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Here's How One Startup Is Helping Uber Work Better for Businesses

When mobile app Teleport debuted in November, it was just a fun service that let you order an Uber ride to pick up a friend and drop them off at your location—to “teleport” them to you. 884 more words


Introducing yakbak: Record and playback HTTP interactions in NodeJS

Did you know that the new Front End of www.flickr.com is one big Flickr API client? Writing a client for an existing API or service can be a lot of fun, but decoupling and testing that client can be quite tricky. 1,006 more words


Oracle Wants Google To Cough Up $9.3 Billion

Oracle wants more money from Google.

The business technology giant is asking for a total of $9.3 billion from Google relating to a lengthy legal battle over software copyrights, according to a report on Monday by… 160 more words


You Can Now Order a Lyft Ride Through Facebook Messenger

Users of Facebook Messenger have a new transportation option they can summon through the app: Lyft.

On Monday, the U.S. ride-hailing company announced it’s opening up its software for third-parties to integrate and its first such partnership is with Facebook’s Messenger app. 169 more words


Comprehensive API survey now available from SmartBear

I’ve been designing, developing, testing, and optimizing APIs for many years. I’m encouraged by the increasing amounts of attention that these critical enterprise assets are now garnering. 84 more words


Uber Wants to Make Your Ride a Little More Interesting

If you thought the rise of Uber meant the end of backseat TVs with ads and news quips typically found in taxis, think again.

On Tuesday, the ride-hailing giant… 423 more words


This is Your Last Chance to Get Snapchat's Puking Rainbow

Ephemeral messaging app Snapchat does not wait around when ideas aren’t working out: less than two months after opening up a “lens” store, the company said… 321 more words