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Aperture Skull

2nd day

A simple skull with an aperture eye.


Final Portrait Submission

I have chosen this photograph for my final portrait submission as I like the warm colours, as well as the opulent aesthetic created by the low vantage point coupled with how the model is posing.  179 more words


Landscape Photoshoot

For my landscape photoshoot, I wanted to include a car to link the project to my interests. Unfortunately, none of my friends who own sportscars had time available to meet me for the photoshoot, so I decided to photograph my own car instead. 316 more words


Perfect Exposure

The act of taking a photo itself is probably the scariest thing about analog photography. Unlike digital photography, the photographer must understand the controls to get the perfect picture. 85 more words


Capturing a Sunrise

Sunrises are very pretty to look at but capturing them at just the right moment can be hard.

Most often while taking pictures of Sunrises I do it from the top of a hill to get the best view of the clouds. 28 more words

Nature Photography

Aperture Photography Conference | April 2018

Be part of Sydney’s first immersive weekend photography conference at the
International Convention Centre Sydney on 28-29th April 2018.Wat Prabat Nampu, Hospice for those living with AIDS. 395 more words

Workshop News

Photography Tips to get great travel pictures!

Bonus Content Alert: There is a cheat sheet you can download at the end of this post.

Fret not if you don’t own a DSLR, we are in an age where phone cameras can click pictures that look as if you’ve clicked them from a high end camera, because it all depends on the person behind the camera. 695 more words