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Редирект с помощью .htaccess

Руководство по настройке перенаправлений с помощью конфигурационного файла .htaccess 678 more words


Настройка .htaccess

.htaccess (от англ. hypertext access) – файл дополнительной конфигурации веб-сервера Apache. Позволяет задавать большое количество дополнительных параметров и разрешений для работы веб-сервера в отдельном каталоге без изменения главного конфигурационного файла … 232 more words


Kafka Queuing: Apache Kafka as a Messaging System

1. Objective

Basically, Queuing in Kafka is one of the models for messaging traditionally. So, let’s begin with the brief introduction to Kafka as a Messaging System, that will help us to understand the Kafka Queuing well. 658 more words

Big Data

Upcoming Advisory for Apache Tomcat Vulnerability - CVE-2019-0221

We will be releasing an advisory on a security vulnerability that was reported to the Apache Software Foundation, specifically in Apache Tomcat. This issue is being tracked under… 39 more words


java - Log4j


Playing around with Hibernate got me staring at the screen reviewing console messages; especially SQL statements.


Time to implement better logging; mostly instead of having it show up on the console, placing it in log files. 362 more words


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2. config proxy for apache
on xampp go to apache/conf/extra/httpd-proxy.conf
change as the following

<IfModule proxy_module><IfModule proxy_http_module>
## Reverse Proxy#ProxyRequests On
<Proxy *>Order Deny,AllowDeny from allAllow from all</Proxy> 16 more words