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How unsurprising that it would take an animal and a question of pain and injustice dealt to an animal for me to break the long, lazy silence of this blog. 429 more words


Leaden Heart

I wake with a leaden heart
On a day that isn’t worth the start
And I’d fain watch it all fall apart,
But it isn’t worth the effort. 31 more words


Solace in the dark

Sitting in the dark

Crying again

Letting go of another person

Another strip of my heart is gone

The pain is so great

That I have to shut down… 61 more words


My Christmas Tree's Still Up

My tree has been up since November and it’s still up. I don’t even notice it anymore, even though I look at it every day! I just can’t muster the motivation to take it down and put it away! 192 more words


Am I Illogical to Expect Logic to Prevail?

I continue to ponder the religious apathy of the generation in which we live and their unquestioning belief in evolution and other theories. But belief in chance as the cause of all is so illogical. 640 more words


"The Danger of Apathy" 1/25/2020 Written by Elihu Anderson for "Elihu's Corner"

“Our Daily Bread”     http://odb.org

The Daily Devotions of Greg Laurie    http://www.harvest.org/devotional

Written by Elihu Anderson for  “Elihu’s Corner”  @   http://elihuscorner.com/

Original post @ https://elihuscorner.com/2020/01/24/the-danger-of-apathy/

The Danger of Apathy… 1,088 more words

Daily Devotion


One thing I realise

Having cried yesterday

Is that I must be improving

Cos when I was more depressed

I didn’t see the point

And didn’t have the energy… 103 more words