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A double eclipse of the Sun

A stunning photo made by Thierry Legault – transitĀ of International Space Station during eclipse of the Sun.


A Double Eclipse Of The Sun

Can the Sun be eclipsed twice at the same time? Last Friday was noteworthy because part of the Earth was treated to a rare… 179 more words


Earth During A Total Eclipse Of The Sun

What does the Earth look like during a total solar eclipse? It appears dark in the region where people see the eclipse, because that’s where the shadow of the Moon falls. 214 more words


So Many Things That I Want to Say

But no time to say them because I am absolutely exhausted and I need to go to bed!

Let me just insert two quick notes: 87 more words

Hope's Commentary

Astronomy Picture of the Day-16/03/2015

The Vela supernova remnant is a supernova remnant in the southern constellation Vela. Its source type II supernova exploded approximately 11,000-12,300 years ago (and was about 800 light years away). 206 more words


Volcano Of Fire Erupts Under The Stars

First, there was an unusual smell. Then there was a loud bang. But what appeared to the eye was the most amazing of all. While waiting near midnight to see a possible eruption of… 132 more words