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40 Questions About Your Religion

Dan Delzell wrote a very thought-provoking book—The Mathematical Proof For Christianity—which gives skeptics a lot of evidence to contemplate. As I said in my review of this book (which you can read… 645 more words

Atheists Should Be Whatever They Choose

I read a post earlier called “Atheists Should Be Monks“. I’m not sure whether that author really believes what he’s writing or whether he’s trying to troll. 909 more words



The Course

The goal here was to make a learning program that teaches total beginners, people without any training in this area at all, how to give a sound philosophical argument for the existence of God. 590 more words


A Week in Time - Truth and Qualitative Research

Dear Readers,

It has been a rather eventful week. It has been massively exciting to see God moving through the lives of others. I feel that God is preparing my heart for the journey ahead. 2,003 more words


8 Quotes From “The Mathematical Proof For Christianity”

Dan Delzell uses not only math, but many other sciences as well to give some great conversation-starters. Check out my full review of his book by… 447 more words

The Mathematical Proof For Christianity (book review)

The Mathematical Proof For Christianity by Dan Delzell is really just one part of the big picture he presents. Dan uses mathematics, archeology, textual examination, logic, and sound semantics to present a compelling case for the authenticity of Scripture, and the Deity of Jesus Christ. 173 more words

Christ and creation—evidence from the scene

Allow me to introduce J. Warner Wallace, author of God’s Crime Scene. “He was an atheist for 35 years. He was passionate in his opposition to Christianity, and enjoyed debating his Christian friends. 276 more words