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Aerial Earth view

…Sunsets, vast, open waters, and sweeping cloud formations are some of the many features that make Earth a wonder. From space, those Earthly wonders become even more breathtaking.NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams doesn’t remember exactly where he was looking the first time he saw Earth while on the Atlantis space shuttle in 2000, but he remembers how beautiful the view was…

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A New View of Apollo 8, NASA’s Perfect Mission

Apollo 8 in 1968 was NASA’s perfect Christmas Mission that at the time awed and moved the whole world. Our forthcoming movie “Mission Control: the Unsung Heroes of Apollo” gives a new perspective on the flight from the consoles in Houston, and shows that Apollo 8 was also an extraordinary example of bold and strong leadership and remarkable teamwork. 2,560 more words


December 27 - Johannes Kepler

Today is Johannes Kepler’s birthday.

Kepler was born in Weil der Stadt, a small town near Stuttgart, on December 27th 1571, and was introduced to astronomy from an early age, whether he liked it or not, by being taken outside to witness the Great Comet of 1577, C/1577 V1, at age 6. 221 more words


Aircheck: CBS, 12/24/1968

It was the first time American astronauts had been in space over the Christmas holiday. It was also the first time ever (unless some ancient trip is ever unearthed) that man had such a close-up of Earth’s moon. 103 more words


“Calm Down, Lovell”

EARTHRISE: “And From the Crew of Apollo 8, We Close, With Good Night, Good Luck, a Merry Christmas, and God Bless All of You, All of You on the Good Earth” 623 more words