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Balcony garden update #2

It’s been a week since my last update and that was also a garden post… Ops! These days my life is all about studying for final tests and handing in essays, so I’ll get back to blogging for real after December 15 I think. 208 more words


Little miss gardener

Hello, lovely people!

Today I wanted to show you my little apartment “garden”. We live in a 37 square meters apartment and we have a tiny balcony. 880 more words



Thinking back on my posts, I realized that I’ve spent quite a bit of time nitpicking–whether health myths, roommates, or money costs. So for the next several posts, I’m gonna try my darndest to stay positive! 694 more words

Growing food indoors

I moved to Denmark in July last year. Since then I have been trying to (re)grow some food plants indoors – just as a hobby. Some haven’t survived due to lack of sunlight (Nordic region isn’t the best for sunlight, of course), some due to fungus (I probably over-watered them … sighhh..!), and some just were just dormant I guess. 377 more words

Growing Food

My Husband Is the Plant Whisperer

A few weeks ago, Husband decided to grow some herbs. He went about this in his usual fashion, where he said, “I’m going to grow herbs in our apartment!” and I said “No” and he did it anyway. 830 more words

Me Myself And I

Grow on That Balcony

No Sense Listening To That Box Store Jockey

You wanna grow? Anything? On that 4×11 Balcony? Free food, great greenery? How about you Townhomies? Patio and then a long narrow strip? 126 more words

Garden Coach