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Interview with Preston and Darcy from Vampire Takeover. (Potential spoilers if you haven't read book one!)

This interview is with Preston and Darcy from my vampire apocalypse book Vampire Takeover. It takes place a couple of years after book one. Book two following another group of survivors is due out late April/early May 2014 so keep an eye out! 467 more words

Jez Strider

Soul Survivors, an anthology coming soon!

Today I’m talking with Shawn Riddle about the upcoming anthology from Knightwatch Press, Soul Survivors…

And come on, we need to embrace anthologies more.  Being able to read so many great authors in one place, under one theme is a real treat. 730 more words

Jim B

The (un)finishing school

What do you do when you’re reading a book that’s all too easy to put down? Do you keep going, hoping it’s going to get better? 525 more words

Miss Penn

The Seven Women of the Apocalypse

On World Book Day, I launched Apocalypse Book, a challenge to read and blog about 268 must-reads before December 21, 2012, the Mayan Armaggedon. Check the site for more information on… 399 more words

Miss Penn