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Whiskey Sours and Embittered Last Words: the Paper Plane Cocktail

The first cocktail I learned to make was the Whiskey Sour. I made it with Scotch, which was a very poor choice, but I was just out of college and didn’t know better. 902 more words

Bourbon - Rye

Finding your footing

I recently had a good friend come to stay for a week and half in our tiny little town. A word for the wise – that is too long for most in our tiny little town. 395 more words


While searching on Yelp for someplace for dinner, i came across Farm. It looked like a great french inspired breakfast brunch place that just started dinner service on fridays and saturdays with a prix frixe menu. 518 more words

Thanksgiving Thirst Quencher

Cornucopia Spritz

1 1/2 oz Aperol
1 oz Dry Vermouth <Dolin>
1/2 oz Cranberry Liqueur * <Grand Ten Craneberry>
4 oz Dry Hard Cider <Bantam Wunderkind> 743 more words

Straight Up

Blood Orange + Carrot Negroni

I’m a big lover of a Negroni, but I sometimes like to make mine with Aperol so it’s not as bitter as the original. If you aren’t using Antica Formula as your choice of red vermouth, definitely give Aperol a try.

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Venice : Spritzzzz


Ok, so where was I? Ahh yes, food and drink, mmmm!! Now, you might think that unless you spend a decent amount of money you’re not going to get a decent meal, wrong! 539 more words

City Break

Visiting Venice for the Weekend

Last weekend the Donkey and I visited Venice for his 30th birthday. We were in Venice for 3 days, and were so lucky with the beautiful sunshine that we had over the weekend. 1,124 more words