Sharing Space With the Youth

I have a little night-owl on my hands.  He is so ultra bouncy, and really wears me out in the wee hours.  But one of the things that he enjoys, and will calm down for, is sitting at Apollon’s shrine to make small offerings, usually of tealight candles and bay leaves.   406 more words


All Treasury Festival Dates, 2016/2017

In anticipation of the next Treasury Year, here are our festivals, listed and dated accordingly.

— Columbine

Sisters and associates, below are the calendar dates for the upcoming year’s major Treasury festivals.   240 more words


Pythias' Day

I love the turning of the wheel, and the ascent of the spiral.  I love how each year brings me round to my most dear celebrations, leading me down familiar currents, even while I know each drop of water in those currents is new to the stream, having never traveled there before.   341 more words


Craft beer in Bergen, Norway

Norway may not seem like the most obvious place for a holiday filled with beer due to its well-documented high alcohol prices, but we didn’t let that stop us. 905 more words


Pariuri fotbal Miercuri 12 octombrie.fara preliminarii.

azi 12 octombrie, Un meci din cupa Cehiei

•Ceske Budejovice – Sparta Praga,

16-imi Echipele sunt in esaloane diferite, Sparta in prima liga Ceske in a doua. 206 more words


Prayer of Farewell

O Lord of the breath between life and death, He who set the dragon to rot in the holy light of Helios, our Bright Shining God, pleased are we to have hosted You and Your Family. 304 more words


Blessed Are We

Blessed are the Sisters of the Treasury, we whose love for our Lord is pure and powerful, emerging from the depth of our being as a hurricane emerges from the sea.   242 more words