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Building instructions!

It’s taken me a while, but I am finally working on some building instructions. I plan to start with some new Stargate mini-ships (The Daedalus, The Prometheus, The Destiny). 38 more words


Music From the Heart

I’d been busking on the same street corner every summer since I left high school. I had a guitar and a dream and I wasn’t planning on letting go of either, not now and not ever. 272 more words


Vahepeal tuleb siit ära käia, et kõike seda (ilu) märgata!

Ma olen hingelt väga kirglik reisija, füüsiliselt piirduvad minu reisid mainstream maadega – Saksamaa, Itaalia, Inglismaa, Kanaarid jne, Rootsis ja Norras nagu maal vanaema juures käimine ei lähe arvesse.   653 more words


Thoughts on Failure

The reason a friend of mine ultimately decided to make history his major of study in college is because he loves to hear and tell stories – especially true ones. 1,624 more words

Dear Apollo Day 8

Dear Apollo,

I’m sorry I haven’t written in 19 days but I’ve kind of lost interest in…everything? Well, maybe not everything, but some things I guess. 491 more words


Typhoon Talim & A Lego Rocket

Happy Friday everyone! I was originally going to write about my school for this week’s blog post. But… first of all, it occurred to me that it’s going to be difficult to find enough material to try to blog every week. 344 more words

Life In Osakayama

Month of Caesar

Penultimate day in month of Caesar;
not Julius but Augustus that pleases.
Seven out of twelve go to thirty-one,
hope on your birthday have Bacchanalian fun. 230 more words