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Enabling PHP 5 on Fedora 20

I've been trying to get Modx CMS installed on a Fedora 20 laptop and just getting permission denied errors for absolutely no (apparent) reason.
By searching  came across http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5326531/php-warning-unknown-failed-to-open-stream which suggests the following command: 
/sbin/restorecon -R /var/www/
As described at http://linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/ - not that this actually resolves to a page.

apachectl status - How to solve lynx: command not found

apachectl status” will not work if you don’t have lynx ; text-based web browser.

You realize that when you get below message while using the command. 109 more words


Apache httpd: APR not found; error while installation

During Apache httpd installation if you get below error, that means Apache Portable Run-time environment was not found or not installed.

checking for APR... no
configure: error: APR not found.  238 more words

Ability to remove TLS 1.0 from httpd in CentOS 6

Due to a bug in mod_ssl, the ability to remove TLS 1.0 (and only support TLS 1.1 and/or TLS 1.2) has not been available.  The fix has now made it to CentOS 6 and you can now fine-tune your cryptographic protocols with ease. 205 more words


Deploy Web application archive (WAR) in Tomcat HTTP server

Web application archive (.war file) is a JAR file used to distribute a collection of JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, Java classes, XML files, tag libraries, static web pages (HTML and related files) and other resources that together constitute a specific web application. 122 more words

Apache Httpd

To check all the apache httpd processes in linux

When we want to find list of processes running on a linux box, we use

ps -fax

Now apply grep command to filter out only httpd process list. 33 more words


Install Apache Tomcat Http Server

On Ubuntu, the easiest way to install any package is through “apt-get install package-name”. Unfortunately, this cannot guarantee you get the latest release from the Ubuntu repository. 349 more words

Apache Httpd