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Note to world #7344

There were moments when everything seemed to be going just fine.

And sometimes she couldn’t tell if it felt that way because she was truly happy or she just didn’t care enough to be upset.


Jessica Jones A.K.A. My Spirit Animal

I am Netflix binge watcher. Truth. Their latest is the second season of Jessica Jones.

She’s a kick ass antihero. She saves peoples lives and punches people who piss her off. 685 more words

Writing block

In general it is completing the activities that I am trying to do that are what I struggle with when I struggle with this blog. The actual writing is something that just about makes sense, unless I am exhausted and even then the words are in my head. 267 more words

Have The Best Year Of Your Life



I wonder if monsters
Ever have demons of their own.
Demons that plaque them…
Demons that creep
From under their bed.
Incubus or succubus… 83 more words


Fleurs du Mal

They with baptismals and living mothers,
For whom the bells toll,
And those at whom crickets of the veldt titter,
Even the swollen savage made fat in the Saharan sun, 337 more words

The Human Condition

Self Care Comes First

A cobbler lived in a large town called Applestrow and as he was the only cobbler in town, he was responsible for repairing the boots of everybody else.

37 more words
Ethical Will