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Cool Free Stuff From NASA (to download)

Need soundbites, real ones? Turned into mp3 or m4r (iphones) for ringtones or sound clips and sound effects for your movie or performance art? The real deal! 244 more words

Into The Void

Fifty years ago, on June 3, 1965, Edward White stepped out of the orbiting Gemini 4 spacecraft to become the first US astronaut… 143 more words


Wright Mons On Pluto

Long shadows are cast by a low Sun across this rugged looking terrain. Captured by New Horizons, the scene is found just south of the southern tip Sputnik Planum, the informally named smooth, bright heart… 122 more words


Assembly Of The International Space Station

It is the largest and most sophisticated object ever built off the Earth. It has taken numerous spaceflights and over a decade to construct… 186 more words


Charon: Moon Of Pluto

A darkened and mysterious north polar region informally known as Mordor Macula caps this premier high-resolution portrait of Charon, Pluto’s largest moon. Captured by New Horizons near its closest approach on July 14, the image data was transmitted to Earth on September 21. 124 more words


A Spiral Aurora Over Iceland

What’s happened to the sky? Aurora! Captured late last month, this aurora was noted by Icelanders for its great brightness and quick development. 190 more words


Easy 10 Step Guide on how to Recreate this Stunning Photo!

Have you seen this wonderful photograph circling various social media in the last 24 hours? It’s a picture of dwarf planet Pluto transiting the face of the Sun, revealing a beautiful hazy blue atmosphere. 511 more words