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Visual Novel Theatre- Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice

Man, Phoenix Wright. Ace Attorney. You remember those games? I didn’t, apparently, because I completely missed this new release until Red Metal reminded me it existed. 2,146 more words

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Character Spotlight: Phoenix Wright

Happy Tuesday!

The end of the month (and the year!) is coming before we know it.

So, here’s the Character Spotlight for December!

I swear I didn’t pick Phoenix to be this month’s spotlight because of that news article I found a few weeks ago. 304 more words

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Clay Terran

Apollo chugged down his beer and slammed the glass onto the table.

Honestly, he was never the drinking type, just like how Phoenix was more of the sandwich type than the burger type. 66 more words

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice for Nintendo 3DS

I was quite excited to download a new Phoenix Wright game; it’s a series I’m rather fond of and have been for a long time. What I didn’t expect was to play one of my favourite games of the year and one of the best in the series. 968 more words


A look at Dai Gyakuten Saiban

This review contains major spoilers for Dai Gyakuten Saiban as well as other games in the Ace Attorney series

In my review of Spirit of Justice, I said that I considered… 3,276 more words

Review: Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice

Are any of you into Sherlock at all?

Would you consider yourself to be a sleuth? Solving cases and the like with a bubble pipe- or is that just me? 1,157 more words


Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

There was a new Ace Attorney game released last month, and I finally got my hands on it about a week ago. The first thing to note about this latest title, Spirits of Justice, is the stunningly visual introduction, playing through as if you’re watching an actual anime. 854 more words