For Apollon

I want to write for You
the kind of poems
where the words burn,
dancing through synapses,
flickering over eyes,
igniting on the tongue,
where they sizzle and crackle in the mind… 132 more words

Painting Updates

For the first time in months i got to my painting studio, first last weekend and then today. I rarely paint much during the spring semester (for some reason it always seems so much more exhausting than the fall) and with my summer placement at the uni, I’ve been too busy working to get to any art classes, so the past two weekends have been a special treat. 447 more words

$246.33 - Lord of the Cemeteries Prayer Chain

$246.33 USD

Designed for Apollon Pythios, this Lord of the Cemeteries prayer chain features ruby, obsidian, labradorite, rutilated quartz, crystal quartz, red dragon veins agate, black dragon veins agate, tiny silver seed beads, and a silver skeletal hand charm, on silver-plated copper wire. 53 more words


Three poems about Apollon

The crow speaks of Apollon

Look at me: My feathers once were white,

Purer than the dove’s, and drenched

With goddess Iris’ colors. Now I am… 402 more words


$55.43 - Perfect Storm Earrings

$55.43 USD

 Featuring titanium infused geodes, labradorite, and variously colored glass beads, with lightning bolt charms, these magnificently dangly earrings are very reminiscent of a rain storm, and would be fitting to wear in honor of any storm-related Deity, such as Zeus, Poseidon, Apollon, or Thor. 23 more words

Pristine & Primrose

Don't Piss off Apollon

Once a month I do readings at a local shop. The owner is a friend of mine, it helps her out, and I usually enjoy doing it. 1,145 more words

Prayer Beads for Apollon

This is a set of prayer beads that I made a long time ago to represent the Homeric Hymn to Pythian Apollon.

For the purposes of the count, I omitted the part where Apollon lays the foundations of his temple, beginning instead with the part I found most meaningful and relevant (at the time I planned out these beads) to the devotional practice of counting the beads: the establishment of the priesthood and oracle at Delphi. 354 more words