$96.98 - Song Of Phoibos

$96.98 USD

The Golden God calls you forth into the dance! Come now! Sway and stomp to His rhythms! Let His Light carry you into sweet surrender! 107 more words

Pristine & Primrose

$139.41 - Wolflight

$139.41 USD

Wolflight was crafted in honor of Apollon Lykeios, the Wolf of Twilight, but could make an equally stunning gift to another wolf-associated Deity, such as Leto, Zeus, or Odin. 41 more words

Pristine & Primrose

Daphne Tree

According to a legend, one day, while Apollon was walking along the seaside in Thessalia, he saw a girl who was so beautiful and was called Daphne. 146 more words

World Myths

Platon ruh әkizinizi tapmaq barәdә sizә nә öyrәdә bilәr?

Aristofanın söylədiyinə görə ilk insanlar həm iki cinsin genital orqanları, həm də iki üz, dörd əl və dörd ayaq ilə təchiz edilmişdilər. Bu eybəcər varlıqlar yöndəmsiz və çox sürətli hərəkət edirdilər, həm də çox güclü idilər. 1,968 more words


$156.00 - Apollon Wall Plaque Icon

$156.00 USD

Polymer Clay – Unpainted

An icon of Apollon, hand-molded with love and care by a priestess of the God, and featuring two carnelian beads set as the eyes, you may hang this icon upon a wall in your shrine space, or prop it up on an altar to Apollon. 47 more words

Pristine & Primrose

$135.61 - Prince of Illumination

$135.61 USD

Crafted especially to house the glory of Apollon, this fiery necklace, featuring carnelian, garnet, sunstone, and gold glass seed beads, is a perfect statement of devotion to the Prince of Olympos, Apollon Phosphoros, the Bringer of Light. 61 more words

Pristine & Primrose