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Bone Dry

A single figure slowly lumbers through long-ago abandoned streets. Crumbled buildings are only inhabited by scavenging animals and insects. A soft breeze picks up the colorful plastics from the ground and throws them in the air as if it were falling leaves on an autumn day. 328 more words

Teaser: The Book of Soltana

Here is a teaser of the next book. After Megiddo: The Book of Soltana.

Rescued from her stone tomb of eternity from a strange alien life form named L’yophin, Soltana awakens to find herself as a guest in her savior’s mansion. 278 more words


Photographing the Apocolypse

Maybe that’s what I’m doing.  You never know.  Fred McDarrah was documenting Greenwich Village in the 1960s and didn’t know he was in the middle of the many revolutions that were to come–1950s to 1960s, beat generation to Vietnam war generation, folk music to punk rock–he saw it all and photographed it. 239 more words


Spotlight: Quantum Storage and FTL

For QSD, The idea occurred to me from a forgotten scientific paper/article of a scientist/engineer talking about the largeness of data and what it would mean once we get past yottabytes. 355 more words


Character/Story Spotlight: Tettra and Depletion

The book began as a series of separate stories, each with their own quirky characters. It then morphed as the paint of each story spill and mixed together. 417 more words


Giant Golden Sun Take away My Sadness and Anxiety

The air quality is good today. The sky, blue. I had the blues this morning. I’ve had the blues for many months, I haven’t written since October. 267 more words


Character Spotlight: Shindow

Shindow was conceived at the same time as Gideon and Baxter. In that regard, they were narrative triplets. Shindow would be the more level-headed of the group, keeping the team focused, despite whatever shenanigans Baxter or Gideon would pull. 279 more words