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A Conversation with André Alexis, about his novel Fifteen Dogs, September 3, 2015

What happens when two of the Olympian Gods—namely Apollo and Hermes—two of the “Bad Boy” gods—decide to spend a night of revelry in the Wheat Sheaf Tavern not far from Toronto’s waterfront? 171 more words

I Had A Dream That I Wrote An Essay

I dreamed that I was giving in a honest essay about Other Worldly beings. I didn’t want to, but then I had this vision, which I thought was realistic, of one of my sisters throwing herself at me, which is…off. 1,664 more words


And Baby Makes Three... More.

There’s this thing called Hellin’s Law, which states that roughly 1 in 89 natural pregnancies will result in multiple births. According to Hellin’s Law, the odds of having more babies beyond two is another exponent of 89 for each additional baby. 413 more words

Ganymede Legacy

Spirits for the Season (Autumn 2015)

This past Saturday, some divination revealed to me 8 spirits I should be working with in the upcoming season (Autumn). This divination was done on the Full Moon, during the Festival of the Twins, a celebration… 778 more words


Plans Amigo Baby Muslin Washcloths 4 Pk Apollo

Thanks to baby carrier wraps, carrying your babies for journeys is not a pain in the neck. There are instances that people have also gone on hiking with their infants in the… 359 more words