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Negroni - Aperol style

 According to the Speakeasy book from the NY bar, Employees Only, sooner or later, every barman flirts with the Negroni. It is an absolute classic cocktail – a perfect balance of sweet and sour, strong and fresh, dry and citrus. 209 more words


Wandering Scotsman

My review of this cocktail from last months Shaken Cocktails kit comes with a disclaimer – I hate Whisky.
Or more accurately it hates me. Something in it makes me nauseous at s minimum (as does anything smoked/ peaty or truffles- if anyone knows the link please let me know!) it never used to and I miss it dearly… 71 more words

It's cocktail hour somewhere in the world, right?

Next weekend sees the evenings getting longer and fingers crossed an opportunity to sit outside and decompress with a drink at the end of a frazzled week.  449 more words

Home Comfort

Still going strong

The last few days have been a blur of sunshine, university lectures, snow, sleet, pizza, drinking, banging window shutters and a freezing cold biting wind. 660 more words


The Lost Boys and the Aperol Spritz

“You’re eating worms, Michael…” Kell laughed uproariously as I looked anyway. I had some lo mein in my chopsticks. She picked up some rice in hers. 800 more words


Stolen Negroni

On my never-ending quest to try every possible Negoni variation tonights drink is a Stolen Negroni

The recipe is simple: equal parts Cynar, Aperol and gin and the taste is similar to a Negroni with its nuanced bitterness but the Cynar adds an extra herbal dimension and the drink is overall less sweet than a regular Negroni but no more or less bitter. 8 more words