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Just like the phrase ‘I love you’, I believe that the word sorry should only be spoken when the individual saying it is being genuine. I don’t think it’s fair or right to just throw it around and I think that doing so is a major problem in the world. 444 more words

Today’s Moment Of Truth (book review)

Most Christians will tell you they love God “with all my heart.” That’s a good start, but according to Jesus, there needs to be more. Jesus told us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. 214 more words

The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence by James W Goll

The presence of God is meant to be more than just an occasional event during Sunday morning Worship—you are meant to live in God’s presence! In “The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence,” James W. 189 more words


Total Opposite

The creation model, and therefore the model supported by biblical scripture, is opposite the deep-time model. People don’t often realize this. They assume that young earth creationists are fuzzy on some facts, but we all kind of agree on the basics. 654 more words

Biblical Persuasion: The Heart of Evangelistic Apologetics

by Dr. Leighton Flowers

As I have studied apologetics over the years I have noticed that the word “persuasion” comes up much more regularly than what I have been use to throughout my church and educational experience.  2,051 more words

Jesus, the Creationist

While in church this Sunday, we were studying Mark chapter 10, which contains one of the many instances where a person in scripture refers to the history of Genesis. 689 more words

Grooming and Indoctrinating Young Minds

Love, love, love this video.

Did I say ‘love’ enough?

This video explores religious indoctrination and why it is no more (or should be no more) acceptable than political indoctrination. 43 more words