An Exceptional Understanding of Apollon in Siva Nataraja

I have written before regarding Apollon and Siva, but as I am continuing my studies with Saivism this has been becoming more profound in insights I have gained. 1,287 more words


Iraklis Psachnon 1-3 AEK

I only managed to watch the game from the 30 minute mark on, though from what I saw it seemed like the win never really was in doubt. 355 more words


Apollon's "monsters"

There is no lack of monsters in Hellenic myth. We have numerous dragons and beasts that in myth plaque cities and represent challenges for noble heroes to defeat.  1,392 more words


Why it is Beneficial for a Devotee of Apollon to Participate in Dionysian Mysteries

I have said this many times, that for years I have had a difficult time really getting close to Dionysos. I have had some inspiration moments related to him, but it seemed connections with him have always been fluid and have had their difficulties.  598 more words


Further Thoughts on the Stepteria

The Stepteria has three principle things going on…set aside the whole fighting a dragon/monster scenario. Really that has little to do with it. Dragon is what nature designs its nature to be. 765 more words


Blessed Stepteria

Following the birth of Apollon during the Delphic Polythousia (or the Theban Prostateria) that occurs on the 7th day of the Delphic month Bysios (derived from Pythios) or the Theban month Prostaterios (Anthesteria to people who are only familiar with the Attic calendar lol) in the this month following (reminding you all that I am a  month ahead of most people by my calendar since I celebrated Poseidon II last year) this month (Attic Elaphebolia) honors the slaying of the dragoness Python and the narration of the myth of the return of Apollon next month. 892 more words


Poseidon and Apollon

I believe that I need to display my two red boys on this blog by now. If Poseidon was ever my heart, my soul, my star and my endless night, his brother Apollon was simply my baby. 136 more words