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Relationship Selfies

There is nothing more insecure than a couple posting their “perfect” relationship on social media far more frequently than anyone would care. Your #ManCrushEveryday is getting a little much. 509 more words



Beware of the fake accounts out there my single (or open) friends! One of my favorite Tinder adventures was to catch a Catfish and trust me I have on more than one occasion. 693 more words



The good old fear of commitment.

Without a doubt, I can relate to this. With varying degrees of commitment issues, I’m under the categories of “only fall for the guys who are emotionally unavailable” and “run away from the first sign affection from someone who actually likes me”. 1,200 more words


Story Time: My Worst Date

Dating can potentially be an exhilarating or terrifying scene in modern day culture. Dependent on who you match or meet can determine whether you will have an epic, boring or down right awkward encounter when you go on a first date. 978 more words


Relationship Time

When I’m single I get asked on a regular basis “Why aren’t you seeing anyone?”

First of all… none of their business really… but I’m an open book so I answer with; 680 more words


“Business” Cards

Do you ever find exchanging numbers awkward?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could meet someone without having to immediately rely on our phone to continue the contact? 645 more words