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I've Got a Feeling- Ivy

“I’ve been letting the days go by, til you found me.” –I’ve Got a Feeling, Ivy


The Apartment Dweller's Guide to Wine Glasses

Space is at a premium in Manhattan. It’s at a premium in LOTS of places actually, but Manhattan is where my wine collection and I live. 736 more words


You Mother F**king Brussel Sprouts

I think I’m doing better with the cooking part of stay-at-home wife life than I am the cleaning. I’ve never cooked so many meals in succession before. 1,001 more words


Table Project - Part 2

Hello all, happy Wednesday! How are you this week?

I’m feeling pretty good today, it’s day 3 of my brief summer break. I’m feeling well rested and excited to tackle this table project I have planned! 369 more words

Apartment Life

The Naked Neighbor

I know, late again! Good thing this blog isn’t my period! He he.

Anyways, moving on from that fairly bad attempt at a joke… I swear this is a true story. 946 more words

Pink is the loveliest color, except when it's around my drain

My mom has this pair of friends. They met in the nineties when us kids all played soccer in the summer, and Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey were a hot enough item to score their own TV show. 915 more words


Table Project - Part 1

Hello readers! How are you doing today? Well, I hope 😀

I’m feeling excited for the week ahead! I have the entire five days off before my summer term begins next Monday. 285 more words

Apartment Life