The Amber Tears of Apollon and the Heliades

This blog post sprung into being largely in regards to a conversation on the subject of the amber tears of Apollon on my facebook page. The conversation began when I found a reference that I wish I had found when I was writing “The Name of Apollon” that I found a suggested name root proposed quite convincingly by Arthur Bernard Cook in his book “Zeus, A Study  in Ancient Religion.” He shows evidence that the Doric name for Apollon as Apellon (accent on the e) may have been derived from the word apellon (accent on the o) which refers to the black poplar. 772 more words


Earrings at FiberWytch!

I now have two pairs of earrings in the shop, and will be adding a whole bunch more soon! (As they’re a lot of fun to make.) For today, I thought I would showcase the ones I have listed right now. 264 more words


New Admissions to the Treasury of Apollon

The Treasury of Apollon is now accepting new members into our Sisterhood.  Please keep these simple guidelines in mind when submitting requests via email:

1.) 127 more words


Soaps for Apollon and Artemis (PLUS custom soap now available!)

Brand new in my shop, this soap was magickally charged with the energies of the Hellenic deity Apollon, and is perfect for attuning yourself to Him at any time, but especially before divination or oracular work, or any working or ritual involving Him. 286 more words


Who mourns for Adonais? Det med Apollon och den jättestora gröna handen i rymden.

En jättestor grön hand materialiserar sig mitt ute i rymden, vinkar lite och grabbar sedan tag i Enterprise och hindrar skeppet från att förflytta sig Sämsta idén till en specialeffekt någonsin, om du frågar mig. 672 more words

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New soaps for Freyr and Freyja!

Over the weekend I added six new soaps to my shop–all of them made with a honey glycerine soap base–including the ones I’m showcasing today, for Freyr and His sister Freyja. 313 more words


Breath of the Seasons

I really was not going to post this here, or anywhere, not because I think it’s bad, but because this is the first time I’ve done this.   185 more words