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Visiting Hours

We used to entertain a lot where I grew up in the suburbs. I have a large family and there was always a reason to celebrate. 324 more words

Passive Aggressive Notes and The Power of Complaining

Today I got some inspiration to write in the form of a blaring, fire-engine red note on my door.  Here is the gist of it: 926 more words

You're going to miss me when I am gone..!

Wow, leaving home this time was a lot harder.

So many emotions

I guess that’s the circle of life?

Haha I vlogged all day yesterday! Follow me as I move back to college!!!


Freedom 530

For anyone wanting to listen to me rant like a rabid parrot about real estate, you’ll have to wait for another day. Today I am actually in a rather good mood so let’s talk about the flip side to living in a shoebox. 284 more words

We moved to Miami!

Last Thursday, after an extended delay in Lexington (thanks for letting us crash, Mom!), Chet and I loaded up our two cars and set off South. 499 more words


Pic of the Week.

Empty closet.

First box packed.

Giveaway clothes.

It’s no surprise that I’m moving, since my lease is up at the end of September. So, over the weekend, I faced reality and starting getting things done — packing, cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of things (lots of things). 621 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Perspective on Priorities

I never intended to write this post. I intended to write about reconnecting with forever friends, and the value of friendships which stand the test of time. 903 more words