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Impeach Trump? Nancy Pelosi vs. Tom Steyer

Note to Readers: The following letter to the editor was written by Larry Kirsch, an economist and good friend living in Portland, and me. The letter follows on Tom Steyer’s campaign (NeedtoImpeach.com) for impeachment of Donald Trump. 296 more words


APB: Some Recommended Reading and Viewing

Dear Readers: Here are 4 items I’ve added to the “RECOMMENDED” list (down the right side) on the website, with their links. Please take a look, and while you’re there, click on some of the other categories for new items. 29 more words


Shippensburg Helps 'Make-A-Wish' Come True

By: Gillian Mencken


SHIPPENSBURG– Shippensburg University’s Activities Program Board (APB) and Student Government Association (SGA) have banded together and have been hosting fundraisers for the Make-A-Wish foundation. 95 more words


APB: What We Get Wrong About Donald Trump

The election of Donald Trump was a severe blow to rational thinking. We—and I include many traditional conservatives as well as liberals of all stripes—were so certain that the American people would not possibly elect so undignified, ill-informed, and prejudiced a person.  562 more words


Press Pause: Shows That Ended Too Early

Ask any True blood fan and they’ll agree that it ended two seasons later than necessary.  Not all shows are given the luxury of drawn out story lines (*cough* Lost). 1,198 more words


Farewell, Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon’s rise to fame and (some) power was at least as much the product of the media as of his intellect.  He proffered various cockamamie ideas about the Deep State and the enemies in media, and he certainly helped shape Trump’s biases against immigrants, women, minorities, Jews, and—well, you name it.  296 more words