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Jet-lagged-Coffee Crazed-Cat Lady

Tuesday Jan 10th –

It had been a sleep of a restless jet-lagged traveler and when I did finally peel myself out of bed it was to go straight to the coffee pot. 450 more words

The Everyday Musings

Hooray and Hallelujah, We've Got Heat!

If this doesn’t deserve a chorus of Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, I don’t know what does (music by Beethoven, lyrics by the Holy Spirit). 61 more words


Heat... Maybe?

The guy’s been down there since 8:00 this morning, just one guy instead of the whole crew. He says–repeat, he says–everything’s good to go, he’s just got to clean out all the dirty old stuff, and then he’ll turn it on and we will have heat for the first time since early Tuesday morning. 45 more words


This is what our bathroom has been like since Tuesday morning.

The boiler boys knocked off at 3:00 this afternoon, which means another day and night without heat. 74 more words

Nope, No Heat Yet

I was going to trim my beard, but I dassn’t–I need it between my face and the ice.

We still don’t have heat. The guys are back down there in the cellar today, they’re supposed to be hooking up the new boiler, but I don’t hear much going on. 105 more words

Still Freezing

Ah, how quickly are our desires cut down to size!

The boiler installation crew has knocked off for the day without finishing the job, so that’s another full day and night without heat. 26 more words

Here Comes the Heat?

Fortunately the weather turned a bit less severe last night, so we didn’t freeze to death. And as I write this, there are men working to install our new boiler. 155 more words