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The Fornax Cluster of Galaxies

Named for the southern constellation toward which most of its galaxies can be found, the Fornax Cluster is one of the closest clusters of galaxies. About 62 million light-years away, it is almost 20 times more distant than our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy, and only about 10 percent further than the better known and more populated Virgo Galaxy Cluster. 66 more words


Second Gravitational Wave Detection: GW151226

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A new sky is becoming visible. When you look up, you see the sky as it appears in light — …

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APOD: 2016 April 20 - Galaxy Einstein Ring

via APOD: 2016 April 20 – Galaxy Einstein Ring

Explanation: Can one galaxy hide behind another? Not in the case of SDP.81. Here the foreground galaxy, shown in blue in an image taken by the… 128 more words


Light Pillars Over Alaska

What’s happening behind those houses? Pictured here are not auroras but nearby light pillars, a nearby phenomenon that can appear as a distant one. 159 more words