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sometimes when i wake up
i squeeze my eyes tightly,
and open them again –
as the truth of some dreams
is more violent
than the waking reality


A shutdown in service
often follows
a shutdown in truth-telling
and compassion.

© 2018 Dennis Ference


What We Believe

It is often in darkness
that what we believe
comes to light.

© 2018 Dennis Ference



i’m running towards me –
i’m dysphoric
and impatient;
drawing my world
and colouring out of the lines.
it’s taking too long
and i haven’t learned to wait.

Aphorisms III: Skype, wind, Jim

  1. When Skype is down, so am I.
  2. Cuckold jokes are timeless thanks to those born old souls.
  3. To be surprised by a showerhead as you turn the tub water on is to be filled with life.
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