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Depression Sucks

Depression sucks.
Literally and metaphorically it sucks.
It sucks the life out of you,
Until you can’t even move.
It’s an elephant on your chest. 62 more words


Snowflake Bullies and Juvenile Thugs

In the past week, two significant stories have come to light that accurately depict the consequences of a generation of coddled, self absorbed children who lack the basic fundamentals of moral and ethical behavior and those that have been raised worshiping and embracing liberal tolerance and moral relativism.  831 more words

Crime, Violence, Fatherless

As close to to death as it is to living

I can feel the destruction in my bones, embedded so deeply into me that it can never be removed. The rage ebbs and tapers off, leaving me cold and vacant. 48 more words

I Don't Care

The most dangerous mental state is one of apathy. For when you lose the ability to care about any single thing that’s happening to you, then you lose what it means to be human. 671 more words



Apathy, in the simplest terms, is not caring. Not caring means to not love, feel, empathize, sympathize, want, desire, or need anything or anyone. … 65 more words


White fences

Never-ending cycle

Of white, cis, het, privileged

These stories are
A mockery,
Of everything we stand for.

This disquieted unity
Hiding in the shadow… 139 more words