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Despite What The Bible Promises, Snakes Will Kill You Dead

We all wonder what happens when we read ancient holy books and take them literally.

The answer is that sometimes people die.

Like snake handlers, who believe God is going to protect them from a snakes deadly venom because the bible told them so. 779 more words


Bart D. Ehrman: Tidak Ada Kekecualian Selain Tulisan Philo mengenai para Korban Penyaliban Diturunkan dari Salib; Benarkah?

Saya sedang menyiapkan sebuah tulisan responsif yang agak panjang mengenai Bab 4-5 dari buku Bart D. Ehrman yang terbaru, berjudul: How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee… 1,140 more words


No More Expectations

Everyday I get texts, but not just any kind of text, I get UPLIFTS. They are written by a guy named Hart Ramsey. Sometimes they are good advice, other times they are speaking directly to me about a specific situation at a particular time. 312 more words

The Journey

Life after Death: Law, Eternity, and the Changed Mind

There are two pieces, at least two parts of the human experience that every human will partake of: being born, and dying.  That’s right.  The death rate for humans is 100%.  3,602 more words


Rationale approach to affirm the Existence of God: Erm, I Don't Think So

When I clicked on the link for an Islamic blog, I was hit with the title above, which linked to a paper that supposedly affirms the existence of God. 1,209 more words


Tahun Penyaliban Yesus: Evaluasi Kritis “The Mystery of the Crucifixion”-nya Louay Fatoohi (Bab 4)

Untuk tahun penyaliban Yesus, dalam Bab 4 (p. 53-55) Fatoohi percaya bahwa peristiwa itu terjadi antara tahun 26 M – 36 M. Di dalam bab ini pun Fatoohi mengulangi klaim mengenai kontradiksi dan ketidaktepatan historis di dalam Kitab-kitab Injil. 269 more words

Book Review

Mengapa Yesus Disalibkan? Siapa yang Bertanggung Jawab? Tinjauan Kritis "The Mystery of the Crucifixion"-nya Louay Fatoohi (Bab 3)

Masih dalam rubrik propaganda kontradiksi di sekitar the passion narratives, sebuah propaganda red herring,[1] Bab 3 dari “The Mystery of the Crucifixion… 2,912 more words

Book Review