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Roommate for Sale

What have we learned from all of this?
That gloating or sometimes even pre-lecture statement from friends and family that everyone cringes over. Bad dates. Cheating significant others. 441 more words


Appologies, Ghosts, and Second Hand

First off, my apologies for being silent for a majority of the last month, I’ve been busy and only have internet connection on my phone, which does not like the WordPress app at all and is currently broken……. 522 more words

Apartment Life

Empty Love

My heart is beating on overtime, again.
This is normal.

I’ve fallen in love, again.
My second time.

I can’t help but question everything, as¬†always. 119 more words

Moving sucks

I finally moved to my new apartment. My muscles ache and I had two headaches during the process but I am finally on my own. The apartment is so nice. 57 more words

Sunday Panic Attack

I’m 23 (24 in 2 weeks) years old.
I live in an apartment I cannot afford.
I am working towards a degree.. yet I don’t know what I even want to be afterwards. 289 more words


Whelp. I’m not moving out in June. *sigh*

Well, I can, but then I’d have to find someone to take over my place until the lease ends, and that’s a hassle that I’d rather not deal with. 40 more words


Moving out SOON?!

I might get to move out of my apartment earlier!!! My lease ends in September, but due to people graduating and moving on, we might be terminating our lease in June! 19 more words