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‘The Big Sick’ is a festival anomaly: The comedy of Judd Apatow with the tender drama of Sundance

Not long into “The Big Sick,” the new film produced by Judd Apatow, the lead character makes a choice one rarely sees in a mainstream U.S. 6 more words

Judd Apatow: ‘I have zero optimism’ about Trump presidency

If you follow filmmaker Judd Apatow on Twitter, you know he’s no fan of our new president. After a restless night, Apatow made the rounds here Friday morning just as the…


Apatow, “Freaks and Geeks.”

My high school friends were all about this show. I remember thinking, “Why would I watch this? I’m going to school tomorrow.”

'Love': Dismantling the Rom-Com

Judd Apatow’s Love delivers a fuller psychological portrait of two of the rom-com’s stock characters – the “nice guy” and the “quirky girl” – and reinvigorates a tired genre in the process. 451 more words


Netflix originals - Love & other stuff

You have to be a dinosaur to not be using Netflix these days. The novelty of having the easy streaming of a ton of movies and most importantly, seasons of the most popular TV shows may have worn off, but Netflix has kept itself interesting. 314 more words