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May 24th, 2016 - Aperture and Shutter Speed with Chelsea Williams


Chelsea talks about her experience digitally painting a picture and how she plans to print it. She also talks about different ways to outsource your editing and  checklist to go over when your purchasing used camera equipment. 20 more words


Exercise #2: Bracketing

Unlike Exercise #1, I’m fairly sure that I did this one right. My research on metering came in handy! I feel like I’m starting to get a hang of what each setting does and how to balance the three out. 201 more words


Adapting Vintage Lenses to Modern Cameras part 3/3

7. Don’t start with a Leica lens.

Sure you’ll be tempted because of the trend on Instagram and other photography websites but not everybody needs a Leica… 448 more words


Adapting Vintage Lenses to Modern Cameras part 2/3

4. Do your research before buying a lens.

I’ve written a more detailed article here. Spoiler alert some old lenses may be radioactive so this is something worth considering before deciding to buy a vintage lens. 384 more words


Kiwi - Unit 2 Test Shots

Inspired by Francesco Tonelli and his close up detail work, I decided to take an interesting fruit, the kiwi, and capture it’s detail with a Nikon D600 with a macro lens. 426 more words

Test Shots

Egg-cellent - Unit 2 Test Shots

IS0 200 85mm f5.6 1/60

ISO 100 85mm f11 1/50

ISO 125 75mm f11 1/50 10 more words

Depth Of Field