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Reaction to House of Cards (no spoilers)

Author’s note: While this is technically a reaction to House of Cards, it is more a reaction to the feeling I had while watching it than to anything in the actual story. 232 more words

Reaction Poetry

Episode 3: Cautiously Autodidactic

Without a doubt, the most difficult aspect of this continuing endeavor of introspection is keeping focused on the task at hand. When the rare good days do happen, it’s easy to forget about the monster and what its intentions are for me if I do not keep vigilant. 871 more words


My version of a solution...

I went to the eating disorder conference last weekend, which despite the delusion that I could stay still for an hour at a time, wound up only serving two purposes: I semi-committed to going back to treatment next month, I learned about ACT or Acceptance-Committment therapy. 705 more words

Redacted Tonight: Apathy is the new black, Corporations owe YOU money and more!

Team Redacted gets passionate about apathy, takes on a climate change denial scientist who takes money from big oil, explains how corporations owe YOU $10k and lists ways to prevent a forever-war with ISIS!


The punishment for killing is killing!?

I have two young children and I want to teach them to be good people. I focus on respect for everyone irrespective of gender, colour, what they wear, how they talk etc. 232 more words



Powers, ill intent, forever fake;

we enjoy sleep-walking, always while awake;

(no conception of truths at stake).

A populous, apathetic;

ambivalent, automatic;

stimulating, lulling aesthetic. 7 more words

NDSM Lifehack: How To Feel Better In 3 Easy Steps

Despite being brilliant, well-adjusted scientists, even we at New Dessert Science Magazine have our off days. Call it apathy, melancholy, monday…. We all know the feeling. 65 more words