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Refuting the Backhanded Compliment

If you ever spend time listening to debates, on any subject really, you will often hear one or the other debater appeal to the audience with words to this effect – 1,069 more words


Does God Exist? The Moral Argument [Video]

Does God exist? In this weekly video, Haden briefly explains “The Moral Argument”:

1. If God does not exist, there are no objective moral values and duties. 37 more words


Love! Where did it all begin?

Love! This one word gives us chills because we all crave for it. We all want to be loved for who we are. On the other hand, we all want to be in love. 1,283 more words

Think With Me

Gods and Kings

Gods and Kings

Since the dawn of time man has always looked to the heavens in search of a god that controlled their lives.  To give them meaning and purpose to control their social, moral and economic aspects of their every day lives.  1,542 more words

Geneva Bible 1599

Joseph Smith, Mormons and the Godhead


How do Mormons and Christians compare when it comes to an understanding of God? We both use the term “Godhead” but don’t necessarily use it in the same way. 369 more words