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Instant reactions

The Parkland high shooting got me close to writing something last week. I had three lines batting around in my head and I felt that urge – that inescapable “I have to write this” urge – to write about our inaction to mass shootings in this country. 519 more words

Daily Updates


Sitting in my car as I drive home from a fun night with friends, I feel my mood shift–I am numb. Waves of sadness without reason wash over me, drowning me in apathy. 277 more words

Gleanings from Today for Tomorrow: February 21-22, 2018

This is what I gleaned on my journey today. Look at what God calls you to and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy.  Peace be with you. 634 more words


How to Fight Burnout and Find Inspiration

We’ve all been there: Looking at your laptop with nothing to type.  Reading your full agenda with no motivation to start your to-do list.  Laying in your bed with no end in sight to senseless scrolling through social media.  665 more words



In high school and throughout most of college, I found faith to be very easy. And maybe that’s the thing. In high school and college, I… 688 more words


Maybe instead of telling me how little you cared about me

It would’ve been wiser to not pretend

We wouldn’t be in this mess

But you’ll never judge yourself… 7 more words

Why Everyone Thinks that They Care About Disability Rights When They Really Don’t — crippledscholar

I am reblogging because crippled scholar is such a valuable blog to me because it helps me get beyond myself. Plus I’m frustrated with people not following through on the things they say they care about.  138 more words