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My story. Help me get over. Please .(Long)

Hello ,

I was 18 when I first fell in love with my sweet heart (let's call her V) when I was a freshman at my University. 1,402 more words


Accepting Help

I have a couple people I know who are always willing to listen, to help me when i'm going through a rough patch or just need them for whatever reason, and I feel increasingly guilty for it, they've been through so much more than me, dealt with things much worse with much less help and im taking that time from them, taking their focus for myself rather than on their own, I feel selfish and im not sure what to do with that

₪₪₪ Depression ₪₪₪


A calm moment in the eye of the storm that is the inside of my head

Hi, not sure how to start this or say any of this but today I did something I am legitimately proud of.

I showered.

I had to come here to share this because to everyone else it's just disgusting that I went so long without showering. 125 more words


I played soccer for the first time in a while today!

My friends all usually play soccer and I probably play the most, but haven't been going regularly for a long time and stopped going eventually. Today was the first day I've gone in a while. 98 more words


I texted my ex last night

This is about my ex, but it’s also about getting over all the anxiety and guilt I’ve had about my ex for the past year: 479 more words


Not able to eat in public areas.

Anyone else have trouble eating outside of their home? Like I can’t eat outside of my home, a wave of anxiety kicks in and my IBS flares up. 150 more words


Is he fucking his co-worker? (F22)


I'm a 22 year old lady in a long-term relationship with another male(M25). My partner has been working together with a single female since July 2016. 993 more words