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Hands Down

“Anybody else on their way” The kids shrugged and said they didn’t know. Another student leader meeting with only a handful of kids. I knew I should be thankful for those few. 242 more words



I’m starting to feel restless
This tedium is getting the best of me
The slow but sure torturous death
Of living in colorless monotony

The dullness is quite sickening… 19 more words


Five Reasons Why Churches Won't Grow

Although never voiced I have discovered that there is usually a degree of internal institutional opposition when it comes to church growth. It is not just that churches don’t grow; often it is they won’t grow. 351 more words

Church Of Christ

Tell the story of a lifetime

Several years ago my life began a downward spiral that I seemed to have no control over. My marriage was coming to an end, my career of the last twenty years was vanishing before my very eyes, and for the first time ever, I was alone. 674 more words

Writing Tips

Apathy & O.C. (feat. Jus Cuz) - "Globetrotters" 

Apathy and O.C.’s newest single “Globetrotters” is an interesting outlook on the behind the scenes of touring independent hip-hop acts.

The duo shed a whole new light into what they go through for their fans from all over the globe from radio promos, photo sessions and of course the thrill of the live performances. 135 more words

Boom Bap

A Meditation on Life: Triple-Edged Swords

We all already know that almost anything can become a vehicle for good or evil… 42 more words



Slowly slithering
Round gentle corners
Drafty machines
With gaps between
Train and platform
Edging through
Overgrown bushes
Soggy housing
Estates done in
Gather round
Lakes of bilge… 36 more words