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Yay for fast growers!

In my last post I talked out how my mould issue in my soil had gotten so bad that I had ended up having to bin all my plants, which was super sad! 230 more words

A small disaster and a big re-focus

Earlier this week I mentioned I had a problem with mould growing on my soil. I thought I had combatted the issue by removing the affected plants, increasing air circulation and not over watering. 357 more words

Pea Shoots - The easiest thing you will ever grow...

Pea shoots are delicious, good for you, and if you buy them in the supermarket very expensive. In fact Sainsbury’s is currently selling them for £1 for a 50g bag. 271 more words

I have a garden problem - Indoor Mould

A handful of my pots have developed a small problem with mould on the surface of the soil. Luckily it is only a minority but those affected have been quarantined on the kitchen windowsill, safely away from the unaffected in the living room. 190 more words

Growing new food from old food

Did you know you can grow new plants from kitchen scraps you regularly throw away? I mean, you’re probably vaguely aware of the concept, but have you ever actually  155 more words

What am I growing?

As my garden is very new, I am still in the planting and seedling stage for many things. Therefore many of the photographs you will see will just be of seeds or teeny tiny plants that are hard to recognise at first (in fact, you might notice many of the pots have the name of the plant written on them, so I don’t get confused…). 122 more words


Thinking back on my posts, I realized that I’ve spent quite a bit of time nitpicking–whether health myths, roommates, or money costs. So for the next several posts, I’m gonna try my darndest to stay positive! 694 more words