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Is There a Trump-Russia Conspiracy?

Now that Russia’s interference in US politics since at least 2014 is “official” with Robert Mueller’s indictments—the evidence is “incontrovertible,” H. R. McMaster, the national security special assistant says—we need to refocus on the bigger question: Why does the president of the United States persist in ignoring, excusing, and covering up Vladimir Putin’s obvious strategy—one might use “incontrovertible” a second time—to undermine our political system and our alliances?  352 more words


Kushner and China: Where Money Talks

Add Jared Kushner’s all-too-cozy relationship with the Chinese to the long list of Trump administration corruption, conflicts of interest, and unholy foreign entanglements.  In a previous post (#177) I reported on Kushner’s extensive real estate holdings, he and Ivanka Trump’s wealth, their significant bank debts, and his by now well known efforts to cultivate ties with the Russians.  380 more words


With Friends Like These: The UN Vote on Jerusalem

An old saying is that people are judged by the company they keep. So, perhaps, are countries. Consider which few countries voted with the US (8) or abstained (35) in the UN General Assembly on a resolution opposing recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  140 more words


Mort d'APB, naissance de «Parcoursup»

C’est la fin de l’ancienne plate-forme d’admission post-bac, si décriée. Fini le tirage au sort à l’université et place à une nouvelle méthode de sélection. Voici donc un aperçu des nouveautés attendues pour les futurs étudiants en 2018-2019. 560 more words


Out of Control: Nikki Haley’s UN Rant

When the Egyptian-drafted UN Security Council resolution calling for a reversal of Trump’s decision recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital passed by a 14-1 margin, Amb. 166 more words


APB: An Unfortunate Revelation on Securing North Korean Nukes

Specialists on North Korea have cited many reasons over the years for why China cannot be relied on to stop the DPRK from continuing its nuclear and missile buildup.  342 more words