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When you think you are winning ...

So, here’s the thing.  A few people saw this interview Jordan Peterson interview and began highlighting it as a great example of how to do battle with hostile, sceptical people who misunderstand you, sometimes wilfully. 956 more words

The Christian Life

How Can We Condemn Evil if God Is Sovereign?

By (Amy K Hall) I was recently asked, “If God is in control of our death, then how do we answer suicide and abortion? Would not God’s control over death make Him the agent of cause, which would therefore mean we are not able to condemn such practices?” 101 more words



A Disciple of Christ to the elect ladies across the fruited land.  May you prosper in health and clothe yourself in knowledge and wisdom to cover your nakedness.  768 more words

Saturday Song: The Human League, "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of"

This song was one of many which I used to psych myself up when I was an Amway Distributor. Whenever people rejected my offer to join, I would take out the cassette with all my motivational songs on it and listen to each song. 194 more words

Where is the Insane Asylum??

This must be the new go to argument against atheism. Twice in two days. I just learned from A bit of Orange that because I don’t eat my young I have already rejected atheism and I’m ready to be saved. 349 more words


H.G. Wells

“Investigations into the beginnings of religion have accumulated steadily throughout the past half century. It is only by great efforts of censorship, by sectarian education of an elaborately protected sort, and the like, that ignorance about them is maintained.”

H. G. Wells