Just an Itty-Bitty Fraction of a Song...

So, little known fact:  Sometimes I write songs for Apollon.  Even rarer still, sometimes I record them.  I recorded this little bit earlier this evening and shared it to my FB, thinking that would be the end of it.   212 more words



“This is not the end.  Each breath is a new beginning.  Life continues even after the fall.  What is unknown is not the wall which stands between you and the next leg of the journey, but instead is the creeping ivy that you must climb to traverse the wall.   293 more words


On Groups, and the Nature of Compromise

This post springs directly from a conversation I had with one of my Treasury Sisters last evening.  I decided to write a bit about it here, because it revolves around our group calendar, and how and why it came to manifest the way it did. 600 more words


Apollon Purification Ritual


A ritual is usually used to make sure the deity will listen to what you will say in your prayer. Usually food or items are burned that are dedicated to the deity or deities in question. 544 more words

Sunweaver's Ritual for Apollo's Return (Theoxenia)

Hestia, who tends the holy house of the Lord Apollo, the far-shooter of Pytho, welcome to this house. May you, and may Zeus, the all-wise, draw near and bestow your blessings on this place and on all who enter in peace and goodwill. 396 more words


Family Protectors

A curious thing:

Last night I had a vivid dream in which Hermes protected me from a devastating earthquake.

My mother told me this morning that she had a vivd dream last night that she was the lady of a large manor, “Something like you would imagine a Queen Mother would live in.” 94 more words


Chronic Illness and The Gods

When the Gods are trying to be helpful and your only response is “Fuck you!”

Sometimes I’m an asshole. Came across this Rumi quote while mindlessly scrolling through FB to distract myself. 8 more words