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where there is no Novelty

“They are extreme modest and bashful, very shy, and nice of being touch’d. And tho’ they are all thus naked, if one lives for ever among ’em, there is not to be seen an indecent Action, or Glance: and being continually us’d to see one another so unadorn’d, so like our first Parents before the Fall, it seems as if they had no Wishes, there being nothing to heighten Curiosity: but all you can see, you see at once, and every Moment see; and where there is no Novelty, there can be no Curiosity.”

— Aphra Behn, Oroonoku


Money Speaks Sense in a Language all Nations understand, ’tis Beauty, Wit, Courage, Honor and undisputable Reason…

Aphra Behn, The Rover, 1677, Ln 169


"A Thousand Martyrs I Have Made" by Aphra Behn

A THOUSAND Martyrs I have made,

All sacrific’d to my desire;

A thousand Beauties have betray’d,

That languish in resistless Fire.

The untam’d Heart to hand I brought, 93 more words

Rhymed Stanza

National Poetry Month 2015: Day 27, Aphra Behn

A Thousand Martyrs

By Aphra Behn

A thousand martyrs I have made,
All sacrificed to my desire;
A thousand beauties have betrayed,
That languish in resistless fire. 109 more words

National Poetry Month

Aphra Behn (1640-1689), Oroonoko, or The Royal Slave Flash Card

  • Characters:
    • Oroonoko: an African prince and later a slave to the English who call him “Caesar”
    • Imoinda: his lover, also enslaved and sometimes called “Clemene”
  • 244 more words
Flash Cards

never to credit one Word

“But Cæsar told him, there was no Faith in the White men, or the Gods they ador’d; who instructed them in Principles so false, that honest Men could not live amongst them; though no People profess’d so much, none perform’d so little: That he knew what he had to do when he dealt with Men of Honour; but with them a Man ought to be eternally on his Guard, and never to eat and drink with Christians, without his Weapon of Defence in his Hand; and, for his own Security, never to credit one Word they spoke.”

— Aphra Behn, Oroonoku


Songs of Hedonism

Songs of Hedonism

In the seduction of the sense
We have a series of pleasures
That introduces us to
A desire that is never quenched… 111 more words