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Unplanned Children, Chicken Quarters, and Deployment Problems

Ahhh the introduction post. That moment where all of your blog ideas come to a screeching halt because first you must be someone. So lets get down to the nitty gritty shall we? 531 more words


Oh boy. Toys. Anyone who has Pit Bull’s can tell you a thing or two about toys. In my four years with Odin I have learned that it really doesn’t matter whether I spend $30.00 on a toy, or $3.00 on a toy, he will destroy them in the same amount of time. 235 more words


Breeding 101

Hey everyone ! I am sorry I have not written in some time, but my kiddos have been sick. I wanted to squeeze in a quick post while Dominic naps. 1,678 more words


APBT vs Am Bullys

Do you know the difference? A year ago, I didn’t either. You hear pit bull and think big, mean, lock jawl, dog fighting….. Am I right? 83 more words

Doggy Supplies

Today I was running errands for my fur babies and as I arrived at my local feed store to purchase their dog food the stocker helping me asked what dogs I have. 872 more words


Don't Bully My Breed

I was scrolling through twitter today and someone had tweeted “it’s not a rap video if there isn’t a pit bull going crazy on a leash in the background” ugh. 1,761 more words