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Astronomy Picture of the Day - 26 May 2015

Today’s picture is actually one of those I find really interesting. It is a spiral galaxy, but unusually bright. Not only that, but the galaxy is 30,000 light-years across. 16 more words


What Are Your Favorite Websites?

Mine is:http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html It has a new link each day to some really awesome images of space. These are usually from telescopes or space crafts, once in awhile just a spectacular time release shot of the night skies. 22 more words

Sun And Moon Halo

Two pictures captured on April 1 are combined in this creative day and night composite. Separated in time by about 10 hours the images otherwise match, looking along the coast at Östersund Sweden. 154 more words


Two Worlds, One Sun

How different does sunset appear from Mars than from Earth? For comparison, two images of our common star were taken at sunset, one from Earth and one from Mars. 170 more words


Vesta Trek: A Digital Model Of Asteroid Vesta

You can explore asteroid Vesta. Recently, NASA’s robotic spaceship Dawn visited Vesta, the second largest object in our Solar System’s main asteroid belt… 167 more words


Today's NASA ADOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day).

I would like to congratulate mi dear friend Guatemalan Astrophotographer Sergio Montufar Codoñer for winning Today’s NASA APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). To view image in full resolution, click the image or visit his APOD… 126 more words


A double eclipse of the Sun

A stunning photo made by Thierry Legault – transit of International Space Station during eclipse of the Sun.