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Good luck!

To preface this I’d like to say that Apex was the best clan I’ve ever been in. I know, I’m not in Apex, I have no place writing posts, but I’d just like to wish everyone in this great clan luck. 200 more words

My inactive/Wtf

So like I was sick for a few days ( coughing blood couple times, throat hurts, chest pain, dizzy, and shet like that ), and I came back that UKV is the leader? 45 more words


Mood Inactiveness/ Apex Closing?

Alright, I saw mood on pb2, then he pced me on xat chat saying:

So, I say we try to keep Apex alive whiles hes gone. 77 more words


Chat problem

The chat has been dead for about 2-3 days, no one has been going on it. So, I want everyone whos in apex, to start going back on the chat more. 13 more words



I don’t know if the comment who asked for this originally got passed through but RED-C wants to ally us. Let us take a vote. 8 more words

Apex News

The new Update

I will be updating the F.A.Q., and also I’m here to talk about new new update in PB2.  . Ok, that means all the inactive players have been lowered in the top hundreds. 165 more words