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I HAVE OCCASIONALLY SOUNDED WHAT, I ADMIT, IS A PREMATURE FUNERAL DIRGE for the lowly tripod, that balky, bulky, creaky throwback to the 19th century that continues to linger as an occasional, if fading, tool of the 21st. 383 more words

Available Light

Through The Lens

1/2000 s, F2.8, ISO 200, f=50mm

Experimenting further with both my 50mm and 28-70mm lenses again in Arnside, I decided to try holding them at arms length to see if I could find the focal point instead of having the lens reversed and attached to my camera, The result is that the image through the lens is in focus whilst the whole scene around the lens is completely out of focus and very soft, due to the high F-stop, it creates an interesting border to the in-focus image and draws your eye to it as the main central focal point. 36 more words


How-To: Go beyond OS X Photos + make amazing wall art from your Mac's pictures (Part 1)

Apple knew it had something special to share with the world when it released iPhoto in 2002: in addition to printing 20″ by 30″ poster-sized photos, the original iPhoto’s “most stunning feature” (according to Apple) was a page layout tool that quickly turned digital photo collections into printed hardcover books. 1,298 more words


Aperture - Defined

Aperture is a variable size opening in the lens, through which light enters the camera.

Aperture numbers indicate the amount the aperture blades are closing. This is sometimes confusing for people since a small aperture number means a larger aperture opening. 149 more words


Basic Photography Controls

Lighting Strikes!!! by Asim Eijaz on 500px

Camera Canon EOS 700D

Focal Length 18mm

Shutter Speed 62 s

Aperture f/5.6

ISO/Film 200

Learn the Basic settings… 321 more words


Lens Reversal

1/1000 s, F1.8, ISO 100 f=50mm + reversed 28-70mm

Recently on a outing to Williamsons Park with some friends, I decided to experiment with my lenses I had on me at the time, my F1.8 50mm prime lens and a 28-70mm F2.8 lens. 229 more words