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Apologetics and Ecclesiastes, By Doy Moyer

“Vanity of vanities,” says the preacher. All is vanity.

How can life seem any less meaningful? “What advantage does man have in all his work which he does under the sun?” Everything just keeps happening over and over. 582 more words

Words Written


I always thought that people knew for certain that actions spoke louder than words.

I was wrong.

I always thought that people knew that I didn’t mean half the things I said. 98 more words

June 21, 2011

12:58 am

Dude don’t go see green lantern but def go see bridesmaids. I’ve
definitely been disappointed in this summers movies so far. (Sry if… 1,098 more words


June 18, 2011

4:54 am

I really appreciate you for the friend you are/have been. I’m just going through some stuff and I’m just frustrated. I got frustrated/upset that you wouldn’t think that I… 497 more words


April 21, 2011

3:13 pm

I know you’re so opposed to it but can we just gmail chat…not like
today…maybe later this week or whenever you’re free/don’t have more… 1,880 more words


Confronting the Creation about the Creator (Session 3)

Tonight’s study, an important one, picks up from last weeks study on our culture, that is saturated with the spirit of idolatry.  In the midst of this culture, we as believers are asked to be Daniels, refusing to bow, and willing to take the stance to demonstrate and vocalize the truth about who God is, worshiping Him despite obstacles, and without fear.   412 more words