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Domestic Bliss

Sounds like the neighbors

are having raccoon trouble…

or killing each other.


Back on track

So remember how a week and a half ago I said that David and Patrick were sick? Fast forward a few days and WE ARE ALL SICK. 337 more words

Expat Life

Don't Rent to Us

Kathleen and I have lived together for almost five years. We get along really well, we cohabitate peacefully, and we’ve remained close friends regardless of any typical roommate-related disagreements that may have come up. 1,177 more words

My Los Angeles Thanksgiving 2017!

Hope you all had a lovely time with friends and family during your Thanksgiving! Since I was so busy with school work and other things my mom decided to come down and spend Thanksgiving with me! 351 more words


Five Steps to Decorating A Room

I don’t know about any of you, but I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Weird way to begin a blog post, right? But stay with me. 522 more words

Where do cockroaches go when they die? (A poem)

Behold a tale of myst’ry and woe

And the questionable fate of where cockroaches go

Upon their death, if they ever die,

(For nobody knows if they do… 250 more words

Eight: Easthampton

Sarah Jenkins (velvet_Hadrian), 2017