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Steve Ray "Are You Born Again? A Catholic Response"

Water and the Holy Spirit… Everything starts with water and the Holy Spirit…

Catholic Interest

The Cult of NOT

The Clarion Call: be militant and flaunt your belief in nothing.

This dude has charged up some people to be simply unpleasant! I am a Jesus follower. 108 more words

Who packed the pegs?

A husband in graduate school with three small children in tow—that was life for six years at Indiana University.  We lived in married student housing—what Bob dubbed “the finest in institutional living”—he went to school and worked as a teaching assistant while I muddled through part time as a nurse, sometimes nightshift so that babysitting was minimal, which meant sometimes sleep was also.    487 more words

Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on St. Anselm

Can faith and reason be compatible? Does reason support the truth claims of Christianity? Many people today believe in a false dichotomy that forces faith and reason into separate categories—but thinkers like St. 702 more words

Life Of The Mind

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Another great Christian Thinkers 101 post by Kenneth Samples

What is the Real Question?

No matter how much I learn, no matter how many different arguments I hear against the belief system of Christianity, and many times for, I have to always ask myself a single question.  453 more words


Fight the Good Fight

I have studied, trained and taught karate’ and martial arts for nearly 30 years. It’s been a few since I’ve actively taught, but I have some insight I’d like to apply to Christian faith. 1,778 more words