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It's Getting Dark

Oh, Dear Reader, I have made a grievous mistake. Today is Valentine’s Day, and I should be happy, but alas and alack, I am not and it is all for this: I’ve anthropomorphized a robot. 814 more words


Stuff I don’t Care About Anymore

Catlyn Jenner: Man, woman, spirit of the undead… I don’t care what you call her. Her life is a train-wreck and train wrecks are only interesting if they don’t happen on a daily basis. 379 more words


Distant, another word

For apathy, or

An excuse

He gives every to reaffirm

To not get attached

All I heard is

I don’t care about you,  a footnote… 22 more words


Three open questions about teaching

Whenever I find myself saying “I am so lucky that I love my job,” it’s certain I’m about to get a reality check. This pattern was most recently repeated over the past week. 3,069 more words


What's the problem?

Young people are disappointingly useless today. Keep in mind that I’m still technically a teenager, but I’m very disappointed with Millennials and GenZ. They don’t want to grow up until they absolutely have to. 1,040 more words


All of us have had days where we woke up with those same nagging thoughts, the same tragedies that surround us, the same all-consuming sadness and have slapped a smile across our face- and when asked, “Hey, how are you?” an immediate, “I’m good, how are you?” slides right out of our mouth. 1,225 more words


'Oh, What Have We Done!’

People in frustration tend to use justifications, like the guilty and the ashamed. It’s better for them to forget what should have been normal, it’s just too painful to conceive. 499 more words