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Everyone Belongs in the Kingdom

My little garden in a little town in a little state is my refuge, my haven, my glimpse of the Kingdom.

It is in shade, yet there are flowering plants and lots of green foliage. 527 more words

The Black (Wo)mans Complex.

I was born in the year 1999 into a country that has been named the rainbow nation with a colourful future, still however has the ominous cloud  of the apartheid legacy looming over us. 278 more words



The BDS and the state of Israel seem to be coordinating quite well with each other in order to promote the Apartheid state that will give Israel the legal status it needs to continue to exist as a recognized legitimate state after it has been denied legitimacy . 358 more words


Hollywood ramps up miscegenation propaganda to the max

….and demonises South Africa in the same movie. It’s only a shame that the history has apparently been twisted to suit that narrative.

Ah, a love story! 1,003 more words

Beyond Identity: Exploring Race & Culture in South Africa

What remains with me from this retreat is both a sense of the immensity of the task of bringing about healing and reconciliation in the relationship among races in South Africa, and a sense of respect for the courage and resilience needed in working towards that healing and reconciliation.

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South African Democracy, 20 years on. Quo Vadis?

Ed’s Note: The edited version of this article first appeared in the 2014 Winter edition of Unisawise, the University of South Africa’s prestige stakeholder publication. 3,058 more words


Of goosebumps and brokenness

THERE’S A CLINICALITY¬†to this intense body of photographic work that repels your inner being and makes you want to turn away and then run away really quickly before you encounter the works in detail. 684 more words

Robyn Sassen