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Beep, Beep...Beeeeeeeeeeeep!

No, that is not my imitation of the loading of the “Write a new post” window (although I love that it says that!). It is all I have been hearing since 9 am this morning. 628 more words

Getting used to things.

I have been living in my new apartment for almost a month. I am living with SW (my boyfriend), RK and her boyfriend NR. SW and I are still sleeping on an air mattress. 214 more words

Future Plans

The Cat Dance

Today, I did the Cat Dance.

Anyone can do the Cat Dance. First, acquire a cat. Love the cat. Snuggle her and tell her all your secrets. 830 more words

Life. Don't Talk To Me About Life.

New Apartment Loves

We’ve been living in our new apartment for about two weeks, and now that the chaos of moving has mostly passed, I thought I would share some of the things I find positive about this place. 1,121 more words

Living Life

It was a good day...

Today’s assignment is to explore other themes. The article states that even if you love the one you’ve chosen, try out some others. I loved “Minnow” and now I love this one, too. 1,112 more words

A comedian without jokes is like... me?!

My daily prompt today was to tell a joke. I’m going to take that prompt and run, this is actually going to be a pretty long post, but not in the way it was meant. 951 more words


I’ve been writing, I swear I have. I have about eight post that turned into rants, so I haven’t posted them. I also have five books that I have been editing and re-writing since 2010, along with tons of short stories that have been written in journals that I’ve been working on typing up so I can edit them faster. 499 more words

Apartment Life