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What You Can Do With A Sheet Of Plywood

A couple of years ago Hurricane Gonzalo damaged our front door.  I hate to admit it’s been so long but we FINALLY got around to having a new door installed a couple of days ago.   552 more words


Happy Weekend!

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And it’s the weekend again, yes! Christa and Curtis are off to Syracuse to visit our good old pal, Johnny B and his delightful girlfriend, Emily, this weekend! 117 more words



My favorite hidey hole at home is the kitchen.  Seriously. No one else goes in there, unless it’s to ask me for something, ha!  I have speakers on top of the fridge and I plug in my phone and listen to my podcasts while I cook, or rummage, or lament.   110 more words


For Future Reference

Hello Hippies! I’m on my third glass of cheap white wine (basically the only thing I’m classy enough to drink) and have been struck by an idea of epic proportion. 148 more words


Happy lil' Hippie say what?

Hello all, welcome to the Happy Lil’ Hippies blog! I am real excited to be posting for the first time, but to be honest I don’t really have all that much to talk about. 202 more words