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Grow on That Balcony

No Sense Listening To That Box Store Jockey

You wanna grow? Anything? On that 4×11 Balcony? Free food, great greenery? How about you Townhomies? Patio and then a long narrow strip? 126 more words

Garden Coach

Community Gardening

What’s in Your Food?

Made You a Salad… Typical Saturday Purchase at a Box Store, From the AD!!

Seems the trend these days, when buying produce, is Eating Healthy. 465 more words

Richmond Gardening

Holiday Trash Piling Up? Grow Something!! Gardenology, 101...

So, everyone is filing thru for the Holiday? Parties among us? Trash bags filling up? And, “Whats this thingy Aunt Meg Brought???”

Well, let’s put on our Grow Cap for a sec, the things I always tell you to look out for. 237 more words


The Thoughtful Gardener

In his weekly column for the Financial Times Robin Lane Fox has popularized the life style of the Thoughtful Gardener. A Thoughtful Gardener is one who is not only aware of a plants specific needs but is also sensitive to the wide variety of plant species available to him, beyond those offered at the local garden center. 185 more words

Apartment Gardening

Caring for Silver Bells: Akebia Quinata

Silver Bells is a great addition to your home garden. It produces sweetly scented flowers, large long leaves, and edible fruit pods. This vine can grow up to 20’ tall and 10’ wide. 312 more words

Growing tomatoes in a Condo

My friend Steve has a lovely balcony, and because he has enough space, he thought of growing cherry tomato plants. It was flourishing with red tomatoes. 203 more words


Upcycled Tea Set

I really love tiny, antique-y things that I have no space or use for, like the teeny Japanese tea set my grandmother gave me years ago. 203 more words