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Phoenix Wright is an Asshole Episode 25

And we are back. After an unforeseen hiatus caused by a broken drawing tablet, I have returned with a brand new episode of Phoenix Wright is an Asshole! 43 more words

Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice deserved a second game, and this is a Divine Truth (IMO)

My Husbando lol

First of all, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was really not that bad of a game. I won’t say that this series installment doesn’t have a handful of pretty noticeable flaws, but every Ace Attorney game has had its fair share of flaws. 1,886 more words

Just My Opinion

Day By Day- Final Round

Today, both Apollo and Clay left for work.

“Hey, are you doin’ alright?”

God, it felt like it had been ages since he had seen Starbuck. 560 more words

Ace Attorney

Day By Day- Round 26

Screw Rah’bel and his dad. Clay would just have to hope Apollo believes him when he says they’ll be burned to a crisp…

He didn’t at first. 724 more words

Ace Attorney

Day By Day- Round 25

Apollo was alive again. Clay found that he didn’t care about this as much as he used to.

I’ve become desensitized to the whole ‘dying’ thing.” 120 more words

Ace Attorney

Day By Day- Round 24

The tracking app was still on Apollo’s phone. Clay completely forgot about it until Fulbright was in Utah.

He felt worse about raising Utah’s crime rate then he did about getting his best friend brutally murdered. 9 more words

Ace Attorney

Day By Day- Round 23

Clay stayed in California.

Fulbright showed up at the hotel Apollo and Clay were staying at.

Clay actually felt a moderate amount of sadness when the bullet embedded itself in Apollo’s skull. 9 more words

Ace Attorney