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Why Should I Care? - 4: Politics (and voting!)

All around the world, everyone constantly vocalises discontent with their Government (and many times, rightfully!), however, the percentage of people who don’t vote is still massive. 1,121 more words


Storms Within #amwriting

My second quadrille, thanks to dVerse. If you are a poet or want to be a poet, check out this very welcoming community. To read other quadrilles utilizing the lovely word “flicker” click here: 58 more words


The Difference Between Apathy and Detachment


So many people who follow a spiritual path have been practicing apathy and calling it detachment. This is just another way to maintain a level of denial yet do it while touting superiority. 1,142 more words

Blog Post

Decidedly Disconnected

No one is coming for you today.

Switch all communications to

‘dropping off the face of the earth’.

Today, for as long as you like, 88 more words


#SelfCareSunday Social Media Management

Social media has a way of consuming more time than anticipated. The phone is a silent thief vibrating in your pocket, distracting you from whatever you are doing. 467 more words


Recurrent themes

Is anyone else as bored as I am of hearing me regurgitate the same old problems endlessly?.

Days off should be a highlight of my week, not a chore to be endured, but I inevitably spend the evening before drunk, trying to avoid the whirling cram of emotions, and the day itself almost always ends up being a let down, leaving me ample time to wallow in the bitter-sweet regret of another day wasted. 248 more words

Blacastan & Stu Bangas - The Uncanny Adventures Of Watson & Holmes (Review)

Blacastan is a familiar name in underground hip-hop circles. The Hanford, Connecticut rapper has gained notoriety with a steady stream of albums that pride themselves on lyrical content, and as a member of the formidable Army Of The Pharoahs collective. 414 more words