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In my previous blog entry I talked about the Strangler application approach and highlighted how by creating an abstraction layer, you could isolate the monolith application and slowly decompose it in loosely coupled modules that make fast deployment of new technology easier.

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iPhone Development Services – Highly Beneficial to Your Business

Can you name a highly effective tool that is utilized by maximum number of people today? It is none other than iPhone, which assists the guys to thrive within the whole world of business. 449 more words

API Management

Is the API Management Business is Slowing down?

You can hear the mumbling and the whispering getting louder and louder within the industry courts this days and here’s our take on this intriguing question. 945 more words

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How Is API Management Driving Digital Innovation In Businesses?

Businesses today are entering the generation of digital transformation. Social, mobile, analytics, cloud and the IoT, or the SMAC-IoT, are the five technology ideas that well comprehend the digital spectrum today. 349 more words


APIs – On Their Way to Build a Bright Future

The API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. Though it is totally technical, but once it is in place it becomes much easier to deal with. 511 more words

API Management

DataPower & API Connect Integration

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API Management – Driving Digital Innovation in Business Transactions

It is a fact that present day businesses are on their way to take entry into the generation of digital transformation. Technology ideas that contribute in comprehending the digital spectrum include mobile, social, cloud, analytics along with IoT. 508 more words

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