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The Horizon Hunter #4

“Life in Atlantis was okay, I guess. The neighbours all knew our story and warned us many times whenever the inspectors were checking up on people’s ID’s. 1,343 more words

Appropriate and inappropriate cultural appropriation

I only learned about the term “cultural appropriation” about seven years ago, and blogged about it here: Inculturation, indigenisation, syncretism and cultural appropriation. But though the term itself was new to me then, the thing it described was not. 834 more words

South Africa

The Apartheid Election

As this book is primarily organized by narrative history and chronology, Chapter 1, The Apartheid Election, covers the beginning of Apartheid in South Africa. In discussing the white politics that brought the National Party (NP) to power via its promise of Apartheid, it delineates the debates behind that policy’s ideology. 41 more words


Cosmas Desmond: The man who saved the world

When I was a little girl my granddad used to tell me stories about a member of our family who was a hero. He had, my granddad said, travelled to a far away land and fought bad men who did bad things, he had written a book which the people in power didn’t like very much, and had been grounded by the government. 2,752 more words


The Horizon Hunter #3

“I’m back,” Mo said as he sat down, overstating the obvious. “I thought about what Gertruida had said, so I returned. That is, if you guys will have me. 854 more words

Why you have no right to judge students for protesting

Yesterday, while waiting at the till in the Rondebosch Pick and Pay, this middle aged man turns to someone in the queue and says: “You know, for people who supposedly don’t have money, there sure are a lot of students in this shop right now.” Some really nice guy made the effort of explaining to the man that students have meal vouchers with which to purchase food because the dining halls are not operating at the moment, which is why the shop was so full. 1,010 more words