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Alien Craft In Apollo Moon Footage Discovered

I’m not sold on the Apollo moon footage, and no, it’s not because I think the Earth is flat or that we’ve never sent somebody into space…~TS


Schnell, schnell, schnell

Linktips and reading recommendations about Photography, Future Cities, Glenn Greenwald, tricks and tips to help you to stay anonymous online, the Apollo Archive, Roger Willemsen, Jürgen Klopp, Streetphotography und das Layout vom Tagesspiegel (English/German). 822 more words



The Noumenia was the first day of the lunar month and also a religious observance in ancient Athens and much of Greece. The Noumenia was marked when the first sliver of moon was visible and was held in honor of Selene, Apollon Noumenios, Hestia and the other Hellenic household Gods. 729 more words

Greek Ritual Reconstruction

Rick Riordan's new book, "The Trials of Apollo"

Yes, you have read that title right. Rick Riordan is writing a new series set in the world of Percy Jackson! This new book series will focus on the Greek God Apollo. 183 more words


The Moon is the ultimate travel destination

One of my great disappointments in life is that we have not developed space travel to the point that ordinary folk (like myself) will probably get to experience it. 167 more words


3 Xs That Matter

The hippest event in the Metro has landed once more for another round of rockin’ and ravin’! Check out the reasons why you shouldn’t miss it! 321 more words


Geek Lit: Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

Ancient Greece is considered the secular home to Western Civilization.  The mythology of that place still resonates today, and sometimes in fun and funny ways. 698 more words