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How To Setting Up Virtual Hosts for XAMPP

Setting Up Virtual Hosts for XAMPP

Running a Web server on your desktop computer is a great way to speed up Web site development.
By previewing your Web pages directly through a Web server on your own computer you can test out server-side programming like server-side include files, form processing scripts, or database-driven Web pages. 1,097 more words


Ons herstorisch lichaam (3): de 'bloody days' als erf-goed

Na het sprokkelen en construeren van ‘Roodkapje, the new version‘, dook ik dieper de boeken in naar inwijdingsrituelen bij de menarche…

De ‘van meisje tot vrouw’-rituelen van de Apache, Mbuti en Navajo bestuderende, vielen me een aantal overeenkomsten op: 315 more words


Bugzilla Setup with Apache / Nginx and Mysql

# How to install Bugzilla on Ubuntu / Debian


Ubuntu/Debian is already installed and configured on machine.

Here are the main steps:

Install Perl(5.8.1 or above)
Install MySQL
Install Web-server Apache2/Nginx
Install Bugzilla 4.X
Install Perl modules
Bugzilla using Apache2 and Nginx
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Learn Apache Spark this Summer with edX

edX has just announced a new series of Big Data courses. The series consists of 2 courses focused around Apache Spark. If you are not familiar with… 86 more words

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HBase Capacity Planning – Part 1

HBase is a distributed, fault-tolerant, persistent, NoSQL store in Hadoop Stack. Hadoop has been in the market for a long time now, but I could not find any simple guide for HBase Capacity Planning for our usage. 2,028 more words