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Weekly Link Roundup 1

I know some blogs I follow have this as somewhat filler, so I’m giving it a shot.¬†Hopefully I stick with it frequently and do it every week. 239 more words


Cooking the Books

A couple weeks ago, my first post on the QuirkBooks Blog went live. I had found a pizza recipe in the AP Style Guide when I was flipping through it for class, so I cooked it, photographed it, and wrote about it. 39 more words

Bookish Inspiration

Style Watch N-O-P

Here is the Style Watch for N-O-P: 6 more words

AP Style

Style Watch K-L-M

Here is the list of words for AP Style in K-L-M: 6 more words

AP Style

Your next set of AP style rules

  • First mention of adults is courtesy title + first name + last name. Any subsequent mention is courtesy title + last name
  • AP style rule: numbers nine and lower you spell out.
  • 83 more words

Week 8 lab in COM 210

Here is this week’s Power Point for CV and biography labs:


Spelling list for COM 210

Here is the spelling list for COM 210 for Spring 2015. Words on this list can appear on any AP style quiz or the Midterm exam:

AP Style