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Strange attitudes before Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend. People are stocking up on beer, beef, and other cook-out essentials. Cheap little American flags are everywhere. Red, white, and blue covers everything. 1,168 more words

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Another night of feeling invalidated, feeling alone. Sure, have another one of my cigarettes. Tell me all about your plans for the future. A friend of a friend comes to the table, reluctant to sit down (later I learn about his transphobic and homophobic nature, it’s no wonder he didn’t want to sit with us, we probably reek of queerness). 339 more words

Fine Line

I borrowed my dad’s tool set because it looked cooler than the ones we had in class. I turned each screw as hard as I could and swung the door panel a million and half times to make sure it was loose enough to open but tight enough that no baby birds would fall out. 91 more words

Matt Gillow: why we're backing a 'none of the above' option

By Managing Director Matt Gillow

Throughout the past few months, we at TalkPolitics have come to the sad conclusion that the issues that provoke feelings of apathy run deeper than we previously thought. 293 more words


Thoughts on... Job Interviews' Personality Assessments

I hate taking personality tests for employment. Diminishing my personality to true/false statements seems demeaning, and I feel like it creates a false representation of who I truly am. 247 more words

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New Leaf

I snapped a twig
In a leafy park suburb
Gates closed in
I was circling for a
Way out of this
I tread carefully… 46 more words


Your Heart is Showing

There is a blurry line between being emotionally cautious, and acting unscrupulously. People can easily use one to justify the other, to validate decisions that disguise self-serving intent. 199 more words