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I have been sick for the last 3 days and if I miss one more day of work I have to go on a leave of absence. 154 more words

Apartment Life

Good Morning?

Right now I’m sitting on the couch thinking of ways to cancel the day. I’ve slept my full 8 hours every night this week, but I am some type of tired that coffee won’t fix. 139 more words


What's Up With This Weather?

So apparently Mother Nature has forgotten that it is almost mid spring instead of late fall and it is about 40° outside.  So I couldn’t update my photo of my little garden because it is currently inside in my living room lol.   221 more words

Just Life

You know you're living in an apartment when...

Well, it was not our first choice to live in an apartment as we took the whole family cross county while our house back home sits on the market and weathers the housing crisis. 637 more words


R is for Rummage

Rummage is a fun word…

Hold on a sec while I look up the etymology.

v. 1540s, “arrange (cargo) in a ship,” from rummage (n.), 1520s, “act of arranging cargo in a ship,” a shortening of Middle French arrumage “arrangement of cargo,” from arrumer “to stow goods in the hold of a ship,” from a- “to” + rumer, probably from Germanic (compare Old Norse rum “compartment in a ship,” Old High German rum “space,” Old English rum; see room (n.)). 895 more words

Blogging from A to Z - Q - Quiet

This post is brought to you by quiet hours in our new apartment.

Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 6 AM and also from noon to 2 PM. 193 more words


unorganized life

I am so unorganized not only in my apartment but in my schedule. Besides my actual work hours (which vary day to day). I have bills, apartment chores, personal things and even my writing that I don’t even get scheduled. 205 more words

Apartment Life