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Cosplay Updates - What I'm doing right now

Today is just a short post to explain where I am with my costumes and what else I’m up to in the realm of cosplay. From conventions and events, to meetups and general parading around the place, these are the costumes I’m mostly working on throughout this year and what else I’m up to in between. 678 more words



Sorry for replying you so late. I had to think how should I answer your question so you can understand how my brain works when I draw aa fanart.

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Remember that time apollo just look at his reflection and be like “ma hair is sharp and nice today, man!” And trucy be like “hmm?

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cleaning up

(it’s ok, trucy said he looked like superman and now he feels GREAT)

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……You gotta be kidding me. This is one of the promotional art for Ace Attorney?!?! Are they trying to start a fight in court or in bed?

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