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Teaser: End of the World Potluck

John Saunders of Sydney, Australia wanted to go down in history for looking through his telescope.  His dream was simple, discover something of interest in the cosmos and get his name attached to it, so that in a few hundred years, someone might set foot on a moon or planet named Saunders.  468 more words

Watching Jason Play Video Games: Mad Max

Me: So, fly larvae are a food source here? And you can just eat them out of human carcasses you come across?

Jason: Yes, and they have farms where you can grow them. 194 more words


Corrosion of chalk, ink on paper, words on paper, chapters, parenthood. Everything gets corroded. You learn everything dies. You learn the air will be filled with smoke from wildfires for the rest of your life. 514 more words


TFR Prompt 71: “People here seem to think that rain is the signal of the next apocalypse.” “Where is ‘here’ exactly?” “Los Angeles.”

“People react really badly to snow in the UK. Act like it’s the end of the world.”

“People here seem to think that rain is the signal of the next apocalypse.” 111 more words



I am so sad. My neighbors homes, a special place I go for solitude, a place i fantasize about disappearing in among the tall trees burns. 112 more words


Everything is O.K., Everything is not O.K.

Everything is perfectly still. I am alone in my house, my dog asleep, satisfied from her morning walk. Most of my windows and doors are shut, the house is not hot or cold. 771 more words


I don't want to have to tell my children about Nuclear Bombs

I think the world is frightening right now. I don’t think our world can sustain this level of crazy. I can’t. I just saw an article that said Russia just released a video about their new nuclear bombs.   321 more words