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Apathy or Abundance

My greatest fear over lock down for our generation is that some of us have become so accustomed to going to church that we have forgotten that we are the church. 725 more words


No Limits

“My beloved ones, don’t ever limit your joy or fail to rejoice in the wonderful experience of knowing our Lord Jesus!” (Philippians 3:1)

Limitations are good in some circumstances. 483 more words


In a Cool, Cool World

In a cool, cool world, everything is wonderful.

Young adults gather with their friends, go fishing, stand around firepits, and hang out in basements playing pool and poker and guzzling sodas. 830 more words


Racism, Hate, Privilege, Ignorance, Apathy - Which Is Worse?

I am going to give you my answer up front for this post. All the above pretty much come from the same place.

Racism looks like hate, but hate is only one manifestation. 183 more words


‘The patient can shoot themselves I do not care’: VA watchdog exposes what preceded veteran’s suicide

The Veterans Administration inspector general has delivered a report detailing the facts that led to a veteran shooting and killing himself six days after seeking help in a D.C. 79 more words

I Don't Care Anymore

Catching snatches of the Bill Barr hearings this morning, all I could think of was that Phil Collins song, “I Don’t Care Anymore.” I wish with all my might that I could truly feel that way about the state of our union in 2020. 227 more words