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I don’t care if anyone reads this. In fact, it’ll likely be only my mom who does. But I needed this place. I needed somewhere to cement my thoughts before they fly away; a burial ground of temporal revelations that can some day be resurrected into grander ideas. 481 more words


Story of O...thoughts through Foucault aperture

The liberation of desire through the means of spoken and silent confession is an equalizing power juxtaposition omnipresent during the first two weeks at Roissy. 1,485 more words


Low light (activity)

Today we learned about low lighting. In order to capture these images i changed from a low aperture of 4″ and get off autofocus. It was a lot of fun having the classmates try to move the light in order to create an amazing pattern. 28 more words


Shutter speed 1\1000              Aperture F4               Iso 1600

October 14 2016

For this picture I didn’t want a blurry background and I wanted a subject in this picture so I thought that having a person in the picture would make it a bit more different than all of the other pictures I have. 45 more words


Photography Tip #14 - Stops, Aperture and ISO in relation to Exposure

Stops, f-stops, aperture and exposure….are they the same, or are they different? This is the focus of this post.

A “stop” allows you to take control of your exposure – these stops almost simplify the exposure process and make understanding… 476 more words


What You Actually Need To Know About How Your Camera Works

Taking pictures is a part of life now. Camera’s are everywhere that you never thought they would need to be. On you computer, on your cell phone, in your home, and even  1,445 more words


Black Saddlebags dragonfly (male)

When I’m walking in/out of the wildlife watching parks that I like to visit some people ask, “Did you see/take photographs of anything good?” In my experience, their idea of “anything good” is either birds or large mammals. 94 more words

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