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Today's NASA ADOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day).

I would like to congratulate mi dear friend Guatemalan Astrophotographer Sergio Montufar Codoñer for winning Today’s NASA APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). To view image in full resolution, click the image or visit his APOD… 126 more words


A double eclipse of the Sun

A stunning photo made by Thierry Legault – transit of International Space Station during eclipse of the Sun.


A Double Eclipse Of The Sun

Can the Sun be eclipsed twice at the same time? Last Friday was noteworthy because part of the Earth was treated to a rare… 179 more words


Earth During A Total Eclipse Of The Sun

What does the Earth look like during a total solar eclipse? It appears dark in the region where people see the eclipse, because that’s where the shadow of the Moon falls. 214 more words


So Many Things That I Want to Say

But no time to say them because I am absolutely exhausted and I need to go to bed!

Let me just insert two quick notes: 87 more words

Hope's Commentary

Astronomy Picture of the Day-16/03/2015

The Vela supernova remnant is a supernova remnant in the southern constellation Vela. Its source type II supernova exploded approximately 11,000-12,300 years ago (and was about 800 light years away). 206 more words

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