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Blood Moon

The streets filled with such carnage

begin to blossom into blood-soaked tendrils

of crimson mists of delight and avarice

wrapping their way ’round ivory daggers… 95 more words


A moment with the darkness

I look at the body. Everybody always said he was so full of life. Bubble. Pep. Verve. No one can believe he is dead. No one ever said I was full of life. 523 more words

Skin 2019: Liam Brown Book Review


Skin is the new age apocalypse encapsulated. Gone were the days where zombies; frothed at the mouth, space ships made you cower for your life as loved ones are obliterated or extreme weather shifts create ice-ages or scorching unlivable heats . 378 more words


Crush: A romantic tale

She sees him
He sees her
Eyes meet
A crowded room


She’s too shy to speak
He can’t find the words
He sees another girl… 148 more words

The great unwritten novel

They have just released a list of the best books of the century.

My book is not on it. In their defence my book is neither written nor published. 411 more words

I never met a poet

I never met a poet
But its what I want to be
When I look in the mirror
I’m not sure what I see

I never met a rhymer… 194 more words

The Autumn Wars Part One

Maintaining composure in parties was hard for Brooklyn; yet necessary if she was to do her job right. She had been tasked by Captain Lennies, personally, to carry out the Internal conversion of Gatenoue, and shaking the New Government of Canada’s grip on Ottawa City.  884 more words