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rbvami - Managing the vCSA VAMI using Ruby

I have been putting together a module for managing vCSA’s VAMI using Ruby. This uses the vCenter 6.5 REST API, and the long term plan is to build it out to cover the entire REST API. 50 more words


pix2code: teaching AI to build apps

Last May, Tony Beltramelli of Ulzard Technologies presented his latest algorithm pix2code at the NIPS conference. Put simply, the algorithm looks at a picture of a graphical user interface (i.e., the layout of an app), and determines via an iterative process what the underlying code likely looks like. 190 more words


Newest OWASP Top 10 Release Candidate List is Out

OWASP Top 10 is updated every 3 years and the latest 2016 Release Candidate list of OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability Categories list is out. There two new categories of vulnerabilities that were added and that is the focus of this Blog Post. 635 more words

Application Security

Two new tech notes

I have just expanded the How a Computer Works series with two new pages:

  1. Multi-tasking – how it works, and
  2. What is an API?
Technical Notes

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.NET Standard

The .NET framework has been branched into several implementations to match the constraints of the target platforms, e.g. Compact Framework for Pocket PC, Mono for Linux and the full .NET Framework for Windows. 220 more words