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Space Escape: Flying A Chair To Lunar Orbit

In the coming decades, mankind will walk on the moon once again. Right now, plans are being formulated for space stations orbiting around Lagrange points, surveys of lava tubes are being conducted, and slowly but surely plans are being formed to build the hardware that will become a small scientific outpost on our closest celestial neighbor. 1,414 more words

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Apollo astronauts often fell behind schedule on the Moon

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When the Apollo astronauts journeyed to the Moon, they had a hard time sticking to schedule. Virtually all of their excursions fell behind their pre-set timelines, new research finds, and that could have big implications for how NASA handles human missions to Mars in the future. 1,169 more words


Hyperborean Oracle

Happy Noumenia of Treasury Month Prostaterias (Lunar)!  This is the first call for the second Hyperborean Oracle session of the season.  Two people chosen by Apollon will receive oracle. 226 more words


Ineffable Images of the Space Age

by Shane L. Larson

The arrival of each new year always engenders a brief moment of reflection on how we all would like to improve and change our lives, and very often with a recounting of how transitory life actually is.   1,976 more words

Universal Audio launches new $499 bus-powered Arrow interface with Thunderbolt 3

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With NAMM 2018 fast approaching, Universal Audio just launched its new Arrow audio interface, and it looks to be quite compelling. Featuring a design that’s similar to the company’s higher end Apollo series of interfaces, the Arrow comes with a simple and clean all-aluminum chassis. 493 more words


Of Poetry and Misery

Oh bastion of virtue, portico of romantics, Muse
Make me pure again

Mortal that I am, re-birth me in your golden light
A child of the Furies… 175 more words


Space Movies Are Not Realistic - Except For One - Says Famed Astronaut

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Astronaut Jack Lousma, one of six men who both orbited the earth on Skylab and then crewed aboard a Space Shuttle mission, says he doesn’t even bother watch Hollywood space movies. 1,135 more words

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