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On my last visit to Rwanda I discovered the book Detained: A writer’s prison diary by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o. Many years ago now, I think it was about 2011, I heard him speak on education in Dar es Salaam and have found him an attraction since. 647 more words

South Africa

Trevor Noah, "Born A Crime"

Can you imagine taking over Jon Stewart’s seat on “The Daily Show?”

Who would want that particular challenge?

If you watched Trevor Noah early on and found yourself heading elsewhere for your political skewers and laughs, it may be time to check back. 518 more words


Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

First of all, ever since November, I’ve been trying to bone up on stories, narratives, and the like of people who look different than I do, who have experienced differently, and who have life events that I will never be able to relate to, no matter how hard I try. 386 more words


de la Rey, de la Rey

Our new home was 10 Rose Street, Uniondale. The Boers called it Rose Straat, rose being the Afrikaans for roses, when it was in honour of British  Field Marshall Hugh Henry Rose, 1st Baron Strathnairn,GCB, GCSI, PC (6 April 1801 – 16 October 1885) who never served in southern Africa. 418 more words

Shaping A Writer

to heal a nation

a rainbow nation, or so they say
a rainbow nation, such colourful clay
white and yellow
black and brown
the best in any town

black migrants moving south… 1,265 more words

Faith In Jesus

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The symbolic aspects of Cultural Memory, and the social factors that determine National Identity

“Under the dark skies, on a dark side. Not only there, but right here’s an apartheid.” — Rakim, In the ghetto.

“Cultural Memory: the link between past, present, and future” 2,430 more words