When Pollution Finds You

The topic this week has been miasma and pollution and how to deal with it. I’ve a longer piece in progress that I was hoping to get done today but that didn’t happen so it’ll probably have to wait until next weekend now. 601 more words

Simple Ideas for a Modern Prostateria

Here are some simple ideas for a modern celebration of Prostateria, the Birth of Apollon.  I usually want to have idea posts like this one published at least one week in advance of the day, but busy life got the better of me in this instance, so I’m posting this on the day itself.   460 more words


Apollon's Sacred Notepad

Apollon’s Sacred Notepad (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

A quality blank book dedicated to Apollon, god of the sun in ancient Greece. Can be used as a notebook, journal, diary or for general note keeping. 135 more words

New Books

Coda: Blood Crimes, Purification Ceremonies, and the Eumenides

The first time I encountered an awkward situation talking about social justice, I was somewhere around 10, and we were watching Disney’s Peter Pan (1953). A girl from outside of the home was there on this fateful afternoon, connected to either me or to my siblings. 2,488 more words


Adorations of Leto

Ninth day of Treasury Month Perihelios – Feast of Leto (Jan. 7, 2017)

These Adorations of Leto are inspired by common knowledge of the Goddess, and by personal doxa.   345 more words


Deathless, Not Timeless...

“We who reign upon lofty Olympos, and under the gaping Earth, are no strangers to the marvels of your world.  Only technology, in its rapid evolution, is the truest metaphor for Our changing natures.   155 more words


Onward, Toward Phoibos

Things are changing in my cozy little world with Apollon.  I’ve gotten comfortable, I’ve gotten used to the ways in which I have related to Apollon for these last seven years.   428 more words