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The Pope Makes Peace Between Science and Faith

Of all of the frivolous lawsuits that have come before the courts in the long history of American jurisprudence, the most ridiculous has to be the one filed by Madalyn Murray O’Hair more than 45 years ago. 879 more words

Quote of the day, Sept. 3

Frank Borman, on Apollo 8’s flight to the moon

“This must be what God sees. 44 more words


Apollo missions: Apollo 8

two months after Apollo 7 NASA launched next mission: Apollo 8. It was December 21st of 1968 when Borman, Lovell and Anders sat in Saturn V rocket. 267 more words

Apollo 8

Museum of Science & Industry

Chicago, IL

A new poem

After quite a few years away, I’ve returned to working on my series of poems inspired by NASA’s Apollo space program. (Also inspired by Mercury and Gemini, of course!)  Lots of interesting U.S. 255 more words