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Angie Pham

Today I went down to Deep Ellum to take Angie’s senior pictures. Once we arrived we were greeted with incredible graffiti. We all stared at it in awe, and because of that we kept drive the wrong way… We made several U-turns and ended up driving the wrong way on a “one way” street…multiple times. 110 more words

Sherilyn Photography



PHOTOGRAPHERS ACROSS THE LAST TWO CENTURIES HAVE CAPITALIZED ON ONE OF THEIR MEDIUM’S BEST TRICKS, the ability to freeze time, the sensation of carving out micro-seconds of reality and preserving them, like ancient scarabs trapped in amber. 418 more words


You Cannot Become A Good Photographer Unless You Know These Secret Tricks

Do you want to click photos like a pro? Do you want to excel in this field but you don’t have that secret recipe to do extremely well in the field of photography? 687 more words


Understanding Aperture and Shutter Priority Modes on Your Digital Camera

Aperture and shutter speed settings can seem confusing for a new photographer. Luckily your semi-automatic settings, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, make them a little easier to understand. 742 more words

Photography Basics: Aperture II

In the first post about aperture we saw what aperture is, how we describe it and how we can use it in a technical way. Now it’s time for a little bit of composition and practice. 1,438 more words