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Canada Day BBQ

So my building had a Cananda day BBQ. It was held today because it had to have people who worked for the community housing be at the BBQ other wise if they were not there who knows what might of happened haha kidding but seriously lol. 204 more words

Everyday Life

Tiny House Dream

A lot of things are going on for the princeling and I, and one of the things that happened was this: We turned too quickly to get into the rehab facility my dad is at, and ended up in the driveway for senior apartments over looking a pond/lake sort of thing. 774 more words


Join Me on the Rooftop

Nighttime photography can be tricky and I have very little experience with it.  But when invited to have dinner on a dear friend’s West Village rooftop and couldn’t resist bringing my camera and taking a shot at it.   203 more words


Great Idea: Master parallel parking and improve your life (bear with me here)

I lived in Calgary’s Beltline for four months in 2014 and it was a crash* course in parallel parking.

My move from Sunalta to Beltline came about when my best pal needed a roommate (after her old one got hitched), but only for the summer before she moved across the country for a Master’s. 785 more words


2:30 am.

This past week I went on a bit of a gaming binge. I’ve been playing lots of Minecraft with my brother (it’s so nice to hang out like we’re in the same room instead on opposite sides of the country) as well as Mass Effect 3. 125 more words

Jurassic World.

I saw Jurassic World with Garrett and a few friends last night, and it was definitely epic =)  then this morning, I woke up and finished working on a paper I was presenting in class, and then went to school to print a few things off.   81 more words

Daily Life

Life in a "just right" apartment: Living alone

Small update: I finally have my couch! Its delivery was very much a Ross Geller “PIVOT!” type of situation (and I made sure to watch the delivery guys bring it in so that I knew how to get it OUT some day), but it’s here, it looks great, and I’m pleased. 661 more words

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