New Branch of the Treasury!

So, I’ve told you all about the Patreon thing I’m doing, in an attempt to raise funds for a public shrine to Apollon in Denver.  Now it’s time I told you about the other big (and related) project I’ll be working on in the coming months. 583 more words


Week Four of Freeletics

Well, I finished another week. I kind of can’t believe 4 weeks have passed since I started this thing. My mother used to say, “long days, short years”. 462 more words

Patreon, and a Public Shrine


I finally did the thing and created a Patreon account, to be used by me to gather the funds needed to build a public shrine to my Lord Apollon, in the Denver Metro Area, where I have returned to.   135 more words


An Apollon-themed giveaway!

This happened a couple of days behind schedule because, in the middle of my second week of working full time from home, I’m still playing catch-up with so many things. 501 more words


New soaps at FiberWytch, plus NEW soap sample packs!

I have been a soap-making fiend for the past few days, and just finished doing a fairly large upload of  restocked, reformulated, and brand new soaps, including: 735 more words


A-kullet er 1 år i dag! :D

I dag er det nøyaktig 1 år siden A-kullet ble født, det er utrolig hvor fort tiden har gått og de er snart voksne. Gratulerer så mye med dagen til Ares, Afrodite (Yara), Athene,(Eira) Artemis (Frøya) og Apollon (Apollo). 172 more words


Hymn VIII: To Antinous Apollon

You shoot from afar, but your aim is true,
Antinous Apollon, master of the hunt.
You speak from afar, but your words are true,
Antinous Apollon, giver of prophecy. 89 more words