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A Woman's Guide to Living Alone


I’ve been living alone for the past year now, and it has given me a new level of self-appreciation. From cooking to hobbies, here are my 5┬átips for living alone. 348 more words


The Rebellious Housekeeper

Sometimes, I just want to stay home and iron my slacks. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? It is when you consider using it as an excuse to skip an event. 764 more words

Apartment Life

I Named the Neighbor

I Named the Neighbor
by A. M. Yeager

I named the neighbor upstairs

His footsteps are too loud against

the ceiling in this
squished… 12 more words


5 Reasons You (Mistakenly) Hate Your Apartment

Home lust – it trips all of us apartment dwellers from time to time. It’s just a feeling of comparison. It’s a subtle discontentment. However, renting makes sense for a lot of people and it’s not a bad thing. 310 more words

Apartment Life

Apartment Life Out Of My Control

hello friends. Do you live in an apartment? Are you living in an apartment with renovations going on which you had not asked for? Well if so, this post will resonate with you. 1,270 more words



by A. M. Yeager

The knick-knacks gather
on top of one table,
the books scatter the floor,
the pictures fall down
from the wall and find boxes, 12 more words


The Problem with one night stands....

I seem to always get myself into the strangest situations. Adventures, as I like to call them. Little adventures that begin small and end triumphantly. Friday night was no different. 2,230 more words

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