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CSAA Brings ASAP Message to PSAPs at APCO 2016

Interest in ASAP was high at last week’s APCO 82nd Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando. ASAP Subject Matter Expert Bill Hobgood and CSAA staff spoke with many interested PSAP representatives at the ASAP booth in the exhibit hall. 295 more words

Testing 1,2,3...

Recently, the Federal Government released a committee report. This report included the recommendation that the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC), NOT be modified to change the classification of  244 more words


Google Can Now Provide Wireless 9-1-1 Location Information with its Android Operating System.

First-  It is important to remember that there can be three distinct issues involving wireless 9-1-1 calls :  

  1. Call Routing  (Having the 9-1-1 call routed to the correct PSAP)

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ASAP's Summer Sizzle

It’s the middle of summer, and there’s a heatwave parked over the USA. ASAP is heating up, too!

On July 13, CSAA President Pam Petrow announced that Delaware County, Ohio went live that morning with ASAP. 446 more words

APCO Broadband Summit

This week I participated in my first ‘Broadband Summit”.  I gave a presentation on the network management tools (SNMP, Wireshark, Dashboard) that we have implemented within our NextGen 911  ESInet in Palm Beach County. 315 more words


CSAA Talks ASAP at APCO's Emerging Technology Conference

ASAP activity continues across the country. On March 16 and 17, CSAA Vice President of Membership Becky Lane presented two sessions on the service at the… 233 more words

Universal Access to Citizen Services

A concern that can exist in nearly any city, county, state, or even country, is that once an easy to remember emergency number, like 911 in the US, 112 across the European Union, and the 999 available in the UK, has been deployed, massive misuse of the system by non-emergency calls starts to put strain on the network; equipment and even staff must now cope with the increase of non-emergency citizen outreach beyond the purpose of the service. 1,186 more words

Public Safety E911