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OOW 16: My thoughts and experiences

Oracle Open World 2016 is over and it’s time to take at least two steps back. Why at least? You’ll know it, if you read through this article. 1,285 more words


Pull List of record from sObject using SFDC Standard REST API

We can use standard REST API to pull list of sObject records to External system from salesforce.

Please find below REST API to pull list of Account based on Name and Website… 50 more words


CRUD in Tornado

In the previous post, we have discussed what REST is and developed a Hello world web service using tornado, in this blog post we’ll create something a bit more useful RESTful web service, an online contact book, and we shall call it TheContactBook, I know, creative, right! 1,403 more words


Introduction to REST and Tornado

This is part of a series that will walk you through developing and deploying RESTful web services, in this post we will focus on getting familiar with Tornado (a python web framework and asynchronous networking library) and getting to know what a RESTful web services is. 689 more words


RESTful APIs in Powershell presentation

Today I spoke at the Powershell London usergroup: http://www.get-psuguk.org, which was a first for me!

In the talk I spoke about using APIs with Powershell and how they can speed up your workflow and are generally awesome. 47 more words


PUDOs, APIs, ERP, & Other Acronyms: Changing The Way Field Service Works.

PickUp DropOff points (PUDOs) provided through Parcel Holders’ growing network of over 300 retail outlets are ensuring field engineers get the components they need direct from source. 705 more words

Parcel Holders



   最近開發網站時有提到一款可以針對多人發送 email 的 API 叫Mandrill ,可以輕鬆的對多人發送信件或管理信件,且在不超過限定數量下是免費的,只要用自己的網域到上面註冊並獲得一組API_key,設定為參數並通過驗證後就能發信,也不會被大型網站.eg: gmail.yahoo…etc誤認為spam message(垃圾郵件)