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Conscience vs. Rule of Law

The recent story about a Kentucky Clerk refusing to give gay marriage licenses to homosexuals has had me pondering the role of conscience and how it relates to rule of law. 806 more words


How can we get single men and husbands to be interested in church and ministry?A

Consider this passage from William Lane Craig’s April 2013 newsletter, which made me very excited and happy. (H/T Triablogue)

Here it is:

One overwhelming impression of these engagements is the way in which the intellectual defense of Christian faith attracts men.

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A Question That Christians Can't Answer?

The “Euthyphro Dilemma” is often cited by atheists as a question that Christians cannot answer. The “dilemma” is used to propose that it is impossible to depend on a Divine command (God’s words/judgements) for a standard of morality and ethics. 1,181 more words


A Belief Straightened Out.

“Death and struggle for life is a wonderful thing. That’s how we get ahead.” Quoted from Charles Darwin “On The Origin Of species”, 1859.

Well coming back my belief, the creation view says that there was a flood (During the time of Noah) about 4400 years ago. 680 more words


The Propaganda of Anti-Descrimination

The discrimination trump card silences and shames dissenting voices in our culture. Once the label of “discrimination” is placed on you, you become toxic. Many in our society spread propaganda advocating a dishonest maxim, “We are against all forms of discrimination.” They imply that they do not discriminate against anyone, making them better people than those who are “discriminatory.” Is this honest? 196 more words