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Curvy Limo

Cast off April’s clout

Smelly old wives’ tale suffers

economy wash

trial by ordeal


Later in the week

(that is)

Herr Procrastinator honks

 to high heaven… 23 more words


Little Black Boys

I caress the battle scars of your open city,
Moping faces turn concrete,
People nursing little disgusts,
Little sicknesses, little envies.
People forcing God to bend this way, 237 more words

The Human Condition

Mental breakdown in 3, 2, 1...

It’s the last week of the academic year starting from tomorrow. I have four exams (that I know of), then I should be done by the end of the month. 1,125 more words



If I said, “Goodbye now darling, we’ve walked, hand in hand
through both light and darkness, but now it’s time I plunge
into the unknown,” will you understand? 338 more words


Lizard People

Even those that know me on a friend of a friend’s friend’s sister’s cousin sort of basis will know that I am never one to go for conspiracy theories. 726 more words



stand in the rain

brave the storm

wash the guilt

of indifference

before it sets

permanent stain

take clean-handed

hold of opinion

adopt a position or… 45 more words



This article is a very hard one…but not for the reasons one would imagine.  Burnout is prevalent in every profession; I’ve known Dentists who can’t work anymore because they’re their hands refuse to steady themselves, Computer Science professionals get the thousand yard stare and the “tiny eye” (…I’m guessing from looking at a screen), and we all know about carpal tunnel syndrome.  1,373 more words