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Does God Matter?

Apathy is gaining ground in the God debate. The God question isn’t as lively at it used to be. A common response to whether God exists is “eh.” The rage today is instead the nebulous “social justice.” No notions of justice can really matter though unless a God exists, for if God doesn’t exist, the universe is an amoral place.. 474 more words

Whatever You Do

Whatever you do, don’t let your heart become hard. The hardening of the heart is the most natural thing to have happen in our lives. The world we live in is a hard world that takes us through difficult times and hard places. 259 more words

When Good People Don't Act ...

Over the last couple of years, I have wondered how so many of my friends could seemingly ignore what was happening in this nation.  It is as if they are oblivious to anything that is outside their own little world, as if they were wearing blinders and could not see the atrocities happening in our nation, but instead focus exclusively on what’s for supper, what concert they will go to next weekend, the cute little things their kids or grandkids said yesterday.  980 more words

Political Commentary

Apathy 4

If anything ruins my life

It will be this cursed apathy.

Changes to be made!

Mountains to be climbed!

And I can’t be bothered.

Yet Living Dead

Here I sit upon this bed, withered and dry, the yet living dead. My breath still comes, my heart still beats, yet this isn’t a life, at least not one I want to keep. 455 more words


The Purpose of Negative Emotions

This seems to be a recurring theme for me, so I thought I’d put together a few things I have noticed in regards to integrating negative emotions. 1,384 more words

Shadow Work

Letter #2: On Voting in 2020

Dear Josh,

I saw in your search history that earlier tonight you were searching for political lawn signs and car magnets – what was that all about? 332 more words