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Three packet, fifty cent

At the side of the wide
Walkway leading out of the station,
Amidst an ebbing tide
Of commuters to destinations,

He softly intones,
“Three packet fifty cent.” 50 more words


Boredom is Killing Me

Slowly but surely, boredom is killing me. I am stress eating constantly because I’m bored and getting depressed as a result. I have nothing to do and nothing I want to do, no motivation to do even the most basic things I really need to get done, no energy to keep up with the few people I call friends, no desire to do anything but eat and sleep and lay in my bed wasting time. 223 more words


Contrary Perceptions

It’s difficult to focus away from the lament and appreciate the verses

Whether it is dislike, disenchantment, and delusional aversion, is debated in every age… 95 more words



Funny, isn’t it?
I told you how much of a sway you have over me.

I don’t know if it was your post that’s got me feeling sick, or this sickness has been festering inside me for the past couple of months. 718 more words

Introducing Acedia

I started pinning things to my crazy wall nearly a year ago. There was G.K. Chesterton talking about madness, an author giving writing advice, and the chapter titles from the book… 624 more words


out of the grey

lethargy, apathy, constantly;

all i want is to feel something.

something that isn’t deadened nerves

and soft mumbles

and “hey, don’t worry about me, i’m not sad.” 36 more words