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Faith in the Big Bang; Part 4

We will examine the failures of the big bang theory as a viable option in a 5 part series of articles. This is delivered with the understanding that the Big Bang’s shortcomings could be made into a longer series, or even a semester long class, but this will hopefully highlight what you must believe in for it to occur. 594 more words

Racism must fall! But how?

The South African news headlines have recently been filled with the issue of racism once again. This was sparked by a comment made by Penny Sparrow who referred to black people as monkeys on her Facebook post. 1,514 more words


Jesus - Fully Human (God-Man)

This series is on Jesus, the God-Man.  This article appeared on Desiring God and Desiring God owns rights to this content.

This is part 2 of 4 on the incarnation… 799 more words



While I don’t see a rebuilt city of Babylon in Bible prophecy, I’m sure there must be a future-or contemporary-manifestation of the woman called “Mystery Babylon” in Revelation. 1,595 more words

Christian Apologetics

First Principles 2

If the bible says in several places that no one person can be punished for another’s sins, and that the sins debts of the father cannot be passed to the son, as the righteousness of the father doesn’t either…

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What is the value of free will?

Answer the skeptic: Free will isn’t so valuable for God to permit so much suffering.

Short Answer: Life as we know it is all about free will and good is only possible if evil is possible as well. 575 more words