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#5 Fear has no place here.

Far and away the number one question I am asked as the daughter of an Astronaut is “Were you scared when your father walked on the moon?” 528 more words

What is a Safe Conspiracy Theory?

What’s your favorite? Does it involve black ops or ‘beings’? Bet it might involve murder. Mine does. And it always makes my ears “perk up” at odd moments during news cycles or conversations. 594 more words

Part of the Club

I traveled to Carol Jenzano’s home this past weekend to conduct more research about Morehead Planetarium’s astronaut training program in the 1960’s and 70’s. I drank from a fire hose of stories, documents, and photographs, and supped on finally-solved mysteries and good company. 581 more words


#4 Forged in Rocket Fire and Sprinkled with Moon Dust

I want to tell you a story of a friendship. A friendship between two women that turned into four women. A friendship that dreamed of the stars. 807 more words

Alan Bean

From Tragedy Came Triumph

Our modern society, certainly the prosperous United States, handles tragedy much more differently than ancient societies as those lived by historic figures such as Aristotle. From modern fiction to television and films, we’re practically conditioned to ignore, mask, redefine, even attempt to rewind long-term, inevitable considerations of the human condition. 2,431 more words

Changes In Plan

#MoonWalk Day 188, 1303.2 km

Well… I forgot about walking today, until after it was dark. Then I remembered I was about 3500 steps away from the end of Leg 2. 373 more words