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Conceptual Challenge

Final Image:

Title-Evolution of Emotion, Location-Ririe, Idaho, Date-3/25/17, Focal Length-18mm, F Stop-8, Shutter Speed-1/650, Camera-Rebel T5i

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These photos were captured of a well known granary at the entrance of Ririe, Idaho. 294 more words

Aperture Photography

Week two in Creative Technologies was about learning the basics of a DSLR camera. During our class we were put into small groups and given the task of taking four photos in aperture mode. 119 more words


…sometimes, it’s hard to know which part of the question you’re expected to answer; “How was your day?”, for example, usually has it’s own subtext, and if you’re not reading carefully you may find yourself having a very different kind of conversation to the one you expected, let alone wanted. 1,191 more words


Here’s one for you.

There was this song playing throughout existence. It was new to some and ancient to others, known to a few and a mystery to the rest. 1,237 more words

Ichneumon Wasp

An Ichneumon Wasp was spotted at Hidden Pond, Meadowood Recreation Area, Fairfax County, Virginia USA.

The genus/species is unknown.

Ichneumonids are notoriously hard to identify: aside from the sheer number of species, there are numerous cases of distant relatives that appear almost identical.

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Digital Photography