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Oh boy. Toys. Anyone who has Pit Bull’s can tell you a thing or two about toys. In my four years with Odin I have learned that it really doesn’t matter whether I spend $30.00 on a toy, or $3.00 on a toy, he will destroy them in the same amount of time. 235 more words


Breeding 101

Hey everyone ! I am sorry I have not written in some time, but my kiddos have been sick. I wanted to squeeze in a quick post while Dominic naps. 1,678 more words


APBT vs Am Bullys

Do you know the difference? A year ago, I didn’t either. You hear pit bull and think big, mean, lock jawl, dog fighting….. Am I right? 83 more words

Doggy Supplies

Today I was running errands for my fur babies and as I arrived at my local feed store to purchase their dog food the stocker helping me asked what dogs I have. 872 more words


Don't Bully My Breed

I was scrolling through twitter today and someone had tweeted “it’s not a rap video if there isn’t a pit bull going crazy on a leash in the background” ugh. 1,761 more words



Today is National Black Dog Day.  It’s a cause that is close to my heart specifically – I’m not sure where I’d be if I didn’t have my Dusty Cowboy by me for all these years.  668 more words

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