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Here goes nothing!

We are Edward and Hannah. 22-year-olds seeking to prove ourselves in a world of roommates, friends, and significant others that seem way busier and more successful than we are. 120 more words


Egg shells for plants

I have been collecting egg shells so that I can give it to my tomato plants. Like humans, plants too need calcium to grow.

You can dry all egg shells, powder it, and mix with soil. 14 more words


Slurry for plants

We have a biogas plant at home and we use the slurry to fertilize the plants. When we went home last time, I brought a bottle of slurry for my plants in our apartment in Bangalore. 39 more words

Our Life

Apartment Balcony Gardening

Balcony Gardening Basics

So you live in an apartment and want to have a garden of some sort. I can help with the basics, and get you growing, … 154 more words



I started up the hydroponic tower last week. Made from Nancy jane stacking planters. I used a 230 gph pump, and it is plenty strong. The planters are stacked atop a 13″ D bucket, inside a sturdier bucket, inside a 20″ planter. 376 more words


Chives 101

Okay. Lets learn about some herbs.

To start with, chives!

Chives are hardy perennials, that you can grow outside or on your windowsill! (I’m hoping to grow them in my apartment so that I can snip them off whenever I want to add them to my scrambled eggs, and/or salads, or simply use them as a garnish for a nice dish.) 232 more words

Gardening With Sara

Gardening in an apartment in India

Why to start?

With India’s population being 1.27 billion, having your own garden might be more difficult , than travelling to moon.Unless you are among the very rich! 245 more words

Garden Therapy