Paean to Apollon

Midnight. The lights of the hospital car park blink outside my window. My head is heavy with the weight of the medicine I have been given. 281 more words


Fire Tending Devotions Stage 1

Whereas I still need a pillar to set up before the shrines to have the main lamps on for my fire tending observance this here is step one with each of the shrines (in one unified case) lit with their oil lamps. 271 more words


Honoring Apollon During the Hyperborean Season

As I have said before, I consider Hyperborean season to be a time when Apollon is at his most wild and chthonic form as a god fully in his most archaic form as a god of the destructive forces in nature (which would be quite mistaken to look at in a malevolent manner but as a fact that as turner of time there are times of structure and times of destruction as cycles turn). 720 more words


Wet Apollon and BPMs

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and everything is vibrant and you are well rested, full of energy and life? 362 more words

Take My Heart

Take my heart
Make it pliable, open and receptive
able to flow with its inherent nature of
Unconditional Love
Make it fluid and resilient
Let it be the strongest voice in my being… 246 more words


What Kind of Queen Am I?

Someone recently communicated to me: “You’re not a queen because you say you’re married to Apollo and he isn’t a king.  You can’t be one anyway because nobody cares about you.” 750 more words


**FULL**ORACLE CALL - October 2015


All three spots have been filled.
Issueing my monthly call for oracle requests.

How it works:

  • The first three people to message me at answersfromthemists at gmail dot com will be chosen.
  • 77 more words
The Work