Hyperborean Oracle

Happy Noumenia of Treasury Month Prostaterias (Lunar)!  This is the first call for the second Hyperborean Oracle session of the season.  Two people chosen by Apollon will receive oracle. 226 more words


On Pagan Gods and the Nature of Monstrosity

(Taken from my tumblr, I wrote this quite a while ago and wanted to share it here.)

This is basically a series of messages that I sent to someone earlier today, consolidated into something like an essay because I just kept thinking about it and elaborating on it. 1,072 more words

100 Days of Devotion to Apollo

A friend of mine told me about a meme that’s going around, people doing 100 days of something consecutively for 15 minutes a day. She had chosen to do an hundred days of devotion to her patron Deity and I decided to do the same for Apollo, starting in the new year. 502 more words

Unrelenting (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 12 prompt – Destroying, Plague, Death Gods or Spirits

Unrepentant and unrestrained, is my Lord;
Never wavering and never faltering, is He.
Relentless is His pursuit, you will… 71 more words


Next Healing Prayer Dates

The Dates for Healing Prayers, 2018

Happy Noumenia, and Blessed New Year!  Today, we enter into Treasury Month Perihelios, marking the start of another year, per the Treasury’s own calendar.   183 more words


Star Trek TOS: Captain Kirk trifft auf den Gott Apollon

In der Episode “Who mourns for Adonais” (Staffel 2, Folge 4) trifft die Enterprise unter dem Kommando von Captain Kirk auf dem Planeten Pollux IV auf den “Gott” Apollon. 2,124 more words

New! Coloring Pages, on Patreon!

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