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Movie Review: The Case for Christ (2017)

The Case for Christ tells the story of Lee Strobel, a journalist that aimed to disprove Jesus death and resurrection. Lee’s wife, Leslie, is the first to become a Christian but Lee finds it hard to accept it. 170 more words


Attend To The Questions

“For people burdened to say and defend the goodness and truthfulness of Christianity, it is tempting to hurriedly skip past the questions in our rush to demonstrate our answers. 136 more words


What does it do, that Guilt inside you.

I can see it in your eyes; travelling all about you, that Guilt inside you.

That Guilt Of Unsaid Words, 55 more words


Evidence That Demands A Verdict (book review)

The Apostle Peter wrote a letter to Christians in which he called them “aliens and strangers” because of their belief in a personal Creator and Lord. 293 more words

The Christian’s Secret Weapon

Over the past couple of weeks, people have been rattled by both real and imagined catastrophic events. We experienced a fabulous astronomical sight in a full solar eclipse, wept for our fellow citizens in Texas and Florida as hurricanes battered their businesses and homes, and then dealt with doomsayers who predicted the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ. 354 more words


Course Goal:

To examine the positive evidence for the Christian faith to confirm our beliefs to ourselves and to be able clearly present the evidence of our beliefs to others. 107 more words

A Quick Lesson in Evangelism

I had grown up learning the Bible from my parents, learning the Bible at summer camp, and learning the Bible from community youth leaders. I went a Christian university and minored in Theology and then spent uncountable hours listening to debates and lectures on Christian theology. 513 more words