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A Comma's Job Security?

The comma stood on the corner, bleating, “Please, can someone help me? I know I belong somewhere, but I can’t quite remember where.”

Devon Taylor, copy editor, sat at the counter of the diner across the street and watched as passers-by skittered around the pitiful punctuation mark. 333 more words

Writing Process

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Too cute not to share. Who would ever think of writing a short story about a comma's woes? Answer: this blogger.

Let's Drink to That!

In need of refreshments?  Refresh your writing thirst with these AP guidelines.  An amaretto sour, please!


Student guest post: How to build a better in-house style guide

Students in MEJO 457, Advanced Editing, are writing guest posts for this blog this semester. This is the sixth of those posts. Alison Krug is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill. 928 more words

Journalism Education

The stuff, Day 11

Here is an Associated Press style book from around 2000-2002.

It’s seen a lot.

Maybe it will see more. Donating to thrift…


Confounded by Capitalization?

Me too. And what makes it extra confusing? The fact that different style guides recommend capitalizing different words. Let’s review one of the big guys: … 288 more words

Writing/editing Advice

Web Writing Basics

When looking through varying sites, there is a certain style of writing that we are unconsciously attracted to. For all the people out there interested in starting a blog, or any website for that matter, mimicking this writing style is the best way to make your website readable for your audience. 255 more words

AP Stylebook and the importance of keeping up with modern communication

By: Raneisha Stassin

Anybody who studied public relations will most likely come into contact with the Associated Press Stylebook (AP Stylebook for short) and learn to get accustomed to annual updates. 310 more words