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NaPoWriMo Day 19


Apathy arrives in the form of rebellion

An imposed chore detracting from play

Apathy morphs then into distraction

Strange attractors forcing the stray

Laziness rules the next leg of apathy… 131 more words


This is the WORST!

Hyperbole is undervalued if you ask me. Not that anyone did, but if.

Here’s the WORST. I am apathetic. I am so apathetic right now I can’t decide if I should move or stay prone and starve to death. 566 more words


Regarding the Notre Dame fire and lessons in conservation

So, there’s been arguments recently about how much people should care about the Notre Dame cathedral being severely damaged. Obviously, it’s terrible to see a crucial part of history go up in flames, and it’s a miracle that most of it is still intact and fixable. 479 more words



I’ve had a lot of cascading thoughts since the recent realization that there is a depression lower than suicide, namely: apathy. The thoughts are all streaming in too quickly to parse, but I thought I’d jot down some of the Deep Thoughts and ponderings. 363 more words


The opposite of love

Ugh. Trigger alerts. Yes? No? What did we ever do before those things? Whatevs, consider yourself warned.

With each day marching toward homelessness it seems the bureaucratic forms increase exponentially. 739 more words


Random Quotes 285#


“I am not, so it doesn’t matter, but do you think you could be if you were? I mean, can you become bored, by not being bored? 117 more words

Random Quotes

The Loaded Gun

Time marches on
As I come undone
And my memories fade further away.

I try to hold on,
To ignore the loaded gun
As I trudge through another day.