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AP Style

New AP style issues

Here is a look at a five changes in the 2016 AP Stylebook:

AP style changes

Journalism Education

Are journalists unethical for republishing press releases without attribution? 

Proper attribution is the bread and butter for anyone using AP style or writing news articles. Because of the increasing workload that many journalists are burdened with they often look to public relations practitioners for story ideas and press releases to help alleviate this burden while making their personal deadlines. 601 more words

Another Word on Apostrophes

Apostrophes can be tricksters, and one of the trickier uses of them is possession versus description. According to some sources, including the AP Style Guide, some nouns merely… 285 more words

Grammar Advice

How to write a successful pitch email to a journalist

Building a relationship with journalists is an important aspect of being a public relations practitioner; pitching stories about the company or client that you represent is even more important. 970 more words

Journalists in training

AP style. Proportion wheels. Picas. Newspaper layout. Sound familiar? These are the words many Journalism students hear over and over again in their four years in college. 409 more words


A post about strippers, a penis and pee (guaranteed clickbait!)

Dear readers (and, I hope, fellow lovers of language):

I need a break from the 2016 election.

Let’s talk about the serial comma (also called the Oxford comma) for a moment. 250 more words