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My VG Music Picks #30 - Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! 2013

I was never a fan of Apollo Justice. He wasn’t a bad character, per se, but there wasn’t really anything about him that stood out. He was uninteresting and underdeveloped, and the fact that he wound up being completely overshadowed in his own game didn’t help his case. 269 more words

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Apollo Justice Step 3: Deciding How to Get Each Element

Hey guys! First, an important note! This costume is one of the ones featured on this great website I found that puts together all the elements of the costume for you! 514 more words

Getting Parts

Apollo Justice Step 2: Determining the Elements of the Costume

Look at this fab kid.

I see:


Button down shirt





Wig (unlike Lana or Mia, there is pretty much no way you can not need a wig for this)

Basic Elements

Apollo Justice Step 1: Reference Images

A mosaic of my best reference images for Apollo. These should be sufficient although as always I encourage you to examine as many reference images as possible.

Reference Images

Why Apollo's Emotional Journey in Dual Destinies is Great

With the announcement of Ace Attorney 6 coming to the states, I’ve been wondering about how the characters will be developed in the aftermath of the amazing game that was… 923 more words

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3: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (DS, 2007)

Luvassa sormien osoittelua, uskomattomia juonenkäänteitä, toinen toistaan omituisempia hahmoja, sekä tunnelmaa kohottavaa musiikkia. Ihan peruskauraa Ace Attorney -pelisarjan faneille siis. Jostain syystä tämä peli tuli pelattua koko sarjan peleistä viimeisenä – joskaan se ei jäänyt sarjan vähäisimmäksi peliksi. 446 more words