the never before seen Poppingere, Nintendo announced that it is now recalling the popular app Pokemon Go, citing that “It has become a danger, and before any other people get hurt, we are going to pull it and drop the support for the game.” 289 more words

It Was the Best of PR; It Was the Worst of PR


Public Relations is a fast growing career in today’s society. There are various methods and outlets that are used by all PR professionals. Although, how they use them is a huge aspect pertaining to the quality and success of their work. 746 more words

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Quick update

Today is CRAZY, so this is a brief update to say thank you, everyone, for your hard work. This team is fantastic, and you’re all doing a great job. 546 more words