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Dealing with Apathy as a Notorious Feeler: Finding Comfort in Truth

I am absolutely certain that God created and called me to be a feeler and an empathizer. He created and called me to be one who thinks about others before myself, to be one who is moved to my core by other’s triumphs and failures. 899 more words



It wasn’t an unpleasant day. It wasn’t raining or snowing, extremely cold or hot; there was nothing that would make a short chat with a friend, or wait for a green light uncomfortable. 406 more words


Prophets come and go, they say
Some more visible than other, conspicuous

And lurking in Christian propaganda
And I’m not one such person.

I’m just a fighter of my own freedom… 152 more words


Fighting Apathy

If you struggle with apathy, you may often have low desire to participate in life.  You may lack interest in or enthusiasm for activities that one typically would consider enjoyable.  325 more words


Not a Simple Story (Lisa's Eulogy)

So, a little backstory on this poem. Anyways, lately I have been mulling over the topics of black women, desirability and love. Or even more specifically, the lack of desirability many black women (particularly dark skinned women) experience in their lives (romantic or other). 181 more words


Willful Blindness vs Blind Justice

Our era in history may become knows as the time of willful blindness. We have access to information from all over the world instantly, but people prefer to keep blind spots in place to protect status quo.   113 more words