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The latest API Vendor to be gobbled up - Apigee

On September 8, 2016, Google (Alphabet, Inc.) announced that it had agreed to buy Apigee, the latest API vendor to be acquired.  The total deal is valued at about $625M ($17.40/share), which equates to only 6.5% premium of its market value (Wednesday, September 7, 2016 closing share price was $16.34), which is low compared to other high-tech acquisitions, such as the 28% premium recently paid by… 986 more words


Google acquire API management company Apigee

Google ($542B market cap) to acquire API management company Apigee ($522M market cap) for $625M; founded in 2004, went public in 2015; provides tools for implementing and monetizing APIs, more; customers include Citrix, Fujitsu and Honeywell.


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680 Folsom St, #145 San FranciscoDocker is one of the hottest technologies ever launched. 514 more words


Boost your API with Adaptive Features for the Benefit of External Developers

The API Management services consider a number of features like authentic documentation and sometimes interactive documentation too; Analytics and statistics; flexibility in deployment for public and/or private clouds; engagement for the developers, consumers, or the partners; Sandbox environment; Security; Monetization;  Availability; and Support of Legacy Systems. 6 more words

Red Hat acquires 3scale - why wait until the dust settles?

Red Hat has finally filled a big gap in their product portfolio by acquiring 3scale, a small privately-held vendor, with about 40 employees, offering an API Management solution. 1,172 more words


API Management Implementation Case Study by Bob Rhubart


Read this complete sample chapter from the book Oracle API Management 12c Implementation, written by Oracle ACE Director Luis Weir, Oracle ACE Rolando Carraso, Oracle ACE Associate Arturo Viveros, and Andrew Bell. 81 more words


Episode #4: "SOA vs Microservices Architecture"

SOA Myth Busters – Episode #4: “SOA vs Microservice Architecture”

So, are you interested in SOA & Service Orientation technologies?, that’s great because we also are, and work with those every single day since a long time ago. 2,194 more words