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What if you lost a finger?

Around 8 months ago, I stepped on a scale and my jaw dropped. I was like, I do not weigh ___. I do not. I was horrified. 585 more words


Hello Darkness my dear 

Hello darkness my old friend

It’s nice to see you again

I know you’re creeping

As I’m sleeping

I know you’ll be there in the end… 65 more words


separation anxiety

like a child I wait for a word from you
the sadist, you put me on hold
ashes beneath my feet, once
the coals have gone out… 29 more words


origin: forty

Today on the Internet pages of the JPOST (Jerusalem Post) thus is read that is written by Byyonah Jeremy Bob & Herb Keinon (04.19.2017|22:55).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered the fullest public account to date of his thinking during the 2014 Gaza war during an emotionally charged session in the Knesset’s State Control Committee on Wednesday, where angry, bereaved relatives challenged him and exchanged bitter words with Likud MKs who came to his defense. 364 more words

1 year and 8 days


The days since my last blog post have been good.  I had a fantastic birthday week, I’ve been doing better in school, and the days have flown by without a thought of suicide or depression. 664 more words


Quote - The Greatest Killer

The greatest killer of the human species is not war, famine, or pestilence.

It is apathy.


Apathy & Christianity

The dictionary definition of the word apathy is “a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.” But a better definition is “people just not giving a damn. 639 more words