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Apartheid's Secrets and Lies

Stuart Mole
University of Exeter

If the first casualty of war is truth, the last act of a tyrannical regime is to attempt to expunge all evidence of its crimes. 1,102 more words

Imperial & Global History

a Darker Shade of Pale by Beryl Crosher-Segers - Book review

There are people who will never know what it felt like to be silenced out of fear.”

                                                                                                     A darker shade of pale

                                                                                                     Beryl Crosher-Segers… 547 more words


Palestinian flags fluttered over the rubble of Mohammad al Dababsh home in the South Hebron Hills yesterday as local activists helped the family put up a temporary shelter.

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تقع “حدتستان” على الساحل الغربي لمنطقة سوريا الطبيعية، داخل جمهورية “لبنانستان”. ويحدّها من الغرب “ضاحيستان”، ومن الشرق والجنوب “جبلستان”، ومن الشمال “ضاحيستان العليا”. #يقبش

Bilad Al Machrek Al Arabi

Country Boy

Kanarie directted by Christiaan Olwagen (USA) 2018 follows the adventures of a naive young Afrikaner serving in the military.

A fan of Boy George with a passion for women’s fashion, who is caught parading through the streets of his small hometown by the local minister, receives his draft notice and manages to gain a place in the army church choir. 91 more words



I’m embarrassed to admit it now, but there was a brief moment when I not only joined Twitter but actually enjoyed using it. I loved being able to instantly display my outrageous wit, scathing brilliance and moral superiority to a needy world in succinct, pithy take-downs. 1,243 more words

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