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Citizen Science!

Citizen science is extremely important to biologists to do their work well! This year in AP Bio, we did a variety of citizen science work. Check out my video about citizen science!


citizen science

A video was a perfect way to end off all our field trips! Being a citizen science is easy, and does so much good for researchers who are aiming for environmental improvement. 43 more words


henrietta lacks reflection

Reading Henrietta Lacks over spring break was such an unforgettable experience! Since I had already read The Hot Zone in freshman year and loved the book, I expected… 294 more words


The Mesmerizing Story of Henrietta Lacks

This semester in AP Biology, we read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. This book is about the woman and the family behind the famous HeLa cells that were the first human cells that could survive in a culture. 453 more words


ap biology exam reflection

On May 14th, I successfully completed the AP Biology Exam.

WHOO! Glad that was over!

But honestly…to think that all of this time we have met with each other to learn about the ins and outs of biology, through auditions, practicals, projects, and media ultimately led up to this three-hour test is kind of mind-blowing. 257 more words


AP Exam Reflection

Yesterday, we took the long anticipated AP Biology exam! This three hour test assessed all of the information and skills that we learned in biology class this year, which is a LOT of information! 232 more words


Field Trip to the Cadaver Lab

This past Thursday, our AP Bio class took a short field trip to the College of San Mateo to visit their cadaver lab! At the lab, we were split into smaller groups, and each group stayed at a station to learn various things. 282 more words