Semi-Monthly Oracular Statement

Fourth Day of Treasury Month Pytheion (V)

This entry is the interpretation of an oracle using bibliomancy that was performed on 19 April 2018.

“The act of communing with Apollo should be considered a positive loving art that treats our relationship with Him as living, growing thing that can be honed over time and requires regular work to maintain. 159 more words


Update: In Deep Shit But Surprisingly Calm About It

This will be short because my internet access is very limited.

I want to tell you all the following things: 1. My escape attempt didn’t go as planned, 2. 357 more words

He Comes, Bearing the Fruit of Conquest

Today is Theoxenia on the Treasury’s calendar.  Theoxenia is the day when Apollon returns to us from His abode in Hyperborea, where His focus was no longer upon the everyday needs of mankind, but instead set upon the many, many deeply primal aspects of creation, over which He governs.  383 more words


Happy Noumenia, and Blessed Theoxenia!

Noumenia of Treasury Month Theoxenion (IV): Theoxenia – (3/18/2018)

Blessed Theoxenia, everyone! May Apollon’s return bring with Him the warmth and radiance of the coming spring! 602 more words


Bi-Yearly Oracular Forecast

Theoxenion through Aegletion, 2018

Theoxenion (IV) – Mar. 18-Apr. 16, 2018

(Ρ) Rho, (Σ) Sigma, (Λ) Lambda

During the month of Theoxenion, we are warned not to take any drastic action, or make any abrupt or life-altering decisions, at this time.  694 more words


I’ll see you when I see you, but I hope that’s soon.

I guess I hadn’t realized before now that fear can be a physical ache. It’s not a fight or flight response, it’s not even the fear that someone’s going to physically hurt me, it’s just….. 1,311 more words

So You Have a God Who’s Worth Your Time: Now What?

Today I’ve been thinking about obedience. Yeah, I know, the word gives me hives too, as well it should. I’ve always understood it as something that only occurs when one has no other options, when it’s a choice between obedience or punishment, and that’s not something I ever want to incorporate into my religion. 1,494 more words