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Christ and creation—evidence from the scene

Allow me to introduce J. Warner Wallace, author of God’s Crime Scene. “He was an atheist for 35 years. He was passionate in his opposition to Christianity, and enjoyed debating his Christian friends. 276 more words


Apologetic Muslims

Abul A’laa Mawdoodee said:

“Ironically, our picture-makers (i.e, those who say Islam was spread by force via numerous bloodshed battles) are our old well wishers who have themselves been involved in a unholy war for the past many centuries against the poor an the wretched of the earth. 364 more words


Corporate Prayer

I do not like corporate prayer; nor do I do it very well. True corporate prayer is as intimate as sexual relations. And the former can and has very much led to the latter. 348 more words

Imputed Injustice – The Judicial Importance of Consent

Imputed Injustice

Imputed Injustice – Calvin Against the Calvinists

It is my empirically justified belief that modern Protestant Evangelicalism, and particularly its seminarian elite, have little comprehension of the nature and principles of Justice, including that of due process.

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Doubters Welcome Pampers in the Pews joins Bible.org

Anyone who knows me knows that I sing the praises of Bible.org! There is nothing like being able to search for articles on sensitive subjects on a site you can trust. 93 more words


Torn between two paths.

In between two paths I hover,
Two choices, and a tough decision to make.
One path leads to the passionate lover,
The other to the deep-seated heartache. 110 more words


Apologetics 22

Apologize too much-
Say sorry every five minutes
For meaningless mistakes

Apologize for the wrong things-
Dodge the issue
Pretend it’s all fine and dandy… 95 more words