Reopening of Winter Intercession? Maybe!

Back in the beginning of September, Apollon asked me if I’d be willing to reopen my Intercessory Services, for the Winter months.  I closed all of my services in August of last year due to burnout, pregnancy and generally being overwhelmed with life.   573 more words


The Tour Begins

It is the Autumnal Equinox, the day whereupon the Treasury of Apollon recognizes our Lord Apollon’s Departure from this world.  But it is not a time of immediate departure, but rather, the beginning of a tour of gradual withdrawal.   296 more words


Upcoming Healing Prayer Dates

The Treasury’s first open event for our monthly healing prayers to Apollon was very successful.  And although we do not plan to hold an event for every month’s prayer session, please be assured that the Sisters of the Treasury will continue keeping the prayer chain alive, both for our Sisterhood and for our wider communities. 215 more words


Purification Ritual for Brides, Lovers, and Consorts

This ritual is adapted from my personal purificatory regimen, for use by any bride, lover, consort, etc., of Apollon.  Of course, any devotee may use this ritual, but it was adapted with His many lovers in mind.   409 more words


Three Poetic Offerings

One of the reasons I decided to restart a blog was to make space for poetic offerings from the old KALLISTI, which I believe should actually be made public somewhere. 405 more words


Preparing the Home for Aegletia

Here is a short guide for those who may wish to prepare their homes for Apollon’s arrival during the Aegletia festival.

The first day of Aegletia this year (2016) falls upon the Deipnon of Treasury Month Lykeion, so any and all of your usual cleansing activities will serve to purify the space of your home with little extra effort on your part.   707 more words



The Hands of the Gods Touch Others, Through You

When we are called by our Gods, oftentimes our first instinct is to run, to flee from Them and Their immensity.   680 more words