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Photography 101

So you bought yourself a new digital camera or a DSLR and you think to yourself, “Now I can take this thing everywhere and have better looking photos than I would take on my cellphone!! 1,715 more words

Rock Paper Scissors Science

You can’t spell Aperture without Rapture.

= something which occurred to me out of nowhere and I can’t seem to shake, like the aftershock of a particularly sharp nightmare. 986 more words

Using Manual and How I Learned

As you know, I am a student of Shultz Photography School. I am in his Grads program but I also purchased his Photo Fix. Photo Fix is where I learned manual so I cannot go into detail as to how he taught it but the program helped give me a visual in my mind when I use manual mode. 309 more words


What is the difference between the Boke and Shallow Depth of Field?

 Are you new at photography, trying to spice up your blog posts, having a hard time picking pictures for your new webpage?  For me, as an amateur designer and photographer, I thought that the aperture setting of the camera was the most beautiful thing of them all.  250 more words

Design Thinking

Blues Hues

It finally happened. I finally got the camera I have wanted for a long time – the Canon EOS 5D III. Bought second-hand as I couldn’t possibly afford a new body, I also found myself a Canon 100mm macro lens in excellent condition. 47 more words


Blue Corporal dragonflies (males)

Several Blue Corporal dragonflies (Ladona deplanata) were spotted at Hidden Pond, Meadowood Recreation Area, Fairfax County, Virginia USA. All of the individuals featured in this post are males, as indicated by their coloration and… 82 more words

Digital Photography