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Why the recent Internet of Things (IoT) attack is just the beginning

A few days ago we witnessed a new type of distributed denial of service (DDoS) incident. Unlike previous botnet attacks that enlisted compromised computers, this one corralled assorted unprotected devices like Internet-ready webcams, DVRs, and baby monitors to flood Domain Name System (DNS) servers, and thereby seriously degrade the Internet for hours. 309 more words


Uber Will Now Let Outside Developers Build Apps for Its Drivers

After opening its doors for third-party developers to build apps for riders, Uber now wants them go build ones geared toward drivers.

On Wednesday, the ride-hailing giant said it’s making available its application program interface, or API, for its driver app to outside developers. 273 more words


Announcing Swagger training & certification

Whether they’re employed internally, externally, or both, APIs are vital assets that connect systems, streamline workflows, and make every type of integration possible. In fact, beyond strengthening operational efficiency and enabling cross-system communication, APIs now serve as competitive differentiators for many organizations. 166 more words


Helpful REST API 101 guide available online

For software developers and architects tasked with creating programmatic interfaces to their applications, there’s been a longstanding debate between utilizing the structure and standards of SOAP-based Web services versus offering the freedom and flexibility of REST APIs. 73 more words


Uber Makes Its Delivery Service Available to Any Merchant With Some Coding Chops

Uber is the poster child for the “on-demand economy” that arose a few years ago, but it also wants to give birth to a new generation of these so-called startups—and power them. 768 more words


Here's How One Startup Is Helping Uber Work Better for Businesses

When mobile app Teleport debuted in November, it was just a fun service that let you order an Uber ride to pick up a friend and drop them off at your location—to “teleport” them to you. 884 more words


Introducing yakbak: Record and playback HTTP interactions in NodeJS

Did you know that the new Front End of www.flickr.com is one big Flickr API client? Writing a client for an existing API or service can be a lot of fun, but decoupling and testing that client can be quite tricky. 1,006 more words