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Style Watch T-U-V

Here is this week’s Style Watch for COM 210:

AP Style

MTE tip #3 for COM 210

The AP Stylebook says to prefer Muslim to Moslem.

AP Style

Style Watch Q-R-S for COM 210

Here is this week’s Style Watch for COM 210:

AP Style

Pesky Punctuation, Pt. X: The Ellipsis

You knew it was coming. The ellipsis delivers a splash of nuance, marking a halt in speech, a brief pause, or a short deletion from an original text. 471 more words

Five Ways to be Productive during Spring Break

By: Mattie Eversole
Manship junior

Next week, college students will flock to the beaches to get a killer tan and relax by the ocean.  Just in case you’re not one of those people, don’t fret.  393 more words


Weekly Link Roundup 1

I know some blogs I follow have this as somewhat filler, so I’m giving it a shot. Hopefully I stick with it frequently and do it every week. 239 more words


Cooking the Books

A couple weeks ago, my first post on the QuirkBooks Blog went live. I had found a pizza recipe in the AP Style Guide when I was flipping through it for class, so I cooked it, photographed it, and wrote about it. 39 more words

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