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How to Automatically Start XAMPP for a Standard User in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, XAMPP will not auto start on boot or reboot in usual Installation. We should manually enter the command to start the XAMPP as SUDO user. 311 more words

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Apache HTTP Web ServerのHTTP/2プロトコル処理用モジュールにDoS脆弱性 [ #cloud ]

独立行政法人情報処理推進機構(IPA)セキュリティセンターおよび一般社団法人JPCERTコーディネーションセンター(JPCERT/CC)は6日、Apache HTTP Web Serverのモジュール「mod_http2」に、サービス運用妨害(DoS)の脆弱性が含まれることを発表した。



Khalda Petroleum reduces cost of oil production from Apache's Western Desert concession to $4.5 per barrel

Khalda Petroleum Company has reduced the cost of oil produced from the Apache concession area in the western desert to $4.5 per barrel in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, down from $5. 169 more words

Redirect index.html and index.php to the home page

How to redirect index.html and index.php to the home page. We recently did some website work for a local business. The business was using a static html website and we wanted to convert the site to a WordPress based platform for multiple reasons. 377 more words


Egypt accepts six oil and gas exploration bids with investments of $200 million

Egypt has accepted six bids for oil and gas exploration worth a total investment of up to $200 million, the Ministry of Petroleum said on Friday. 159 more words

Apache Spark Standalone Mode Setup on Windows 10

Today, I was working on IBM Big Data University course Spark Fundamentals and found that there are some issues with Data Scientist Workbench (DSWB) site. DSWB’s Jupyter Notebook link was not working. 709 more words


Indians in the house

‘Indians in the house’ is the title of the chapter in ‘Little house on the prairie’ in which Laura describes the frightening occasion when two Indians come into their house, dressed in reeking skunk skins, and demand that Ma cook them cornbread. 508 more words

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