Prayers of Healing

First, some background: I was raised Baptist and, as it turns out, I’m actually a preacher, but one inspired by Apollon, so there that is. The following prayer is not a parody of that upbringing in any way, but a fully sincere expression of faith. 1,348 more words


Healing Prayer for the Polytheist Community


Since July of 2014, once a month, originally on the Full Moon but now on the 21st day of each lunar month, the Sisters of the Treasury of Apollon have come together to form a prayer chain, always with the intent of amplifying our Lord Apollon’s own divine healing powers, and extending that healing toward one another, as well as toward the greater Polytheist community. 275 more words


Invocation to Apollon

Profound Lord, pouring honey into the mouths of Your Oracles, come now to be honored, for we have made a feast for You in this place.   215 more words


We Remember

O Lord of the many paths
We remember You
O Lord of the flirtatious wind
We remember You
O Lord of shining smiles who lures all eyes in His direction… 191 more words


Hail to the Prince

Hail to the Lord of Plagues, the Bright One who suffers no fool lightly. Hail to He who is both the Tempest, and the Eye of the Tempest. 54 more words


DRS - Phoibos

Phoibos, even the swan wings a high song to you as it alights on the riverbank of the swirling Peneios. The sweet-sounding bard, with lyre pitched high and clear, always sings of you first and last. 53 more words


Winner of the Apollo Contest

The winner of the Apollo contest is Oliver Lightfoot. I did the div. but simply haven’t had a chance to post. Thank you to every single person who submitted prayers. 49 more words