Nightly Ritual of Reflection

I have designed this ritual as one means for devotees of Apollon to assess their behavior and responses to that which they may not understand or appreciate throughout the course of a day.   595 more words


The Thanks of Harvest

It is that time of the year where many polytheistic cultures celebrated the harvest. In Hellas the entirety of the summer and into the early autumn was the season of harvest. 1,300 more words


Wolfen II Devotional Necklace

Brand new to the shop! A glowing study in silver and blue, this breathtaking necklace would make a very appropriate and evocative devotional piece for Odin, Fenrir, Apollon, or any other deity or spirit who has a strong connection to wolves. 516 more words

Pagan Jewelry

Reflection on the Sacred Column, the Upright Stone

In myth one parentage given of Apollon, the prevalent one of the Theogony of Hesoid, tells us that the legacy of Apollon is established by his grandsire Koios, just as much as the legacy of Zeus is constructed and part of the nature of Kronos. 1,036 more words


Find Me

Find Me in the sounds of the sea, in the melody of the birds singing, and in the peace and stillness teetering upon the edge of My Crown.   184 more words


These Dark Aspects...


…I’m feeling thinky today, so I’m going to ponder…

…That perhaps recently too many people have fixated upon Apollon’s “dark” aspects, and now those aspects are feeding upon this fixation, and taking precedence in the thoughts and subsequently the experiences of people who interact with Him. 735 more words


Words From Apollon, For the Dying


“For the one who lays upon the deathbed. I know how your breath is labored, and how the feel of air over your chest is now like the hand of a moonless night, sapping away life’s heat. 252 more words