Truth Hurts: Thoughts On the Seemingly Dual Nature of Apollon

(TW: mention of suicidal thoughts/ideation)

If you’ll indulge me, I want to ramble about a few things with an audience today. I’m still working on not living with my biological family and I’m extremely bored in the meantime. 794 more words

A Big Neon Sign Over My Head

Near the end of February 2018, I swore an oath to Apollon. This oath maintained that I would always prioritize him in worship and never take a blade to my skin again if he’d move somebody to do a certain thing & deliver me from the situation I was currently in. 873 more words

The Rain - 1.Bölüm

Uzun zaman önce karşıma çıkan ve merakla yayınlanmasını beklediğim bir dizidir kendileri.

“Stay dry, stay alive.”

Dizi, arkadaşları ile birlikte gireceği sınava geç kalan kızın yani Simone’un okul içerisinde koşuşturmasıyla başlıyor. 756 more words


Semi-Monthly Divinatory Statement

Noumenia of Treasury Month Batrachion (VI) – May 16, 2018

**** Knight of Pentacles/Beta ****

“Eyes watching from distant shores, where no trouble erodes the sandy beach, are drawn by wonder and awe. 85 more words


******* Oracular Statement *******

15th day of Treasury Month Pytheion (V) – (5/01/2018)

“A house built of lies is woven strong with words threaded upon a cloth of deceit.  That which you wear becomes you, but the cloak of pride is blown away at the advent of the approach of truth.  45 more words


Life update: a serious talk with Apollon

Mkay. So even though I have (limited) internet and a prospective job, I’m not in the best place emotionally. Even with the revelations of my last post, there have been things I needed to work through and am still working through, and one of them is touched on in this conversation that I’ll do my best to repeat from memory. 486 more words

So, you want to celebrate Thargelia?


This particular adaptation of the holiday is what might be called the “back half” of it. The front half, or first night, is a little more low-key and involves whatever elements of purification and/or katharsos are appealing to you. 914 more words