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Monkeying Around: Painting apes 1

Monkeys, or apes, are one of the oldest motifs in European painting, and have been significant features in every century’s art since the 1400s. Until little more than a century ago, though, monkeys were only human-like, and not our nearest relatives. 1,116 more words


King Kong

Kong, King of Skull Island, stands among the helicopters approaching.

  • Penciling: 32 minutes
  • Inking: 55 minutes
  • Total: 1 hours, 27 minutes
Black And White

I wonder if...

My copy of the Times literary supplement has arrived ….Having fun with a mixed media background and a watercolour sketch of an ape in my sketchbook.


Bakit Tsongo?

Believe it or not, this logo design took months in the making with numerous enumerations true to Darwin’s Theory of evolution in reverse, from Man to Monkey in the case of The Cruiserheads. 143 more words