Do Your Worst

© Columbine 2017

Do Your worst, O God who fills me with dread

Produce in me all which moves me to terror

So whole and immense are You… 158 more words



High over the trees
And striking
Clean through the hearts
Of the young boys

They are running
Screaming in terror
Confused by the wrath… 62 more words


#30DaysMagicalRoots Days 12 & 13

Day 12: Deity
Do you work with deities? Why or why not? Are you a monotheist, dualist, polytheist, animist, etc.? Write a poem or prayer dedicated to a deity and give it to Them as an offering. 720 more words


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 1 - Apollon

I didn’t plan on participating this year, but I just suddenly got the inspiration to hopefully carry me through the #GratitudeProject2017. So, each day, assuming I remember, I will be making a short post in honor of a Deity who I am thankful for, and why.   222 more words


Heat Waves In the Dark

Have you ever looked out at the landscape from over the top of a hot grill, maybe while enjoying some family outing in a park or backyard?   582 more words


For Apollon

I want to write for You
the kind of poems
where the words burn,
dancing through synapses,
flickering over eyes,
igniting on the tongue,
where they sizzle and crackle in the mind… 132 more words

Painting Updates

For the first time in months i got to my painting studio, first last weekend and then today. I rarely paint much during the spring semester (for some reason it always seems so much more exhausting than the fall) and with my summer placement at the uni, I’ve been too busy working to get to any art classes, so the past two weekends have been a special treat. 447 more words