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Luna 9

Here’s an cool bit of trivia. Today is the 50th anniversary of the landing of the uncrewed Soviet Luna 9 probe on the moon. After 11 previous tries, Luna 9 became the first spacecraft to manage a soft landing (not a crash landing) on the moon, or anyplace other than the earth, actually. 109 more words

The Engine that Could

Last Thursday I arrived for my volunteer shift at the Museum of Flight only to discover a press conference was about to start and we were all invited.  178 more words


ATSC’s interesting fact of the week…

…number 2! This one’s too good not to include.

Today…. 46 years ago Apollo 12 landed on the moon Pete Conrad and Al Bean became the 3rd and 4th members of the human race to set foot upon another celestial body.

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Structural Testing

November 14 - The White Stuff

The first American to walk in space, Edward Higgins “Ed” White, was born on November 14th 1930, in San Antonio, Texas.

The son of a distinguished USAF major general, it was probably obvious from an early age that flying would figure big in his career, and after graduating from West Point in 1952 he joined the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant.   238 more words

US Space Program

Apollo 12 Flown Tie Tack

Flown gold-tone tie tack pin carried on the Apollo 12 mission, approximately .75″ in diameter, depicting an American flag against a lunar background. Raised text on the reverse reads: “Flown to the moon by an intrepid crew, Apollo XII, November 1969, Conrad-Gordon-Bean.” In fine condition. 8 more words

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The Earth's *other* satellites

We all know the Earth has one moon, right?


Well, it sure seems like an obvious answer.  Sure, there are a bazillion artificial satellites, and probably some dust and stuff, but the Moon is our only moon.   968 more words