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x marks the spot

Why do so many people try to hold us back from moving forward in our lives? Didn’t we all learn early in life that we should celebrate the successes of others and strive to emulate them? 407 more words

A Paradox of Modern Life

A paradox of a techno-immersed, consumerist age heavily influenced by that modern liberal principle of autonomy:

Take the phrase “I don’t care what other people think” or “I don’t care what said or thinks.” 545 more words

"Thanks for all the Hanford" - Indiana

cancelling your indiana appearance goes down swell
not cancelling any other never-ending progressive war appearance
goes down like a conservative handjob



Slipping Through The Cracks

Though in recovery, I do have periods when I tend to be overly introspective and that then leads down the rocky road of negative thinking, such as now. 390 more words


Abolitionist speaks with pro-death Christian

Abolitionists stood outside of Safeway and exposed the works of darkness. Safeway and many other stores in your city sell abortifacient drugs. You can buy murder in your local grocery store for $50.00. 20 more words

Abortion Abolition

Adventure Interview 2015

Recently, I sat down with Rowan to talk about adventure. She had many inspiring thoughts to share!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and adventure. 649 more words


My own worst enemy...

It’s that time of year again.  The Easter holidays, oh joy!  This equates to 16 days off from work.  The average person would more than likely whoop it up at the prospect.   383 more words