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Get Azure API Management Git Credentials using PowerShell

One of the many great features of Azure API Management is the fact that it has a built in Git repository for storing the current configuration… 719 more words


#Podcast – NTN 33 - #API Management, strategy, APIfication models and more!

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During the last past of months I’ve been following some publications from Omar del Valle (@omarvr72). He was sharing a lot of information about the amazing world of APIs. 204 more words


#Podcast – NTN 33 - #API Management, cambio de chip, estrategia, modelos de APIficación y más!

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Desde hace un tiempo que veía que el amigo Omar del Valle (@omarvr72) compartía información sobre API Management. Como el tema me interesa, y no tengo mucha idea del mismo, fue proponerle la oportunidad de grabar un episodio y listo. 180 more words


Azure API Management: subscription key invalid

Azure API Management is awesome! The thought of API virtualization and the power, flexibility and ease-of-use it can bring, is impressive to say the least. 553 more words


Will API Management Replace the Need for SOA? Absolutely Not!

API’s and API management will be critical components in the digital transformation of many companies, but how will these technologies integrate into existing architectures?

It seems that there is a wide belief that API’s, API management, and digital transformation in general, will bring new capabilities that eliminate the need for the older service oriented architectures (SOA) of years past.  620 more words

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Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 | API Management + ASE | Evento

El día 22 de Abril, se realizó el Global Azure Bootcamp 2017, un evento que ocurre en simultaneo en diferentes regiones del mundo. En Argentina reune cada año a más de 80 profesional de IT junto con los máximos expertos del país sobre la nube de Microsoft para compartir experiencias, conocimiento, hands-on-labs y un día completo conociendo un poco más sobre Cloud Computing. 60 more words

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