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Machine Reading IMF Data: Data Retrieval with Python 


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Statistics Department (STA) allows API access to their economic time series. Well-known datasets such as International Financial Statistics (IFS) and the World Economic Outlook (WEO) can be machine read through the API. 1,704 more words


What is NetBIOS?


NetBIOS stands for Network Basic Input Output System. It is an Application Programming Interface (API) that programs can use to perform basic network operations such as sending data to a specific computer on the network. 23 more words


Can We Trust the Rankings of Northgate Schools?

By Jim Mills

Northgate parents often refer to the high rankings of Northgate schools, and of course many families choose to move to our community because of our fine schools.  263 more words


Archives.gov Announces a Read/Write API

Archives.gov has a new read/write API. “The dataset for our catalog API contains all archival descriptions, authority records, digitized records (the images, videos, and so on) and their file metadata, all NARA web pages, and public contributions (tags, transcriptions, and comments). 36 more words

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Rest : What is Idempotent request ?

From a RESTful service standpoint, for an operation (or service call) to be idempotent, clients can make that same call repeatedly while producing the same result. 162 more words

The Magic of APIs in the Contact Centre

Today we use applications that do so much for us – Facebook for example, we post messages, upload images and can check in on our travels. 471 more words


Working with wordpress.com json api using python



and my first version of code, but it’s ugly and not working, but i saved it for some reason – https://github.com/dima734/python_save_posts_json

I played with python language, i did what wanted – display list of all my blog posts, it works well, but i have some difficulties to make it all automatic – refactoring not working, hard to understand, it needs to recreate from scratch. 56 more words

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