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A Northern Italian Birthday

Still on my quest to catch up on my trips, I’m going back to July, which was a fun and eventful month. First, I had some friends visit me from home and we had a great time bumming around Rome together, checking out the sites and stopping for food and drink when the 100 degree days became unbearable. 574 more words


Making the perfect Aperol Spritz

My first taste of Aperol happened in Venice, extremely appropriate given Aperol’s Italian heritage.  Topped with soda and gazing out on Venice’s intricate, windy cobbled streets, this bright drink has the power to transport me right back. 345 more words


Tropicbird with Denizen Merchant's Reserve

Woo! This Denizen Merchant’s Reserve Rum is giving me ALLLLLLL sorts of ideas. I’ve been rolling through the Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki app and making a lil checklist of recipes I’d like to try with this most excellent of Rums. 158 more words

Lime Juice

Mixing with Ginger Beer

The Moscow Mule was a drink for which a perfect recipe long eluded me, until one day I decided  to sit down and try a bunch of different mixes until I got it right. 1,496 more words

Peach Schnapps

APEROL SOUR in Fashion Lobby cafe


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


One afternoon spending in chating mode with my sister. 57 more words


A Taste of Summer

Welcoming the birth of my daughter this summer has left me a little behind the curve on summertime living but I think I’ve found the perfect cocktail to maximize what I have left. 69 more words


Funky Cheese Plate Friday!

Here’s the thing. Drinks soirees, cocktail parties, “bevvies round ours” are all greatly improved with the presence of a cheese board.

We’re not talking crusty old slabs of cheddar, triangles of something blue and a bunch of wilted grapes-cheese boards. 236 more words