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Kong API Gateway dan Docker

Seperti sudah saya jelaskan di blog sebelum ini, untuk cepat meng-evaluasi sebuah platform / framework, saya menggunakan Docker yang sudah menjadi hal yang lazim digunakan oleh para penyedia platform, seperti… 237 more words

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Azure API Management: 200 OK response but no backend traffic

I’m noting this post down in the “if only someone had already made a big noise about this I might have saved some time” category. 154 more words


Azure APIM: disabling the Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key for your API

When virtualizing your APIs behind an Azure API Management (APIM) service, you always need to provide the subscription key in your calls. Typically, this is done via the header key Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key. 411 more words


Azure Function Proxies – Part 4: A very lightweight API Management

This post is part of an Azure Function Proxies blog series:

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MuleSoft API Lifecycle Management

Learn about the lifecycle of an API managed with MuleSoft, from the design and build stages, to implementation and management.

   By: Arun Yaligar

1. Introduction… 1,134 more words


Get Azure API Management Git Credentials using PowerShell

One of the many great features of Azure API Management is the fact that it has a built in Git repository for storing the current configuration… 719 more words


#Podcast – NTN 33 - #API Management, strategy, APIfication models and more!

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During the last past of months I’ve been following some publications from Omar del Valle (@omarvr72). He was sharing a lot of information about the amazing world of APIs. 204 more words