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Writing Past Apathy, Part 1

Apathy, Part 1 – My Attempt to Assess and Understand

It’s a dangerous, comfortable thing. Its danger is in the relief it provides. You weather a storm of emotions, swirling in subconscious corridors, pulling apart the delicate fabric of synapses. 598 more words

Writing About Writing

Eating and Being Eaten.

It’s eating me alive. I have no more strength to fight back. My stomach is empty, and yet I can’t eat. I’m so tired, but I can’t sleep. 745 more words

Mental Health

Poem. Still. Katie Lewington.

thinking desperate thoughts
laying in front of the TV
face so close my nose brushes the screen
there is so much crap on
looking at the covers of books… 430 more words


Apathetic whore,  give me  something more
Search out the spring, reflect your fear.
Tear apart the world you hear,
And give yourself some leverage in between… 72 more words


Everything will change from now.

Less than 24 hours, and everything will change. Well, life changes all the times, but sometimes you know a change will come while now nothing seems to be changing: you know it will, but you still feel empty. 79 more words


I can't forget... I want to

I’m growing tired of this city… The places I look are transformed from topography to landscapes shaped from memories. Memories of a time when I was happier, a time when I was with her… But which her? 123 more words


No wrong, doesn't mean right

A weary middle-aged man with unkempt hair, shabby clothes, and scorched skin is walking down a village road. Next to him is his daughter, a thin, frail teenager carrying a few bags, sobbing and keeping up with her father. 675 more words