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Using Enthusiasm to Fight the Apathy Epidemic

The Apathy Epidemic

For anyone involved in education in the 21st-Century, it is blatantly obvious that apathy is a real problem facing the quality of education and learning in modern schools. 638 more words


Quote for Today: Glenn Haybittle

I thought of that lost book and all the memories it held and how it was just one of millions of objects in the world loaded with secret history which pass hands until eventually they excite nothing more than mild curiosity or, often, complete apathy. 38 more words

Quote For Today


I show the world a garden,
But in my soul’s a graveyard.
There is ice upon the air;
And yet, the place is charred.
There grows there tongues of fire… 72 more words


Apathy, Chapter 27 Moot

A gun sat neatly in Daisy’s purse, she had often thought about it, and it made her sick to ever think that she would have to use it, but the need almost engulfed the older woman as she ignored the similar feelings that the younger version had been going through. 559 more words


Apathy Fertilizes A Breeding Ground For Stupidity

Stupid: Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

For years I have been a person that has actively avoided using the word stupid, that ends today. 775 more words

Critical Thinking

Multi Storey Car Parks

As I stand here I wonder…

Who would care, really?

Who would cry?

Who would be bothered to stop and ask why?

Should I? Shouldn’t I? 42 more words