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Argument ad Antiquitatem: Fake Aristotle (i)

Appropriating Aristotelian wisdom appears to be a tactic among alt-right internet users as if Aristotle were an unquestioningly omniscient fount of knowledge poised to defend them and ‘TRIGGER LEFTARDS FROM BEYOND THE PALE’. 835 more words


A rant about my sense of non-belonging to the Netherlands

Disclaimer up front: much of what I am about to write will probably be unsympathetic off-putting cynical whining and complaining about a country which has provided me, and still does, with opportunities and support many others might be envious of. 4,161 more words



Swimming in the depths
a deep apathy

Aiding the precipice
when it calls out with
a serenade so sweet
that the thought of falling
fails to carry with it… 12 more words

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I'm Trying to Work Through My Own Political Apathy

As a millennial, I feel like one of the most defining moments in my life was the day I watched a seventeen-year-old Emma Gonzalez speak at the March for Our Lives Protest in Washington, DC after the shooting that killed 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 778 more words



Apathy is a soul killer. I do not mean to sound beyond my years, but apathy has been the hardest thing to come back from. They say that a man who has a why can find out the how, no matter the difficulties. 458 more words

Good Luck, Young Uns

I found a news site I hadn’t looked at for a few years. It’s a Google site, and like most things Google, it already knew a lot about me and my preferences. 363 more words

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Denial or despair?

How do you feel about social and environmental problems?

Some people deny there’s a problem — surely nature, God or the government will take care of things. 448 more words