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How application infrastructure is evolving to support digital business

After a few customer engagements recently this topic has come up several times, some lean in closer and let’s have a chat on it.

How application infrastructure is evolving to support digital business?

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Cloud Integration: How to escape integration cost

“The unspoken truth regarding cloud integration is that whoever prescribes the integration pattern escapes most of the integration cost”

As a business, big or small you cannot ignore the value proposition presented by cloud services, the idea of taking the headache of managing on-premises systems and the cost benefits associated with cloud service are all compelling. 178 more words


Transform your Digital Business with API Management

You’ve probably heard ‘Digital Business‘ and ‘API Management‘ many times before and to me ‘Digital Business’ seems on par with the word ‘Enterprise’ a few years back. 1,979 more words


What is HATEOAS?

With probably the most unpronounceable acronym in the world of IT, and there are a lot, HATEOAS is also one of the most obscure and misunderstood constraints of the REST specification. 745 more words


Bulk Importing of API's to API Manager

In the last post we discussed on a tool that allows an admin to bulk export API’s from WSO2 API Manager. This is a useful tool if you have large number of API’s that needs to be exported. 113 more words

WSO2 API Manager

Need of API management Strategies for Enterprise Operations

In theory and in the world of computer programming, the application programming interfaces (APIs) are a set of protocols, tools and methods of building software applications. 1,495 more words

Enterprise Integration

Do I need an Api Gateway for my Mobile App?

Api gateways (and the broader category of api management) have been getting a lot of attention recently. In this blog, I’ll cover a few common questions around this. 806 more words

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