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Understanding Your Mode Dial on a Nikon and Canon DSLR

Your camera’s mode dial is the first thing you need to understand when beginning your photography adventure. It can be quite confusing for beginners but with a little messing around and research you can become a pro at working with the different settings. 566 more words


Macworld UK reviews Photos for Mac: Makes iPhoto seem like a bad nightmare

”Photos stands defiantly on the smouldering heap not only iPhoto but also Apple’s enthusiast/pro-level Aperture product,” Keir Thomas writes for Macworld UK.

“Put simply, performance is perhaps were the most effort has been invested by Apple. 133 more words


Apple Photos: never swing on the first pitch

Apple has shown in the past that it will switch to new products on the fly. It will cut off old ties in favor of the new. 696 more words


Day 110 - Owl Photo Experience Day - Part 2

I have finished editing the 900 photos I took on Saturday for now… I edited down to 349 to keep as raw files, and then edited my favorite ones of those so that I only only sharing my favorite 24… you… 843 more words


Oh, the horror

I recently watched an expertly crafted horror film called “The Babadook”. The movie is simply stunning from front to back. The art director and photographer for this movie were masters at their craft. 42 more words


Day 109 - Owl Photo Experience Day - Part 1

Wow, what a day – I spent yesterday on an Owl photography experience day, I had the opportunity to photograph 6 owls that were taken from their home in captivity to a location in the New Forest National Park so that I could take photos of them in natural surroundings, with natural sunlight, it was a bright day, shadows and wind. 641 more words




Ye betul, minggu ni kelas batal kerana Dr. Shah ditugaskan ke Lahad Datu. Untuk itu, marilah kita sama-sama menghargai masa ini untuk berehat dan berjalan-jalan ke mall.  243 more words