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3- What I saw, Returning to Palestine: Checkpoints

Checkpoints are essential to Israel’s occupation. They are the most efficient way to control and torment Palestinians’ lives on a daily basis. One truth must be clarified about checkpoints. 1,020 more words


Chris Hedges: Why I Support BDS

The Palestinians are poor. They are powerless. They have no voice or influence in the halls of power. They are demonized. They do not have well-heeled lobbyists doling out campaign contributions and pushing through pro-Palestinian legislation. 686 more words

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THANDI MOKONE-CHASE: My Father - Apartheid Trailblazer and Domestic Abuser

New York Times — My father, Stephen “Kalamazoo” Mokone, was the first black South African soccer player to play professionally in Europe and to break the color barrier in South Africa during apartheid, which was a remarkable achievement back then. 93 more words


Obituary: Clive Rice

Clive Edward Butler RICE (23 July 1949 – 28 July 2015) was the face of South Africa’s re-entry to international cricket. Tragically, he was the first face of a board with whom he could never reconcile. 743 more words

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Free Palestine!

67 years ago today on May 15th 1948 approx 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes, thousands massacred, over 4 million acres of land was stolen, hundreds of Palestinian towns & villages destroyed to make way for a country called Israel. 45 more words


Is Abortion A Crime Against Humanity?

Recently someone suggested to me that it’s inconsistent to get “all worked up” about abortion without getting just as upset about corporate corruption, for example. This comparison sounds odd to me because, at minimum, we are talking about two different scales of “wrong.” While corporate cronyism and corruption are bad, and we should vigorously enforce laws and policies that encourage free trade and otherwise ethical business practices, we are probably not talking about a “Crime Against Humanity” anywhere comparable that of abortion. 1,690 more words