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Sell It September-September 1

Over the course of the last year, I have participated in a number of daily art challenges. They have all been really fun experiences, but the truth is that’s as far as it’s gone and this year I want to do something more. 201 more words

Beware Of Artists

Konga (1961)

From the video case:

After discovering a potion in the jungle that makes plants grow to ten times their normal size, Dr. Decker returns home to England to give the brew to his lab companion, Konga, a baby chimp. 397 more words


King Kong in Paint

I wasn’t sure I could depict recognizably anything like the Empire State Building—one of the world’s tallest structures—in an only an inch or two of space 66 more words


Primates of Monkey World

I’m still here! Haven’t had much blogging mojo lately, but here I am. I’m visiting my sister in Dorset and yesterday we had a trip to… 204 more words


Fashion for homeless apes (Rousse)

I felt sorry for the homeless gorillas and other apes who lived rough on the traffic roundabout.

Now that it was winter they had somehow managed to fashion themselves a form of clothing from discarded grain sacks, but I feared that this was insufficient protection from the cold, wet and wind.

Sometimes all it takes is a howl and you're hooked: Ape.

Joe’s Grotto is a good hour from my house without any Phoenix traffic at all. Today I’m straight off of an eight hours shift at my east valley clinic. 407 more words

Activate the Holosphere!: Recent Viewing

Matador (1986)
Pedro Almodóvar is one of those directors I’ve missed, though I’ve had his movies on lists for decades. Matador is an early film and one he considers among his least favorite of his own work. 711 more words