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5 Easy Plants to Liven Up Your Apartment

Why Plants?

If you’re like most people I know, you’re an apartment dweller. While apartment living can be a fun and convenient way to live in or near a city, it isn’t ideal for easy access to trees and fresh air. 602 more words


Misadventures in Apartment Gardening

Author Bio: Hannah is a recent college graduate wandering her way through life. Devoted plant mom, yogi, and hug-sharer, Hannah loves to share her world experience through Instagram and her blog, … 874 more words


Gardening and Anxiety.

Not unlike many postgraduate students in their early 20’s, I have anxiety and it is something that I take daily medication for. As much as my medication is helpful, it is also important that I make sure every aspect of my life is conducive to positive mental health. 259 more words

Yay for fast growers!

In my last post I talked out how my mould issue in my soil had gotten so bad that I had ended up having to bin all my plants, which was super sad! 230 more words

A small disaster and a big re-focus

Earlier this week I mentioned I had a problem with mould growing on my soil. I thought I had combatted the issue by removing the affected plants, increasing air circulation and not over watering. 357 more words

Pea Shoots - The easiest thing you will ever grow...

Pea shoots are delicious, good for you, and if you buy them in the supermarket very expensive. In fact Sainsbury’s is currently selling them for £1 for a 50g bag. 271 more words

I have a garden problem - Indoor Mould

A handful of my pots have developed a small problem with mould on the surface of the soil. Luckily it is only a minority but those affected have been quarantined on the kitchen windowsill, safely away from the unaffected in the living room. 190 more words