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Prodigal Boy

Why are you drinking here,

if you have it all together?

With your crumpled shirt,

crooked tie, hat tipped forward.

Sweating like a towel in a locker room. 57 more words


The Deadliest Outcome of FPTP? Apathy.

It seems everywhere we turn, the 2015 General Election is ready and waiting to pounce. Every news station has something to say about the latest debate, newspapers route for their chosen party while slating the rest (anyone who says the media is not biased really needs to take a long, hard look at the myriad British newspapers on offer), and even bookies are taking odds on who will win, who will be ousted, and who will come across as the biggest idiot – a certain Nigel Farage is no doubt winning that race. 657 more words


"I would rather see people spoil their vote than not turn up, but you can't blame them."

Would prefer a coalition with Ed Sheeran rather than Ed Miliband? Are you fed up of election debates shifting Eastenders to a different time slot? Our Reframing the Vote series is looking into the reasons why so many young people seem disillusioned with British politics today… 807 more words


Political Apathy: And I Think to Myself.. Ugh

I was listening to Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World last week and it made me check my privilege.  My actual privilege, that it.  Armstrong’s mother was a prostitute, he was black growing up in The South during a time of extreme poverty and segregation. 476 more words



I handed in my notice at work today. I’ll stop being a practicing doctor on the 16th of May. It went more easily than I thought. 370 more words



  • never finding love and ending up alone
  • giving into the voices in my head
  • not seizing the chance to live out my dreams
  • not pushing myself…
  • 37 more words

The Problem With Apathy

Hit a writer’s block in the middle of my 10,000 word project (but I finally got it going–thanks for the positive reinforcement Facebook Friends hehe) so I thought I’d share another old piece. 918 more words

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