The Destroyer with a Kindly Face

For a god whose domain is largely focused on the natural forces which demolish life and form, it may seem odd that he is often portrayed looking beautiful and often kindly faced. 1,647 more words


Nature | Mountain weeps

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By AhmetUtgan

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Apollon and the Egyptian God Set

First of all I think it is necessary to make note of the fact that I have not seriously studied Kemetic religion or Egypt even since I was in highschool. 1,863 more words


Happy Karneia!

I have been really amiss this year with blogging about festivals…usually because I forget to write something before hand or directly after and after a few days I decide not to bother with it. 597 more words


Apollon, Artemis and Action of Nature

I remarked in a conversation with a friend yesterday that it seems to me if I were trying to simplify the domains of Apollon and Artemis that it would not be a boxy sun god musician/healer and moon goddess huntress bit that is typical, but rather when examining their domains that they seem to fall along two very distinct activities within nature, that which is cyclic that involves timely death and then again to generation, and that which is life sustaining and nurturing, which includes concepts of food provision. 768 more words


Apotheosis Practices: Creating Rituals To Unify Divine Aspects, Part 1

“Theseus’ crime deified her. She gave that ingrate the winding thread and gladly swapped her perjured husband for Bacchus . . . He embraces her and mops her tears with kisses, and says: ‘Let us seek heaven’s heights together.

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End of Spiritual Services

If there is a pattern going around, it’s completely coincidental, but I have to make this announcement now, before the next scheduled session. I am cancelling all remaining Divination for the year, as well as cancelling Intercession over the Winter. 430 more words